Liberals have already decimated the educational system, the justice system and the immigration system

Liberal censorship at it again

By —— Bio and Archives--June 27, 2018

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Liberal censorship at it again
Recently, the local news reported that the US Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) voted to change the ‘Laura Ingalls Wilder Award’ to the “Children’s Literature Legacy Award”. According to the ALSC, “Wilder’s expressions and her stereotypical attitudes are inconsistent with ALSC’s core values”. The Little House books are, in their opinion, hurtful and racist. The Liberal news anchor reporting on the ALSC’s decision turned to his co-anchor and asked if he thought the book should also be banned from all public school libraries across the nation. His Liberal co-anchor thought that would be a good idea to remove it and other books that were deemed racist or hurtful.


The co-anchor added that Little House was hurtful to some people, and it should be banned for that reason. When I went to school, we always said, sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. I would ask these Liberal crackpots if they shouldn’t also ban books like Dracula. However, I don’t think Liberal vampires object to books about blood suckers. They just object to books they don’t like. I’m amazed that Liberals haven’t banned Uncle Remus already or tried to smear the character of Joel Chandler Harris. Will they eventually propose banning movies like Disney’s Song of the South too?

Moreover, the liberal left thinks they should be able to tell everyone else what they can read and what they can say. They want to be our censors. Next, they will be burning books and movies. That’s just the way Liberals operate - like Nazis. In fact, Liberals call anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda a Nazi, but they are the only ones acting like Nazis. We don’t call them Nazis, although they act like Nazis; we call them Democrats. 

In addition, if the Little house books prove anything, it’s that people who graduated from one room school houses, back when there were only 10 grades, knew more than most college graduates do today after completing 16 grades. At least, they had a good overall education and a grip on reality. It was that old school system that produced writers like Laura Ingalls Wilder, who wrote the Little House on the Prairie, but that was before Liberals inside the Federal government got involved in education.

Prior to the Federal government’s involvement in public schools, America turned out exceptional writers and mathematicians. Today, public schools turn out too many Liberals who live in a fantasy world and believe that only Liberals have the right to expression. Yes, they want diversity when it comes to religion, culture and national identity, but they reject diverse opinions -especially if it contradicts theirs. In fact, Liberals want to censor anyone and anything they don’t like.

Liberals don’t care if books are historically factual or accurate. They only care about control

And, although the Little House books paint an accurate picture of life in the 19th century west, Liberals want to censor the author for using language they don’t like. They call her a racist based solely on the language she used in Little House, and they use that as an excuse to censor her books. All Laura Wilder did was use the language and sentiment prevalent in the 19th century. Knock, knock, the book is about life in the 19th century. That doesn’t make her a racist nor does it make her experience historically inaccurate.

However, Liberals don’t care if books are historically factual or accurate. They only care about control. Liberals want to control everything, and that means censoring books or anyone they don’t like. Even our history is not safe from Liberals.

Finally, we should know by now that government can turn anything, no matter how successful it is, into a failure. And, the best way to insure the failure of anything is to turn it over to Liberals. They’ve already decimated the educational system, the justice system and the immigration system. Now they want to decimate our literary heritage as well. If we allow them to censor our literary heritage, then our national identity will be destroyed along with it. We can’t allow that to happen. We must not allow them to censor any book, regardless of the labels they put on the author. If they don’t like a book or an author, then they don’t have to read books written by that author. It’s that simple.


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