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In a heedless rush to resurrect their wounded goddess, the Liberal Prog Dems stampede as one, to swim waters they cannot possibly cross. And. They. Shall. All. Drown.


By —— Bio and Archives--November 28, 2016

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“Driven by strong biological urges, some species of lemmings may migrate in large groups….and may choose to cross a body of water in search of a new habitat. In such cases, many may drown….”

The Democrat-Media Complex and its willing, useful idiots in colleges, offices, and living rooms have mindlessly bonded for a mass suicide not seen since the Jonestown Massacre.

Kids, it’s the end of the Democrat Party—das partie. Hate Stream Media and the politicians they have sex and drugs with are driving it to extinction.

Proven totally ignorant, stupid, brain-washed, and just wrong

It was not enough they got their butts kicked by Donald Trump from New Yawk, to Cali, and that every last one of them was proven totally ignorant, stupid, brain-washed, and just wrong.

No. Their continuing arrogance, huffery-puffery, and sheer ignorance yet prevail. Not only did they lose bigger than maybe any time in history, but they are all sneery about it—snide, and snarky toward the victors—you and me.

It seems that, if you don’t at first succeed, double down and act stupider, less human, more space-alien, and rile up even more people.

OMG! What a great plan. What a success story that will be.

The mind-rotted, insane, self-divined “superiority” of the Liberal Prog brain could twist the stomach of an F-18 jockey. The vomit spewed by these know-nothing, self-appointed high priests of No Knowledge would fill the Philadelphia reservoir. That is, if their buddies and pals, the Iranians, didn’t first blow it up.

Astonishingly, unbelievably, insanely, even though they lost, they are still expectant of a sudden win by Hillary. Yes, they expect Hillary to pull that Presidential rabbit from a hat, vanquish Donald Trump, and take the Power she was born to wield. A miracle. And she shall cast lightning and thunder and upheave mountains and drain seas and cure the heartbreak of toenail fungus.


Insane Liberal Prog Democrats

Every last one of these insane Liberal Prog Democrats act as if they are each Hillary reborn and their lives depend upon it. They seem to defend her and her “victory” as necessary to their very existence.

Every day, all day, around the clock—legions of them flock and swarm to obstruct and steal the vote. Hordes of them threaten and disrupt the Electors, impede the transition of Donald Trump into the Presidency, riot, steal, burn, beat up white people, kill cops, and generally “protest” the almighty Victory of Freedom and Liberty.

They would much rather promulgate and infest America with their sick, diseased, One-World, Islamist, illegal, open borders Marxism. They seek to vanquish America and utterly replace it with their filthy, stinking scheme of New World Order Communism.

Hillary Clinton—Mrs. Bill—has infected every innocent or guilty Democrat Liberal Prog in town. It’s like that movie—the scene in “Spartacus” where the entire, defeated slave army stands up and shouts, “I am Spartacus! NO—I am Spartacus! Wait! I AM Spartacus!” Each seeking a beatific death and eradication.

Except, now they are all Hillary. Hillary. Hillary.


Continued below...

“I am Hillary!” Weeps the Precious Snowflake from its bed of puffy tissue, puppies, and doll.

And Hillary.

“I am Hillary!” Weeps the Precious Snowflake from its bed of puffy tissue, puppies, and dolls. “NO! I am Hillary,” whines the snide, multi-millionaire, Hate Stream, drug addict, “news” reader. “Wait! I am Hillary,” shouts the evil, stinking, scheming, fornicating politician, with an eye on future enrichment.

“Und, wir sind alle Hillary, für immer!” reverberates the “Sieg Heil” of Democrats’ fellow totalitarian dictators—Angela Merkel and her Euro weenies.

In a heedless rush to resurrect their wounded goddess, the Liberal Prog Dems stampede as one, to swim waters they cannot possibly cross.

And. They. Shall. All. Drown.

Good riddance.



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Jeffrey A. Friedberg is an American, a former, Big City, licensed private detective, who operated his own detective agency out of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and has worked in other east coast states of America. He has also been an undercover anti-crime operative, a DOD-cleared security provider, a nuclear plant security clearance investigator, and an Internet website optimizer and promoter. He earned a BA degree by majoring in English Literature, with a minor in Sociology. Also, at Temple University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he studied: infrastructure of the Kuomintang, the Yakusa, counter-insurgency, Soviet and Nazi propaganda techniques, Shoto-Kan Karate (under Teryuki Okazaki), Judo, and other matters. His favorite beer is Canadian, Moose Head. Drawing on his investigative experience, Friedberg has made himself the author of seven paranormal and satirical political thriller books on Amazon.

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