Iillegal aliens are starting to self-deport, now that a clear-thinking, resolute American has been elected president

Illegal Aliens Already Starting to Leave US---Thanks to Donald J. Trump!

By —— Bio and Archives--November 13, 2016

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Under the tyrannical abuse enacted by Barack Obama over the past eight years, the intended law- and- order function of safeguarding US national security interests through immigration policy has been deliberately, and with malice of intent, hijacked into being essentially a recruiting agency for the Democrat Party.

As a result, immigration policy has not focused on national security, but rather has been denigrated into a partisan scam designed to promote the influx of illegal immigrants, especially uneducated, unskilled, non-English speakers who can easily be manipulated into voting for Democrat politicians and socialist programs in exchange for free education, health care, housing, and a host of programs paid for with citizen taxpayer funds.


During this era of unlawful meddling by our anti-American nanny-dictator, enforcement of border security and immigration law has been methodically compromised through the use of Executive Orders issued to circumvent the legislative authority of Congress (and existing law) and replace legitimate authority with the tyrannical whims of an out-of-touch tyrant who apparently hates the rule of law as well as US history and culture.

Thankfully, Obama’s evil illegal “phone and pen” machinations were blocked by people still in possession of some of their God-given wits and morals in US Courts, and again, resoundingly, by we the people on November 8, 2016.

Astounding election victories on November 8, 2016, will place the Executive and Legislative branches of the US Government back in the hands of common sense, God fearing American patriots dedicated to acting in the best interests of America and Americans.

As a result of the brutal bashing administered to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and progressives in general on 11/8/16, good things are already starting to happen….for instance, Trump’s hard-nosed position on illegal immigration has started to pay dividends even before he has been officially sworn in as president.

As reported , illegal aliens are starting to self-deport, now that a clear-thinking, resolute American has been elected president.

Hooray for the absolute repudiation of the open borders idiocy of Barack Obama and the left!


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John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal. “Clean and sober” since 1992 when last he voted for a Democrat. For years, John lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, the very liberal sanctuary city which protects, rather than prosecutes, certain favored criminals.  John escaped the Bay Area in May and now lives in Pine Grove California where conservative values are still in vogue.

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