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Knowing it and Stopping it are Two Different Things - Obama’s Assault on America

By —— Bio and Archives--August 27, 2009

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Based upon the thousands of American citizens taking to the streets at Tea Parties and Town Hall’s across the country, in protest to the outright theft of their nation by far left extremists now in control of all three branches of the Fed, I’d say it’s safe to assume that the American people are finally awake…


But knowing what’s going on and stopping it are two very different things. Being willing to act and being committed to winning at any cost are also two very different things.

American citizens are finally awake and they are beginning to take action against the greatest threat to American freedom and liberty ever known to American citizens. But are they as committed to winning, to stopping the destruction of their country, as Obamanation is to completing their assault on all things American?

As the old saying goes, it’s not always the size of the man in the fight that determines the outcome of the fight. Often, it is the size of the fight in the man…

Americans, taxpayers in particular, are clearly under attack today. In the name of “social justice,” Democratic Socialists in Washington DC have cast off the constitutional chains intended to keep the Fed shackled and impotent in their leftist quest to seize power entrusted only to the people and the states.

The term “social justice” dates to early twentieth century Germany and the passage of The Weimar Constitution in 1919. In fact, if you take time to study the document, you will find that it very much defines exactly how modern Democratic Socialists in America choose to interpret the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

In short, the concept of “social justice” pertains to the power of the state to force “social equality” in a free society where free individuals will quite naturally use varying degrees of talent and ambition to achieve socially unequal results. This is socially unacceptable to leftists.

As individual freedom always results in a natural imbalance of power between those who have used their freedom well and those who have not, “social justice” assumes the state power to “equal the playing field” so that all members of society can “participate equally” in society.

There can be no “rich,” for that means that there will be “poor.” Freedom is unfair and unjust, in the mind of those who seek “social justice.” For them, equal opportunity is not enough. They seek equal outcomes, regardless of individual talent, sacrifice or ambition.

This is “social justice,” - The states power to confiscate and redistribute private property, taking from those who earn and redistributing to those of “lesser fortune.” It is not an act of charity, as charity is an individual act which requires the consent of the giver. It is an act of tyranny…

“Social justice” is the end that justifies the means. This is the “change” that Barack Obama promised to bring to the United States of America. This is the “change” that 56 million American voters voted for last November, whether they knew it at the time or not.

And this is the “change” that the international left has invested billions of dollars in, including hundreds of millions in illegal foreign campaign contributions through “bundlers” – responsible for placing a freshman senator with a blank résumé in the most powerful office in the world.

International Socialists invested more than $1 Billion to make certain that Barack Obama would sit in the Oval Office as America was led into unbridled Marxism, “social justice.” They expect a return on their investment and Obama MUST deliver, or his best friends will quickly become his worst enemies and the greatest threat to his presidency.

The American people have taken note of 32 unelected Czars and the federal confiscation of banking, insurance, auto manufacturing and energy, as the left sets their sights on 1/7th of the entire U.S. economy, the medical industry.

The people are awake and taking action. But how committed are they to putting down the rising tidal wave of Marxism running rampant in the halls of congress and Oval Office under the leadership of Saul Alinsky’s Chicago Cabal?

Today’s Washington DC apparatus sees the U.S. Constitution as an outdated piece of paper which only stands in the way of “progress.” Progress, being defined as “social justice,” of course.

The left is half right in this assertion… The individual freedom and liberty guaranteed every American citizen in the Constitution, is a major impediment to their search for “social justice.” The U.S. Constitution places all power squarely in the hands of the people and the states, with very limited powers assigned to the Fed, which was to exist and operate at the pleasure of the states.

This idea is wholly at odds with the agenda of those seeking the federal power to force their idea of “social justice” upon the free masses, and in this way, they are right. The U.S. Constitution is a foundational structure that must be abolished, if “social justice” is to reign in America.

But is it an outdated idea in the mind of the average American?

