Meanwhile, it’s impossible for Joe Scarborough’s teeth to be hurting mainly because he doesn’t have teeth but only fangs

It’s not that Joe Scarborough’s an idiot, only the words coming out of his mouth

By —— Bio and Archives--August 7, 2017

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough doesn’t take chances, even the insults he hurls at the enemy, are politically correct:


Kellyanne Conway just doing the inexplicable, saying things…that make his teeth hurt.  “Not her but the words that come out of her mouth”.

Staying safe from insulting Conway, a woman, Scarborough makes it clear that it is not Kellyanne but her words that are stupid.

That’s akin to saying that it is Hillary Clinton’s oft-repeated lies and not Hillary that keep lying to the nation.

The words that follow “Morning Joe’s” “Not her but the words that come out of her mouth when she’s spinning,  talking about how Bob Mueller has, you know, given to Democrats” defy all credibility.

“Scarborough mocked Conway for comments on Sunday morning talk shows that members of the special counsel investigating Russian election meddling have donated to Democrats, when Trump and former communication director Anthony Scaramucci have also donated to liberal candidates in the past. (The Wrap, Aug. 7, 2017)

“That makes no sense,” Scarborough said.

“Conway and other Trump surrogates have repeatedly implied that Robert Mueller’s team won’t be fair because they have supported Democrats including Hillary Clinton.”

Unlike Hillary Clinton and her unhinged surrogates, Scaramucci did not make a career out of going after Donald Trump.

“Conway and the MSNBC morning show have had problems with each other for months. (The Wrap)

“Back in May, co-host Mika Brzezinski, who was absent on Monday, slammed Conway, saying her appearances on cable news are “like watching a car wreck.”

“Brzezinski has also said Conway is “fake news” and said she won’t book her for the program.”

It’s not likely Kellyanne Conway is waiting to be booked on “Morning Joe”.

“Brzezinski was off on Monday and Scarborough mentioned that his co-host and fiancée is in France.” (The Wrap)

Like, we really care where your fiancée is when you’re being interviewed by fake news outlet MSNBC, Joe.

Meanwhile, it’s impossible for Joe Scarborough’s teeth to be hurting mainly because he doesn’t have teeth but only fangs.

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