Why will no one be held accountable for this shameful, fraudulent and abysmal circus?

It’s time to investigate Dr. Ford

By —— Bio and Archives--October 10, 2018

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It’s time to investigate Dr. Ford
The circus is now closed for business.  Kavanaugh is confirmed.

It’s time to strike the tents. Cage the animals. Wipe off the clowns’ makeup.  Hitch up the trailers and move on to the next town.

It’s also time to judge the circus.


Not “judge” as a noun, but as a verb meaning craft an opinion through weighing evidence and testing presumed premises.

Let’s start with the 4,000 word statement by Maine Senator Susan Collins (R).

It was mostly a detailed elocution of legalistic matters. A brief law class lecture.

What followed the case law history was based on two premises that combine to represent cognitive dissonance, albeit thinly veiled.

Dr. Christine Blasely Ford has a PhD in psychology.  She knows that cognitive dissonance is present where incongruous beliefs and attitudes are simultaneously held. 

If, for example, someone claims they are both completely male and completely female in a biological sense, and they genuinely believe that, some serious cognitive dissonance is present that may require the intervention of a mental health professional. 

Not all cognitive dissonance is blatant.  Sometimes it hides behind political correctness. Like when someone makes a political statement not because he/she means it, but because ‘hir’ (the new ambidextrous pronoun) wants to avoid a pushback, or appease some self-identified victim group?

Not all cognitive dissonance is substantial. Take, for example, the former Ace Hardware iconic jingle that went, “Ace is the place with your helpful hardware man.”

It’s been changed to “Ace is the place with your helpful hardware folks.” No big deal.

Here are two quotes from Collins’ statement that imply cognitive dissonance.

  1. “The confirmation process now involves evaluating whether or not Judge Kavanaugh committed sexual assault, and lied about it to the Judiciary Committee.” 
  2. “I found her testimony to be sincere, painful, and compelling.  I believe that she is a survivor of a sexual assault and that this trauma has upended her life.”

When asked how confident Ford was in her claims against Kavanaugh, she said, “100 percent.”

When asked what degree of confidence Kavanaugh holds in his claim of innocence, he answered, “100 percent.”

If both are sane, honest and intelligent witnesses, both testimonies cannot share the same credibility space.  One must be accurate – the other not so.  One true, the other not.

That difference should trigger the search to find the cause, the motive, behind what is deemed to be not true.

The cognitive dissonance in the Collins juxtaposition screams for a resolution.  She gave us a lawyerly, word work-around.

She believes Kavanaugh is truthful and accurate, and, at the same time, Ford is truthful and inaccurate due to her having an “upended life.”

“Upended?” What does that mean?  If she’s not clinically insane, or simply an intentional liar, what is she? 

Many puzzling questions surround the circumstances of Ford’s emergence as an accuser.

We know where Kavanaugh came from.  But not where Ford came from.  Certainly not enough to substantiate Collin’s premise that she is a “sincere…survivor of a sexual assault.” 

What should cause us to believe that?  What’s the evidence of any assault, besides Ford’s claims?

There is none.

Here’s a longer quote from Collin’s statement, with in-line comments, that will move to the closing point:

“Christine Ford never sought the spotlight. [How do we know this?] She indicated that she was terrified to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and she has shunned attention since then. [She also said she was terrified to fly, and that proved wrong.] She seemed completely unaware of Chairman Grassley’s offer to allow her to testify confidentially in California. [Seemed unaware, or was unaware?] Watching her, Mr. President, I could not help but feel that some people [What people?] who wanted to engineer the defeat of this nomination cared little, if at all, for her well-being. [That assumes she was telling the truth.]

Professor Ford testified that a very limited number of people had access to her letter.  Yet that letter found its way into the public domain.  She testified that she never gave permission for that very private letter to be released.  And yet, here we are.  We are in the middle of a fight that she never sought, [A fight that she claims she never sought. How do we know that’s true?] arguing about claims that she wanted to raise confidentially.”


This circus has been a successful disaster, in multiple ways.

An innocent family has been victimized and hurt.

U.S. Senators have boldly advanced the premise that one is guilty until proven innocent.

Rent-a-mob protestors repeatedly crashed a Senate Hearing.

Bizarre allegations have monopolized the news cycle for weeks.

People with dicey reputations, that don’t deserve to be taken seriously, have been interview by reporters, at length.

Will anyone be held accountable for this wreck, and the injuries sustained in it – by the entire nation?

Collins answered that question:

“But the fact remains, Mr. President, that someone leaked this letter against Professor Ford’s express wishes.  I suspect, regrettably, that we will never know for certain who did it.”

The lingering question here – as it has been before in numerous D.C. scandals – is this:

Why will no one be held accountable for this shameful, fraudulent and abysmal circus?


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