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Is the Oil Spill Staged?

By —— Bio and Archives--July 8, 2010

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image“We are not the enemy here.”—Anderson Cooper, CNN reporter (referring to the media blackout surrounding the oil spill)

Let me say up front that, personally, I don’t believe that the oil spill disaster was staged (although I believe that much of the clean-up may well be).  So why do I bring up the possibility?  Because we are being lied to by both the federal government and BP, and at this point all possible explanations for the oil spill need to remain on the table.

On the face of it, asking if the Gulf oil spill is a staged event may seem to be absurd—what about all the oil washing up on the beaches; what about the deaths from the rig explosion; what about all the money being spent on the clean-up, and so on…?


“What about all the money…?”  Indeed—what about it?

Good old avarice is one of the main reasons why the oil spill may have been staged.  “Big people” stand poised to make trillions off of the collapse of our oil-driven culture.  (Link)

Another reason for a staged oil spill is population control—i.e. culling “the small people.”  You know—us. (Link)

If you don’t think that mass murder is considered a viable option by the NWO-Far Left folks, then you need to wake up and smell the roses—or rather, the Zyklon B.

But before we get into population control, let us follow the money trail a bit.

You will never hear me claim that the Far Left is economically adroit—far from it—but they are undeniably clever at parasitically sucking the life-blood from capitalism, and in the process destroying it.  (Link) and (Link)

They have not only effectively crippled Europe’s economy, but they have passed along their techniques to their “friends of convenience,” the Islamists (Andrew McCarthy’s term), and used them to turn Europe into “Eurabia,” and the United Kingdom into the “United Kaliphate.”  America is next—check out “Dearbornistan.”  (Link).

More about that in a bit.

The NWO folks, however, are economically savvy—to the extreme—and I would attribute any financial acumen on the part of the Far Left, to their collusion with the NWO cabal.  Unbridled greed, coupled with ideological fanaticism—watch out. (Link) 
There’s big money to be made—trillions—if you have positioned yourself to take advantage of the collapse of the world’s oil-driven economies—or so the thinking goes, in certain circles.  Personally, I think they’re all nuts, and deluded as can be—nonetheless, that’s the game-plan. (Link)

So the monetary incentive to greatly reduce America’s ability to produce oil, exists for certain individuals and groups.  What better way to close down the US petroleum industry then to cause a huge environmental disaster, enforce a moratorium on ALL offshore drilling, and “nudge” the international oil companies to leave America for “greener pastures.”  (Link)

(A key part of such a scenario, however, is being able to “turn off the spigot,” after the oil has done its “job.”  There are several possible explanations for how such a thing may be done, but I won’t be addressing them in this article.  Such remedies depend on the oil spill being staged, in the first place). (Link)

At this point I’d like to bring the Islamists back into the picture for a moment.  Have you given any thought to what a war in the Middle East will do to America’s oil supply—especially with the oil moratorium in effect?  Keep in mind that the 12th Imam’s birthday (mid-Sha’ban) is only a couple of weeks away.  The NWO, the Far Left, and Islamists, all working in collusion—a ménage à trois from hell.  (Link)  and (Link)

Be that as it may, let’s take a quick look at the oil spill and population control.

The NWO-Far Left oligarchy, envisions a future for us that is very far removed from the present status quo.  We the “sheeple,” will be forced to live in “green communities.”  Driving will be strongly discouraged and we will be expected to, for the most part, move around via public transportation, and bicycles.  No fossil-fuels, thank you (or abiotic oil, for that matter). (Link)  and (Link)

Also, humanity’s population will need to be trimmed down a bit—about 2-3 billion should do it.  Then again—maybe more—the Georgia Guidestones state that a world-wide population of 500 million would be ideal.  That means that around nine out of every ten people alive today, would need to die.  (Link) and (Link)

Speaking of trimming down the population—the possible toxic effects of the oil dispersant Corexit (not to mention a Corexit/oil mixture), are alarming, to say the least.  That Corexit has been, and is being, used with such abandon, reputedly to mitigate the effects of the oil spill, is cause for great concern.  (Link) and (Link)

That the CIA may be involved in spraying Corexit over the Gulf, is further cause for concern.  (Link) and (Link)

In summation: the people who believe that the oil spill is being staged are not denying the reality of the oil spill—the oil’s real enough, all right.  They are saying that the disaster was rigged (pun noted), and that the clean-up is a sham. (Link)

I should mention that the above reasons given for a “staged” oil spill apply to several other theories as well. 
There are a number of theories surrounding the oil spill, and all but the patently ridiculous need to be kept in play, until we learn the truth.  If a “staged event” scenario seems too tame for you, there’s always the methane mega-bubble theory.

I believe that even sane liberals (no snide comments, please) would agree that this whole oil-spill-thing stinks.  It stinks of cover-up, lies, and corruption.

The truth will set us free.

Laus Deo.


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