The mainstream media is waging a war against president Trump and the American people as well

Inconvenient truth

By —— Bio and Archives--January 19, 2018

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Inconvenient truth
The mainstream media is waging a war against president Trump and the American people as well. Personally, I trust the National Enquirer more than I trust the mainstream media. I never watch the mainstream media anymore because they are so politically biased and corrupt. However, I enjoyed watching youtube clips of the MSM going rabid over Trump’s alleged remark about crap-hole countries. Watching media actors, masquerading as journalists, exaggerate and expand upon the meaning of Trump’s alleged remark was entertaining, but I wouldn’t rely on them for accurate and truthful reporting since they clearly have an agenda that requires them to mislead the public by any means necessary.

Earth to Oprah, Hollywood hack actors, race baiters, deep state politicians and the mainstream media

Since there’s no recording of the meeting, the accusations are nothing but hearsay, but the media tried and convicted Trump of racism based on one alleged remark. Trump could order a Reuben sandwich on white bread, and the media would claim that proves Trump’s a white supremacist because he specified “white” bread. Logic and common sense evades the mainstream media!

On top of that, every time Trump opens his mouth, the media is outraged by something he says. I guess the truth is hard to accept when it shatters your illusions. When it comes to the corrupt media, we can count on them to misinterpret, exaggerate and blow things out of proportion, especially when it comes to Trump. However, they all turn a blind eye when one of their own makes statements that should be called out. 

She certainly wasn’t talking about all races. That was clearly a hate-filled racist statement because all the white people who lived during the time of slavery died a long time ago.

Earth to Oprah, Hollywood hack actors, race baiters, deep state politicians and the mainstream media, there’s no one alive today who lived during the time of slavery. None of us ever owned a slave nor did we ever support slavery. On the other hand, all of you support “mental slavery” by promoting a phony reality and presenting it to the public as reality. You are more guilty of promoting slavery than any ordinary citizen because you promote the deep state’s modern form of slavery, mental slavery. Your outrage is phony, biased and selective.

  • Where was your outrage over Oprah’s decades long relationship with Harvey Weinstein? You haven’t heard any so-called journalist quiz Oprah about anything, and you never will.
  • Where was the media’s outrage when Obama’s so-called pastor yelled GD America from the pulpit?
  • Where was the media’s outrage after Obama told Africans that they could not have automobiles, air conditioning or large homes?
  • Imagine the outrage if Trump had said that. We would never hear the end of it. In reality, the media isn’t a real news organization anymore; they are communist propagandists.

Moreover, the media is part of the globalist organization of international bankers, industrialists and useful idiot politicians who are embedded within governments, and they are determined to create a global communist government. The politically wise realize that the media is controlled by globalists, and they are out to get Trump because of his America first agenda which undermines their ambition - to take America down and create a global communist government. They can’t create a global communist government if sovereign countries like America, where prosperous people are empowered and free to choose their own government, stand in the way.

For their communist utopia to become a reality, all sovereign nations will have to be converted to socialist states by using race, language, and cultural differences to tear them apart. That is the reason globalists promote cultural and racial diversity. By diluting the culture, language, and racial makeup of a country, they are creating division. Globalists, through their propagandist media outlets and Hollywood hacks, exaggerate these differences and promote racism in order to create further division and discord. Communists know that a country and a people divided cannot stand. So they do everything in their power to bring in immigrants who do not want to assimilate into the culture. They do that by bypassing immigration laws and allowing anyone to enter regardless of their previous involvement with terrorist organizations, or their oppressive beliefs and cultures.

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Those who are informed know that people who come here illegally from third world dictatorships and countries that harbor terrorists may not have our best interest at heart. The deep state wants to allow illegal immigrants to remain in this country because they are aware that many of them did not come here to assimilate into our culture. If they bring their culture and religion with them - the same culture and religion that made the country they migrated from undesirable - that will create the same undesirable conditions in this country.  By supporting illegal immigration, globalists are importing discord, distrust and division in order to tear the United States apart. It’s working in Europe, and it will work here too.  That’s a warning!

Once a global communist government is fully established, the globalist can deal with all the people, regardless of race, religion or nationality, any way they choose. So who would I trust to tell the truth? With the media’s politically correct garbage, and their reputation for lying and obfuscating the truth, as well as their obvious political bias, I certainly do not trust them. The media’s politically correct garbage is straight out of the Communist Manifesto, and it’s used as a means to censor free speech. The media is nothing more than a tool to influence the thoughts of people, control speech, censor free speech and control the narrative in order to promote the communist agenda.

If I have to choose a source of truth, it would have to be president Trump over the media. Trump has America’s best interest at heart; however, the mainstream media does not. They should be recognized as the communist hacks that they really are.

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