Obama ran on a platform of lies under the banner of Hope and Change


By —— Bio and Archives--April 17, 2010

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Glen Beck had an extremely important point to make this morning. The point was the difference between being a liar and being wrong. Anyone who has never been wrong, step up so I can check your halo, because only one individual dressed in epidermis can make that claim, and what did we do to him? I was partially wrong in not triple checking my information from Free Republic in the Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown story, but I was not wrong in reporting their beating nor was I wrong in pointing out that the press has intentionally ignored the story.

During my time in the Nevada Legislature I learned that, rather than two sides to every story, there is more like two dozen, unless it is a story involving liberal abuse against conservatives. The crime against Allee and Joe was committed several days ago now and just this morning Glen Beck reported on it. Well actually he reported on the nonreporting of it. Perhaps he was afraid of being called a liar.

There is an email circulating among conservatives. The email describes a number of lies committed by past Democrats in power. Unfortunately the email contains a number of errors and assigns to Democrats some falsehoods actually committed by Republicans. There is a great site called Factcheck.org. It is one of the few completely evenhanded political sites out there. If you lie, or are wrong in your assertion, party affiliation is no protection. You are called out. Factcheck pointed out that FDR was the one who began the demise of the US budget by rolling social spending accounts into the general fund, but also that every US President after FDR made no attempt to put things back where they belonged. That is one major weakness in our political system, politicians are too timid to stand on the fundamentals of our constitution.

We have no need to dispense inflammatory emails about Democrats. There is more than enough hard evidence out there to prove that liberals are far more comfortable with a lie than they are with the truth. Al Gore’s ridiculous assertions in regard to global warming are a good example. The London Times online edition notes that the High Court in London details nine falsehoods found stated as facts in Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Here is the story.

What’s The Facts?  documented an ever expanding list of 158 lies by Obama. Check it out and then compare that knowledge with Nancy Pelosi laughing at a reporter when he asked her if politicians lie. Also compare that knowledge with her assertion that she would be running “the most ethical Congress ever”. I seem to recall Hillary Clinton saying the much the same thing back when Clinton won the Presidency for the first time. How many of her fellow Democrats wound up in deep do-do later on? Was it a Republican or a Democrat hiding 90,000 in “cold” cash in his freezer? This is not saying that the GOP is free from corruption. Far from it. Who said, “read my lips” and then went on to shatter that particular promise. Who attempted to sell out US sovereignty, not once but several times to his buddies in the Middle East? They both went by the name of G. Bush.

Now we have a unique situation not seen in American politics since the days of Jimmy Carter. The electorate is waking up and unlike Carter’s days, they have a ready source of rapid information. Perhaps this is why Obama has begun expanding the Patriot Act so he can act against US Citizens by claiming that they are “domestic terrorists”. I find it interesting that a party that is so quick to cry “privacy is a right” found it important to eliminate that right in Obama’s extension.  It should also be noted that the extension was largely bipartisan.

The Tea Party Movement is not just getting slammed by the mushy-headed types. Some prominent GOP incumbents have no love for them either . I think it is important to note that those in the GOP who disparage the movement also seem to be those who have profited the most from Obama’s government expansion, and that is the problem.

John Wayne has a great quote:

“The Hyphen, Webster’s Dictionary defines, Is a symbol used to divide a compound word or a single word. So it seems to me that when a man calls himself An “Afro-American,” a “Mexican-American,” “Italian-American,” An “Irish-American,” “Jewish-American,” What he’s sayin’ is, “I’m a divided American.”

A collection of sayings from one of our greatest citizens can be found here. John Wayne was also a man known for being truthful, even when it may have harmed his career. Right now we have a government, from Washington right down to the smallest municipality where dissembling is considered an asset rather than a weakness. We have schoolchildren who feel cheating is no longer a shame but a right. Winning simply because you are better than the others is now considered showing off, but if you win because you are better at lying or cheating is somehow ok. This has to change.

In reading the US Constitution I find no right to lie, cheat or steal, but try telling that to any one of the quasi-political organizations made up of radical lawyers that currently infests our nation. They consistently claim to be acting in the bests interests of the American people while doing pro bono work on such important issue as getting homosexuals into the Boy Scouts (a lie), but when approached by someone who has had their rights infringed by a Democrat administration they suddenly have to charge $600 an hour, which brings me back to the ongoing electorate awakening.

Based on a number of polls, including those taken last week, very few, if any Democrat candidates can claim assurance of winning the seat they seek. Nevada is most likely going to kick out every major Democrat incumbent except for possibly one Congresswoman, and that only because she holds office in a district with about 3% republican voters. Anyone who is capable of separating the truth from the lies expects to see a map almost completely saturated in red.

Obama ran on a platform of lies under the banner of Hope and Change. From what I have experienced so far, I’m hoping for change.


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Bob L. Beers was a member of the Nevada Assembly representing District 21 in Clark County, Nevada. Prior to his election in 2006, he was an author involved in graphic arts and illustration.

Originally from Eureka, California, Beers attended Arcata High School and Humboldt State College. He currently resides in Henderson, Nevada with his wife and son.

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