So if any authority figure, historian, academic type, or media talking head tries to tell you that there's no such thing as the Illuminati, or if they call you a conspiracy theorist, then ask them, what the hell is the Bilderberg Group?

Illuminati: The Bilderberg conspiracy

By —— Bio and Archives--July 9, 2018

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Illuminati: The Bilderberg conspiracy
Most academics tell us that there’s no such thing as the Bavarian Illuminati, and the media will beat you over the head for even mentioning the word Illuminati. Historians also deny their existence and tell us that the Illuminati disbanded shortly after the conspirator’s and their plan for a world government was exposed. Their secret plan was to overthrow all governments and create a global government - a New World Order. We can prove that the Illuminati existed, and we know what their plan was, but nobody can’t prove they ever disbanded.

In reality, the Illuminati did not disband. They just changed their name and popped up again inside other secret organizations or created new ones. Last month, the Bilderberg globalists met in Italy. The Bilderberg meeting didn’t gather any media attention this year, as usual. All of the western media attended the meeting, but they didn’t report what went on in the meeting. That’s because they are all Bilderberg members, and they weren’t there to expose what went on. On the contrary, the media’s job was, and always has been, to conceal the globalist conspiracy from the public. The media didn’t send journalists or reporters, they sent co-conspirators.

Globalists made strides toward the goal of planting a counter culture within the U.S. through open borders

Furthermore, the media tries to discredit any person that questions the intent of the Bilderberg Group by referring to that person as a conspiracy theorist or a nut case. For the record, a conspiracy is defined as, “an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated by two or more persons; a plot or a plan agreed upon in secret to bring about a desired result.” A surreptitious plan means a secret plan, and that’s what Bilderberger’s hatch at their meetings. That makes them conspirators.

If Bilderberg members were not conspiring behind our backs, then they would not have to hide their plans from us. Their meetings would be open to the public. Only people with something to hide have to meet in secret - like criminals and politicians. No one has to hide good intent. The topics of discussion would be open to the public, if they were not of a nefarious nature.
I’m sure the most important topics of discussion at the last meeting had to be President Trump, American nationalism, and populism in Europe. On top of that, Brexit must have caused their psychopathic think tanks considerable anguish trying to figure out a way to reverse it. Poland is also a threat to their tyrannical plans, and unlike Italy, France and Germany, Poland rejected the globalist plan to plant a counter-culture of foreign immigrants, a Trojan horse, within their own borders. 

Moreover, the globalists made strides toward the goal of planting a counter culture within the U.S. through open borders, but President Trump’s enforcement of immigration laws has temporarily delayed their plans for America. You can bet they will want to pass new immigration laws soon. I’m sure that was a hot topic this year for their accomplices in Congress. It has certainly been a hot topic in the media, and I’m absolutely sure the media’s agenda is the Bilderberg agenda. Their involvement in Bilderberg and their actions, attacking President Trump and members of his cabinet over mass illegal immigration, substantiate that conclusion.


Global Marxist conspiracy

With all the headaches facing globalists, we can be assured that extreme measures were proposed and plans laid out to counter their enemies. Their enemies are people who want autonomy and national sovereignty as opposed to an oppressive, Marxist global government. I’m sure the President and his supporters are at the top of the list of Bilderberg enemies and so are the ideas of liberty, equal justice, and God given rights.

In addition, observing the media’s actions is the only clue we have to what the Bilderberg agenda is. We may not know what went on behind closed doors, but we can observe what the Bilderberg co-conspirators come out and do, in this case the media, and we can get a good idea of what that agenda is. And make no mistake, the media is the face of the Bilderberg Group. The media conceals the Bilderberg agenda and facilities it, and that makes the media co-conspirators. And, make no mistake, they do not have our best interest at heart.

Finally, there’s proof that a global Marxist conspiracy exists to this day. They may not call themselves the Illuminati, but they do exist beyond any doubt whatsoever. They keep their activities concealed behind a cloak of secrecy because they know that the majority of people oppose their plans for a Marxist world government. So if any authority figure, historian, academic type, or media talking head tries to tell you that there’s no such thing as the Illuminati, or if they call you a conspiracy theorist, then ask them, what the hell is the Bilderberg Group?

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