CNN's Andersen Cooper doubled down, calling the Helsinki Summit "disgraceful."

John Brennan, former CIA and CNN & MSNBC talking head: "Donald Trump is a Traitor"

By —— Bio and Archives--July 17, 2018

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John Brennan, former CIA and CNN & MSNBC talking head: Donald Trump is a Traitor
“Donald Trump is a traitor” for meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin - said Obama’s CIA Director whom allegedly converted to Islam as a student in Egypt, and as a adult voted for CPUSA - the Communist Party of the United States that was for decades cooperating, colluding and conspiring to overthrow the government of the United States. They had conspired to advance the interests of Russia only. They were the CPUSA with John Brennan as one of its members, not Donald Trump who was never a member, who committed sedition and treason among others in Barack Obama’s inner circle of friends and associates - including the Clintons.



  • That every American President has met with Russia’s leaders since Roosevelt is beside the point. The point being, no American president has ever refused to meet, speak with, or negotiate with Russia’s leaders.
  • That Ronald Reagan told the Russians in Berlin “Mr. Gorbachev, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL, is beside the point. For the left it never mattered that the Russians did tear the wall down and formerly imprisoned people were freed. They have bigger fish to fry: Freeing Mexicans to invade the United States.
  • That Russia was America’s ally, not its enemy in WWII, cooperating, colluding and conspiring in the defeat of Nazism and Japanese fascist imperialism, is beside the point. The problem is that this time it was this American President who is not beside the point. He is, the point. And to the chagrin of the media and their leftwing congressional losers, it is he, and not CNN and MSNBC, who decides foreign policy and many other things over which the left will predictably hyperventilate.
  • That neither Russia nor America want a war with each other is beside the point. What is the point is that CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and their media mates want a war to blame on Donald Trump and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.
  • That Obama cooperated, conspired and colluded with Putin’s Russia and Hillary Clinton by helping Hillary enrich the Clinton family personally and sell 20% of America’s uranium to Putin’s Russia, eludes the irony of Brennan’s statements. It also failed to jog his memory about the Clinton Money Laundering Machine, as he’s a regular talking head on Trump Deranged CNN and MSNBC - all of whom donated to the Clintons heavily.
  • That Obama cooperated, colluded, and conspired with Russia when he abandoned and then withdrew defensive missiles from Eastern Europe at Russia’s demand, leaving Europe and NATO defenseless from Russia, is beyond Brennan’s comprehension or points. That Russia soon after invaded the Ukraine under Obama and Brennan is also beside the point, the point being that Obama and Brennan eviscerated NATO and gave the Russians the opening to invade by deliberately erasing Red Lines and by having removed Europe’s defensive missiles.
  • That Obama colluded, cooperated and conspired with the Russians over a solid eight years to let the NATO alliance get away with the American taxpayer picking up the defense tabs of foreign nations, is not the problem. That Trump shook down those foreign nations to Pay their Fair Share instead, and did not shake down the American taxpayer is. Incidentally, from the as-described-by-Democrats-and-their-lapdog media “failed meeting” with NATO, Trump walked away with a $33 billion concession, and ALL the nations that didn’t pay their bills under Obama are or will be paying them under Trump.​ A tragedy. That China’s media report these facts and the Euro and American media tied to George Soros will not, is beside the point. Or maybe an indication about which media is free, which provides FAKE NEWS, ours or theirs.
  • That Obama crushed each and every avenue to national energy independence, Keystone, Dakota, off-shore drilling, fracking, Anwar, is beside the point. That because America could not compete with Russia selling energy to Europe is beside the point. The point being is, that America is now energy independent. And while America could not compete with anyone under Obama, it is competing with everyone under Trump today. The United States will be selling energy to Europe for the first time in direct competition with Russia. Now go ahead and figure out who was colluding with Russia to Make Russia Greater and America Smaller, Obama or Trump?
  • That “confidential sources” at the “unnamed” US intel agencies quoted by the media insist that there’s evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC server to help Donald Trump win over Hillary and to date had provided no intel or evidence whatsoever to support that case, is beside the point. The point being that the DNC’s and Hillary’s servers are MIA to date, two years after these unfounded claims were made, and the FBI could never get their hands on these servers to perform forensics to prove any hacking took place. Or provide support that the DNC servers were hacked by Russia, or Honduras, or Australia, or China, or the Congo, or Barack Obama in his hometown in Kenya. The only evidence so far are the unsupported, undocumented, politically-motivated, suspect and specious statements by Obama and Democrat operatives at America’s intel agencies and media who keep making claims of Russian collusion on CNN and MSNBC. Maybe that, is the point.
  • That impeaching this president is the ONLY point is not beside the point. Impeaching this president for making peace, not war, for succeeding and for not failing the nation, for slicing and dicing the failed Obama presidency and disposing of his mindless legacy, is more important to reverse for the political left than avoiding nuclear war, cooperating with the Russians on anti-terrorism, cooperating on disarming North Korea and leashing in Iran, and keeping shipping lanes open against China’s aggression that impacts not just our allies and ourselves, but Russia’s movements, commerce and its trade.

Puting it another way - there are mutual security interests both nations share. There are mutual opportunities for advancing peace and commerce and good will - one of which is to talk with each other to avoid misunderstandings and war.

One of these opportunities after 9-11 is that neither nation’s leaders want to see minarets rise over our burning cities; neither want to see their soldiers get shot at military bases populated by transgenders with prayer rugs, a chip on their shoulders, and a wish to meet 72 virgins sooner, rather than later.

In fact, the Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit will, to the predictable outrage and chagrin of the political left, go down in history the same way as Ronald Reagan’s Berlin visit has:

A Resounding Success.

It will go down as the summit that made the world a safer and better place.

(c) Andrew G. Benjamin


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