Trump and Cruz camp followers: Come in out of the weeds and go after your candidates demanding that they turn their energies on America’s biggest enemy: Hillary Clinton and the power-crazed Democrats

Is the DNC running the RNC?

By —— Bio and Archives--March 30, 2016

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Is the soap opera style Republican primary race really being master-minded by the omnipresent Democrats?

With their non-stop, public infernal squabbling, allowing their surrogates to feed tidbits to gossip mongering media, Republican nominee contenders are acting just like Democrats.

Can dirty Democrat fingerprints be found on Donald J. Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich?


Is one of them in reality a Democrat plant?

You don’t have to be over the top to think that the Republican Establishment has been mega infiltrated by the Democrats.

After 8 years of the mostly under-the-table Obama regime, nothing should surprise the electorate.

What’s really new about the Dem-infiltrated Republicans?

The Republican Party threw in with the Democrats immediately after gaining both House and Senate majorities in the 2014 mid-term elections when all Republican voters expected the Repubs to go after Barack Obama to turn the tide.

They never turned the tide, and many would argue, didn’t even try.  In fact, the Fundamental Transformation of America continued on as if the Republican majority didn’t exist.

What, if anything, can be done about the Democrat invasion of the Republican election race?

Supreme efforts to coalesce.

Zealous camp followers of both Trump and Cruz should stop fighting each other out in the weeds.  Both should insist that their leaders bring a halt to the mainstream media propagated catfights and turn their energies against the clear and present danger of Hillary Clinton making it to the presidency.

From both camps, the loudest battle cry of the day should be: NO BROKERED CONVENTION!  Even the most politically naive know for certain that proven back-stabbers like Paul Ryan, has-beens like Jeb Bush and pussycats like Mitt Romney would be akin to sending out candy-clutching babies to the fight against Hillary Clinton, who would eat all their candy before sending them home crying for their Mamas.

The George Soros supported John Kasich is already a write-off because he’s the obvious spoiler in the race.  The Democrats have Bernie Sanders as a built-in spoiler, the Republicans, single-state primary winner John Kasich, who likes to claim populist status by reminding us he’s the son of a postman.

For all of those living for the return of freedom and liberty to America, Donald J. Trump and Ted Cruz are the only real potential winners.

Senator Ted Cruz surrogates should understand that between them, Trump, viewed as an the only legitimate outsider, is the odds on peoples’ favourite.  Trump successfully stares down the politically correct chokehold on western society and stands up to the liberal running dog mainstream media.  Hillary Clinton would never use her infamous “What difference does it make” question to probe Trump’s well-known generous contributions over the years to the Democrat Party.

What difference can it make when it is well-known that businessmen contribute to both Democrats and Republicans, their way of surviving in the treacherous world of trying to keep business up and running.

“But, but Judi: Hillary and Bill Clinton went to Donald Trump’s 2005 wedding, some saying their presence being their present. (New York Post, Jan. 12, 2016)

Celebs have always been wild horse-like in taking advantage of free photo-ops.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Fidel Castro presented themselves at Ronnie Reagan’s funeral.

It’s high time for supporters of both Trump and Cruz to seriously encourage both candidates to put their egos in their back pockets.  It is America and not them and their wives who matter most.

The presidential election offering the last hope for the return of freedom and liberty to America should not be about who resurrected a 15-year-old, photographed in the nude picture of one candidate’s wife, or about whomever planted the hit piece about the 5 alleged mistresses of another.

The Internet will be full of shock stories between now and November.  One or both candidates will be accused of eating babies for dessert before election day.

The time for internecine fighting and back-biting for Republican hopefuls is over because before you know it, November will be here, and starting with Wisconsin, the cunning Republican Establishment is kicking off its ‘100-day agenda to get rid of Donald Trump’ and pulling off the finishing touches for a now certain Brokered Convention.
The Establishment will not accept either Trump or Cruz as their nominee.

Trump and Cruz camp followers: Come in out of the weeds and go after your candidates demanding that they turn their energies on America’s biggest enemy: Hillary Clinton and the power-crazed Democrats.

If either of the two candidates won’t do that, then we will know which one of them is truly the Democrat plant.


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