Investigate the Party of Obstruction for conspiracy and collusion under RICO


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Who Leaked to Wikileaks, did the man speak Russian, and Why is the US Media ignoring this Story to Focus on their far less-significant Agenda?

And Why is the Name of the Murdered Seth Rich Nowhere to be Seen?

Why are the PROJECT VERITAS videos exposing the US Media, and CNN specifically, not all over the news wires and featured on top of front pages?

Why is Mika Brzezinski’s face news?

The now almost-defunct Democrat Party of the United States and the US Media—one and the same, as both are becoming as extinct as that prehistoric bird—has been democratically explaining every day since Donald Trump descended an escalator in 2015, how incompetent, foolish, criminal, careless, and traitorous the current President of the Republican Party has become.

They’ll add just in case we didn’t “get it” the first time: “He’s Not My President!”


Hillary Clinton walking the woods in Chappaqua is.

After all, she’s competent and not foolish and there’s no criminality in sight.

From the get-go the position of the Reality Denying Party, formerly the Democrats, and their media is, “he should be impeached by next week at the latest.” The Democrats, have been calling for the impeachment of Republicans ever since the latter freed their slaves.

Scandal Eruptions no longer appear every day, as the media and the Democrats—one and the same - rev into high gear. These eruptions are now appearing at least twice daily, not once, as the hyperventilating will not subside, and medical attention with sedation and paper bags into which they need to breathe rapidly, is not likely forthcoming.

Each and every “scandal” reaches higher hysterics than the last, and eventually—always - turn out to be vaporware.

CNN Producer: Voters “Stupid as Sh*t”– American Pravda: CNN Part 3



On the very day Donald Trump notched two major legislative achievements on his bedpost and CNN has been exposed by Project Veritas to be wholly partisan and pathologically biased, corrupt, colluding and conspiring, the media pivots in CNN’s defense and the major news turns out to be MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski’s botched facelift.

Incidentally, she is the daughter of Jimmy Carter’s former National Security adviser whose solution to Iran building nuclear bombs and ICBM’s with which it intended to wipe out Jews worldwide, was to advise Barack Obama to shoot down Israeli planes defending the Jewish State. Shortly after Zbig died of “natural causes” or an unusual Egyptian plague that darkened the skies. Zbig was also instrumental in the Iranian Hostage Crisis ongoing for over a year, which he left unresolved, and Reagan resolved with a stare in a single day. Meanwhile, Carter admitted he was an eager student of Zbigniew Brezinsik, even before the former president joined Hamas and Hizbollah on Zbig’s advice.

Zbig defended the antisemitic creed, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John Mersheimer, a well-known racist, the theme of which posited that Israel and Jews direct America’s foreign policy to advance Israel’s interests, and Israel is the greatest danger to humanity since Stalin . That must have been news to the Jewish Henry Kissinger, whose anti-Israel activities under Richard Nixon were pre-empted by a much more pro-Israel Nixon who restocked Israel’s diminishing arsenal immediately when that state asked for them.

So much for Mika and her fake faces.

Both of them.

It may be clear to anyone not thoroughly brainwashed that the president has authority over the Justice Department, the FBI, CIA, NSA, all the intelligence agencies and their personnel. He has the constitutional authority to declassify anything and to question the agencies under his command about ongoing investigations, specifically those that concern his staff.

Trounced throughout the United States, Brzesinski’s Democrats lost it all. Over a thousand legislative seats, over 70 seats in congress, the Senate and the House, the Supreme Court and the Presidency. And their efforts to deal a political coup de grace to the Israeli PM through Barack Obama’s spending American taxpayer’s money failed them too.

They have only Common Dreams of Impeachment left.


Meet the liberal press—a mainstream media cabal with deep ties to the Democratic Party

CNN‘s Don Lemon made national headlines just recently when he refused to cover Susan Rice, and the matter of her unmasking of names of those tied to President Donald Trump.

He said it was a non-story—and the conservative world, rightly so, reacted with accusations of bias. That fiasco came on the heels of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s long-winded, ridiculous report on Trump‘s taxes—a 20-plus minute annoyance that ended with a revelation, basically, that went like this: Trump filed.

What a nail-biter. Once again, conservatives accused bias—once again, rightly so.

And both those fiascos came on the heels of CNN‘s Chris Cuomo calling out loud and angrily on national television that his job—heck, the job of all responsible members of the media—was to stand strong against Trump and serve as the “opposition” to all-things-White-House policy (and Republican).


Most certainly.

And yet there are those who still scoff at the idea of a biased mainstream media—at the notion that some in the press, many in the press, actually have active intents to take out Trump, tear down conservatives, trash the Republican Party, and build up the left.

Well, let the facts speak for themselves then.


