Pick the Target. Freeze It. Personalize It and Polarize It

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By —— Bio and Archives--January 14, 2010

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Obama is inspired

Obama taught Community Agitator classes in Chicago.  His favorite guru he taught from was Saul Alinsky and his book Rules for Radicals.  One of the ringing quotes from his book was, ‘Pick the Target.  Freeze It.  Personalize It and Polarize It.’  James Lewis of American Thinker noticed the obvious with the above quote:


….notice that “the target” is no longer a human being.  It’s an “It.” Try substituting the word “victim” for “target” and you see how it works.”

A sea of “Its” wasting space in America

Only ‘preferred’ life matters to Obama.  He has chosen in his brief career to make his real legacy by voting for every kind of abortion known to human kind, including partial birth abortion and infanticide.  You understand…..you can’t have the little baby who survived the vicious murder attempt getting any medical help to stay alive. 

No matter what Obama says now or how well he gives a manipulative teleprompter speech,  his legacy long ago vividly shaped itself into an abortion Disneyland….kill, kill, kill and kill them even more if they survive the killing attempt.  It goes right back to his teaching Saul Alinsky to ACORN workers and redefining people as ‘ITS’.

Obama and this congress health care bill ,do the same ‘IT’ redefining with how they dare to describe health care for our seniors.  Rationed care…..mandatory end of life counseling…..waiting lines that will kill our seniors…..insulting and manipulating the ‘ITS’…..then limiting their needed REAL care…..and watching the ‘ITS’ die.

Picking other targets

Nepalitano and Obama have targeted most of classic America as worthless ‘ITS’ as well.  Last April Nepalitano and Homeland security had their report leaked out identifying countless Americans as potentially domestic terrorists.  You know, those pesky pro lifers,  pro second amendment people,  returning VETS,  those who support state and federal sovereignty and those uncomfortable and fearful of communist regimes.  I’ll never forget how that report from hell came out right before the first national T parties started in.  I spoke at one in Spokane, Washington to 5,000 people. 

Anyone who is not an Obama worshipper, media that speaks freely,  people supportive of freedom, capitalism and the constitution,  and those who are proud to be American are simply enemies to this President and administration.  We are tough to control and want our freedom!  How rude of us all!

Bigger targets to play with

Obama has been trying to manipulate more controls, hiding behind the usual, Saul Alinsky madness, with the Counsel on Governors executive order and giving Interpol a free hand and total neutrality to do whatever they want in and throughout our country.  While hiding behind potential and contrived crises, is this not really the preparation for shredding and attacking state rights and sovereignty, while setting the dictatorial stage for marshal law?

Obama has surrounded himself with Communist sympathizers, anti American, anti Semitic and anti Christian crazies called czars.  He is pushing as fast and as hard as he can to make King Kong look small next to his Government.

He is creating a nation of ITS with the young and old and trying to flush this country down the toilet as he gains more and more control. 

At least with all the stressful news we are forced to face,  the book Obama taught from in Chicago, ‘Rules for Radicals’ was dedicated to Satan. 

That should tell us where all this inspiration comes from.


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