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International Solidarity Movement, Rafah and the Philadelphi Corridor

How the ISM helped create the current war with Hamas

By —— Bio and Archives--January 11, 2009

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In 2003 the International Solidarity Movement began a campaign on behalf of Arab terrorist groups of interfering with IDF operations in Rafah and the Philadelphi Corridor by launching an international propaganda campaign accusing Israel of demolishing the homes of innocent Palestinian Arabs for no reason at all.

imagePart of this program resulted in a coup for the ISM, or as one ISM activist, Joseph Carr, stated, an event occurred that was “well worth the price of the revolution.” A young anarchist girl named Rachel Corrie was killed when she sat down in front of an IDF bulldozer that was clearing an area that contained a weapons smuggling tunnel. Corrie had written home to her mother only two weeks earlier that she had been in one of the tunnels helping to retrieve the dead body of an Arab terrorist who had been killed by Israeli forces, probably the Bedouin Scouts, who cleared the tunnels back then one at a time much as was done by US forces in Vietnam. Just as today, back then the tunnels were being used to smuggle arms and missiles to be used to shoot at the Israeli population of Sderot. The ISM even set up their own blog on the Internet for their members running around there to interfere with the IDF called Rafah Kids.
Most people may not realize it, but the constant hammering and lies about Corrie’s death in the worldwide media ultimately convinced the Israeli government to open the Rafah border and Philadelphi Corridor to international and Egypt’s control.

Recent spectacular footage of the Israeli Air Force destroying the tunnels built since then has revealed that today there are about 6,000 tunnels and the IAF raids have barely made a dent in them. Meanwhile, Israeli citizens as far away as Ashkelon have become targets with munitions smuggled by the previously ignored tunneling.

Rafah, in turn, became a Hamas hangout and the ISM gained more respect in the Palestinian’s eyes as a means to fight Israel. Israelis died who did not have to, for a “peace process” that was anything but that.
What worked in Rafah has become another plan for the ISM with the creation of the Free Gaza Movement that consists of boats running the IDF Navy blockade of Gaza. As with the earlier lies as in Rafah, the ISM began a campaign claiming they were bringing in food and supplies to a people “under siege.” Needless to say, there was no siege, but once again the Israeli foreign ministry and defense ministry succumbed to perceived world opinion and decided to let the first boat through.

The real reason for the flotilla though, was to open up the sea lanes to smuggle weapons to Hamas, such as was stopped by the IDF Navy with the Karine A cargo ship years earlier. The Gaza flotilla boats have had Iranian TV crews on board them and one wonders how many Iranian “news people” are Iranian agents?
Israeli politicians thought that by allowing the ISM crazies into Gaza they would deny them a publicity movement, but they in fact opened the door for Rafah redux.

The first boat came with no real supplies for the Arabs of Gaza, but bolstered by Israeli inaction they sent more boats. Not content with that, the ISM began sending its members on fishing boats with Arabs to provoke the Navy. Finally, something was done and the Navy boarded one of these boats, arrested the ISM activists on board, and deported them.
Yet in only a few weeks these same ISM activists were back again in Gaza, having come across on another boat the IDF did not sink. Today, these “activists”, including Darlene Wallach and Vittorio Arrigoni are back in Gaza working as human shields for the Hamas. Their purpose is to travel in ambulances the Hamas use to transport terrorists and weapons that the IDF may neutralize in a war zone and to once again interfere with anti-terrorist operations. Aside from accusing Israel of needless atrocities, they can lie and claim when IDF forces, for example, destroy an ambulance Hamas uses for their war effort,  that Israel is committing “crimes against humanity.” Meanwhile, these anarchist/communist wannabe revolutionaries from Europe and the US are endangering the lives of Israeli soldiers and should be considered combatants the same as any functioning arm of Hamas in this war.
The ISM now consists of professional “activists” who have a stake in the war against Israel continuing indefinitely. Now that Rafah has proven to be a terrible mistake for the IDF to abandon control, the ISM are already talking about going back there and starting again. At the same time, they have vowed to bring more boats into Gaza to facilitate bringing more terrorists in and out eventually and once again forcing Israel’s hand into a horrible mistake that will only cost more Israeli lives if the sea lanes are opened.
It is high time that the IDF and Air Force kill ISM activists found to assist Hamas in a combat zone who are purposely in the way the same as the Hamas terrorists the ISM protects and assists. Foreign nationals were given the chance to leave Gaza and the ISM activists have refused. The Israeli government should inform their respective countries of these ISMers that they are fighting on the side of the enemy and will be treated as legitimate targets in Gaza. If their embassies won’t command them to leave Gaza, then Israel should have a free hand to liquidate them.
The ISM was created as a front for the Arab terrorist groups and became its own monster. Once under leadership of Fatah and the PFLP, it now works for Hamas and deserves the same fate as Hamas at the hands of the IDF: annihilation.
I encourage readers to visit StoptheISM.com and work with us to help pinpoint ISM activists in Gaza so Israeli military forces can eliminate them.

Not doing so will only assure that the IDF will need to go into Gaza again and again before there can ever be any real end to hostilities.

Lee Kaplan -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Lee Kaplan is an investigative journalist. He is also a regular columnist for Front Page Magazine, the Israel National News.

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