LeftMedia won’t cover the facts relating to the hoax they have perpetrated for a solid ten months: the FAKE RUSSIAN HACK NARRATIVE and how WIKILEAKS got the goods on Hillary Clinton. No, not the Russians. No, not Donald Trump’s facts of life, but rather, her own people and her own party. And it seems that the person who leaked the goods to WIKILEAKS—which has nothing to do with conflating these to Russian hacking—was a Democrat operative whom, incidentally, got mugged and murdered on his way home from the DNC allegedly with the goods on his laptop.



The Democratic National Committee staffer shot and killed in Washington, D.C., last summer leaked more than 44,000 emails to WikiLeaks before his death, according to a report.

The Fox News report implies that Seth Rich may have been the one who leaked information about the DNC to WikiLeaks that showed, among other things, that the DNC favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the presidential primary. While it’s not clear, the report does note that WikiLeaks posted that information just 12 days after Rich was killed.

However, U.S. intelligence officials working for Barack Obama believe Russia hacked into the DNC and allowed that information to be sent to WikiLeaks. U.S. intelligence officials not working for Barack Obama think otherwise.

The report states federal law enforcement investigators found 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments between DNC leaders from January 2015 to May 2016 were sent by Rich to Gavin MacFayden, an American reporter and WikiLeaks director based in London who is now deceased. That information was found in a FBI forensic report on Rich’s computer done within days of his murder.

Of course, the Democrats and the Democrats at the FBI denied the story of Seth Rich which has disappeared from a media obsessed with covering up the real reasons behind Hillary Clinton’s loss; a media and a party obsessed with making things “right” in their eyes, by impeaching a president that won handily, fair and square by a wide margin. They are a party that cannot fathom the fact that they have been rejected by The People on almost every level possible.

That “deal” was legal? Was that what James Comey and Loretta Lynch, his boss, covered up and gave her a Get Out of Jail for Free Card? Was there a Russian Connection Never Investigated? Did Donald Trump get bribed or did the Clinton Foundation receive millions from the deal?


The family agreed and paid Rod Wheeler, a former D.C. homicide detective, to look into the July 10 murder.

“My investigation up to this point shows there was some degree of email exchange between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks,” Wheeler told Fox News. “I do believe that the answers to who murdered Seth Rich sits on his computer on a shelf at the D.C. police or FBI headquarters.”

Statistically over 90% liberal and politically leftwing and in the tank, leftmedia fabricate fake news, news spun to favor their people, and fail to report real news that does not.

CNN, the least trusted cable network: SEE FOR YOURSELF!

The fictions about the Trump-Russian meeting with national security violations in the WH was likely created to take all the headlines while the push to open the case of the murder of Seth Rich last July will go unreported. Rich was found to have beencommunicating with WikiLeaks. There is a total of $150,000 in reward money for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Seth’s murderer. The police investigation was quashed by someone far up the “food chain”... early reports by “the usual suspects” claimed it was a failed robbery… in a highly affluent neighborhood with virtually a zero crime rate…and Rich’s wallet and money were not taken.

But, hey, why report on this REAL story when there is a juicy “Russian-connection” fabrication to bloviate over?

THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Meet the liberal press — a mainstream media cabal with deep ties to the Democratic Party:

George Stephanopolous, former White House adviser to ex-president Bill Clinton, went on from his administration position to become an ABC News anchor. In April 2016, Stephanopolous interviewed Hillary Clinton about a range of political campaign issues—campaign issues that were wedged in between rising questions about her home-based email server and about curious contributions to her Clinton Foundation made in and around the time frame of her secretary of state service. But know what was noticeably missing from this interview? Stephanopolous’ mention of his donation of $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Christiane Amanpour, the chief international correspondent for CNN and an anchor for one of the network’s flagship foreign affairs broadcasts, has been married to James Rubin since 1998—yes, the same James Rubin who served as the Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs in the Clinton White House…

One more Rubin role that might be worth mentioning: In 2008, he served on Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination—and then as Clinton’s senior media adviser for national security affairs in 2016. Of course, the left-leanings of Rubin may not have any effect on Amanpour, right?

Amanpour in a December 2016 statement warned about “Trump’s rhetoric against the press”—that it was creating a “very dangerous” climate for journalists. That was after a November 2016 post-election piece she penned for CNN in which she decried the use of one candidate’s social media accounts—wonder who she meant?—to do “a savvy end run around us” in the press, and called for Facebook to “step up” and censor the fake, i.e. pro-conservative, pro-Trump, reports.