Sadly, for many Americans, the answer is yes… Note how many Americans are enraged by the notion that millions of Americans dare doubt or question Obama’s Article II eligibility for the office he currently holds…

The idea that average Americans should have the right (standing) to ask such a question of any taxpayer employee is simply beyond the imagination of people who believe in unelected Czars and unlimited federal powers to define and distribute “social justice.” They are enraged by the audacity of American citizens who dare question their king… or is it “messiah?”

However, I still believe that these anti-American elitists represent a small (but powerful) minority in America, namely the 29% who “strongly approve” of Obamanation today, down from the inauguration day high of 44%.  But we are about to find out if I am right in that belief.

Hundreds of stories like Emotions run high at town hall meeting - CharlotteObserver.com show growing public anger over not just ObamaCare, but all Marxist policies coming out of Washington DC of late.

The ONLY Town Hall meetings that show any support at all for Obamanation, are those carefully orchestrated by Rahm’s White House propaganda machine, like the one in Montana described here; How Obama Organizes a Town Hall Meeting | John Goodman | NCPA – hired, trained, armed and paid for by Obama’s labor unions and ACORN thugs.

Believe it or not, most Americans can read. And since they distrust the Chicago cabal more than any administration in American history, they have taken the time to read Pelosi’s Marxist ObamaCare bills for themselves and they ain’t buying the so-called “facts” from Obama propaganda partners at FactCheck or Snopes, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR or PBS.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. ObamaCare is the fuse that ignited widespread revolt, but the revolt is about much more than public opposition to ObamaCare. It’s about everything Obama & Co. have done to dismantle America since they defrauded American voters last fall.

As U.S. News put it, “This healthcare town hall was only nominally about healthcare. It was really about something else. It was about anger and fear. It was about a trenchant sense of disillusionment, resentment, and powerlessness.” - Behind the Rage at Healthcare Town Hall Meetings

Exactly! The people were tricked into “making history” and supporting “change” without knowing what kinds of “change” was in store. Now that they can see what kinds of “change” the Chicago Ayers and Alinsky cabal had in mind, saying that they resent it, might be a gross understatement.

My question remains however…. What are the American people prepared to do to stop the theft of freedom and liberty in America? Clearly, they are awake and prepared to inform themselves, call, write or confront their elected officials at town hall meetings, organize via Tea Party movements, initiate law suits, file criminal complaints and Grand Jury indictments and then some… Is this enough to stop the Chicago cabal?

What if it isn’t? Obama has spent more than $1.35 million in legal fees to refuse American taxpayers the right to know who and what their president really is…and no court in America will even agree to hear any evidence on the matter. Most Americans aren’t even engaged in the effort to find out who and what this blatant fraud is living in our White House.

Exactly how committed are average Americans to saving their country and preserving individual freedom and liberty for future generations?

Nobody knows for certain, but I have a strong suspicion that we are about to find out.

Obamanation is committed enough to its agenda that they are willing to label all dissenters, “crackpots” – “extremists” – “racists” – “fascists” – and “potential domestic terrorists.” These terms give them the right and power to use even US Military force to quell the voice of dissent, if need be. Before this is over, we will very likely see average Americans put in prison for their willingness to stand up and speak out against Obama.

So, Americans know just how ugly this thing can get. Are they prepared to do whatever it takes to take their nation back, or only that which is politically correct and socially acceptable in the eyes of their enemies?

Time will tell, and I think that time is growing close at hand. I pray for the safety of every American patriot willing to take a stand for freedom and liberty.

And yes, I pray for the complete utter failure of Obamanation, because the success of the Chicago cabal can only be defined as the destruction of the United States of America. To preserve the good ole USA, Obamanation must be decimated. The terms and conditions of the battle are being determined by Obamanation, not the American people.

Cut off from the courts and ignored by their elected officials, all peaceful means of resolution are being systematically eliminated by the left. When only violent measures remain, leftists will seek to lay blame with those who oppose the destruction of their country.

But when no peaceful option is afforded, who is to blame for the violence that follows?

Now that Americans know it, are Americans ready to stop it? We will soon see… My money is on the real American spirit which will in the end, refuse to live in bondage!


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