Chuck Todd, of NBC fame, is married to Democratic operative, Kristian Denny Todd. Denny Todd has quite an interesting career, rooted deep in Democratic-progressive politics. She served in 1992 as an aide to Florida’s then-Speaker of the House Bolley “Bo” Johnson—the same “Bo” Johnson who went to jail in 1999 for a two-year sentence for tax evasion. She then headed west for work, serving for the next five years in U.S. Rep. Gary Condit’s office—the same Democratic Californian Gary Condit who was later investigated for the disappearance of his office intern, Chandra Levy, whose body was discovered in a Washington, D.C., park in 2002. Moving on: Denny Todd then worked for the Democratic Party in Washington state, for the reelection campaign of Democratic Sen. Ernest “Frits” Hollings, for the office of Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, for the leadership PAC for Democratic U.S. Sen. John Edwards—and for Edwards’ failed presidential campaign—and then for Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Graham. Starting to see the trend? She’s also helped with Democratic Sen. John Kerry’s political run for president in 2004…

Laura Jarrett, daughter of Obama family friend and confidante, Valerie Jarrett, was hired by CNN to cover the Justice Department under President Donald Trump.

That’s just a small part of the CNN staff’s record—as they are all Clintonista-Democrat operatives. And too, a lot more at the other networks and news outlets.

The Russian Hack Narrative is just another Russian fable brought to you by the seditious US news media that pummels into viewers heads disinformacia—the Russian term for Agitation-Propaganda—until its viewers are wholly brainwashed. If not now, if not yet, they will be.

The American People need to understand when reading papers or watching the networks: The US Media is the Democrat Party speaking to them directly.

James Comey of the FBI was a director of a criminal bank and protected Hilary Clinton for decades..

The media take their cues from the party, the party takes their cues from the Clintons and the Obamas, and the media. And James Comey. They are one gigantic think tank running other think tanks and organizations backed by nine billionaires. They are the party that has not passed a single piece of legislation since last year and are wholly obsessed with one mission: To Take This President Down.

Only the American People can put a stop to it.

Write to your legislators and the White House and send them a copy of this essay with your own letter demanding action to investigate: This time to investigate the Party of Obstruction for conspiracy and collusion under RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. They have always acted to defraud The People, damage the nation with their actions, and obstructed both justice and the governing of the nation . Yes, RICO applies to Congress members too!


The definitions from Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language—Second College Edition:

sedition: n. 1. the stirring up of discontent, resistance, or rebellion against the government in power 2. revolt or rebellion SYN.—sedition applies to anything regarded by a government as stirring up resistance or rebellion against it and implies that the evidence is not overt or absolute; treason implies an overt act in violation of the allegiance owed to one’s state, specif. a levying war against it or giving aid or comfort to its enemies

treason: n. 1. betrayal of trust or faith; treachery 2. violation of the allegiance owed to one’s sovereign or state; betrayal of one’s country, specif., in the U.S. (as declared in the Constitution), consisting only in levying war against the U.S. or in giving aid and comfort to its enemies—SYN. see SEDITION.

war: n. 1. open armed conflict between countries or between factions within the same country 2. any active hostility, contention, or struggle; conflict

Clearly, the anti-Administration acts of resistance (deliberately slowing actions of Congress, fomenting riotous behavior, plotting “resistance”, calling for the deaths of Trump and Pence, disseminating misinformation, leaking classified materials, compromising national security, etc., ad nauseam) by leading Democratic political figures and their news media, entertainment media, and academic colleagues, are seditious. Some acts, the leaks, at least border on the treasonous. One does not have to use guns and bombs to levy war. “Any active hostility, contention, or struggle; conflict” is “levying war” by definition.

That’s a view shaped by the meaning of words. The U.S. Code governing treason and sedition is available online (Cornell Law… a great site, worthy of supporting with a donation) raises the bar for treason. But it is clear that 18 U.S. Code, Part I, Chapter 115, ¬ß 2384 - Seditious conspiracy is being violated on a wholesale basis.

Following is the U.S. Federal Law relating to treason, sedition, and subversive activities (I’ve italicized key provisions in paragraphs shown below):


BOB WEBSTER, a descendant of Daniel—yes, that Daniel - sent me the appended:

The Left understands that the 2016 election was a watershed event. They know that unless they can successfully obstruct the new administration’s efforts to deliver on promises made to clean up the mess that has accumulated for decades, the Left will be finished as a viable force. So they are pulling out all the stops in a frenzied effort to resist any progress toward achieving the objectives of the new administration’s agenda.

Remember the credo of the Left: “The end justifies the means”

The FBI and DOJ need to quickly (and quietly) assemble a special task force whose sole mission is to swiftly bring justice to this problem by expeditiously prosecuting seditious law-breakers. That includes key news agencies who trade in illicitly-obtained government information as well as those politicians who, without any factual basis, use inflammatory rhetoric for the sole purpose of disrupting and inciting seditious acts of resistance to and termination of the duly-elected leadership of the government of the United States.

If we are to save our Constitutional Republic, this seditious (and perhaps treasonous) behavior has got to be swiftly stopped and punished.


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Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, equities trader, a former economic advisor to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani; serving on the transition team’s Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget. Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, economic issues, the Mideast, terrorism, technology, high end audio and transnational politics.

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