Christmas is about CHRIST

May Christians be a Guiding Light

By —— Bio and Archives--November 28, 2011

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My last article, “Not Black Friday, Sad Friday touched on the subject of Black Friday and how people run after material goods just to please others to put under the Christmas tree on the 25th of December, or for selfish purposes.


Christmas is about CHRIST, the MIRACLE BABY who was born into this world to save a sin-infested world. How today can we tell the difference between professing Christians and those who are secular/unbelieving when Christians immerse themselves in the same activities as their worldly neighbors?

Instead of agreeing about a Black Friday or Cyber Monday (the following Monday after Thanksgiving when online sales get a boost from online traffic) sale, why not share the love of Christ? Why not mention to them a loving God (Jehovah, YHWH, the Almighty God) who couldn’t STAND to be away from His creation (sin separated us) that He sent HIS OWN SON, Jesus Christ to bridge the gap by taking our sin upon Himself on the cross?

When Christians sing the old hymns, the Old Rugged Cross, when they sing about His blood (it does have power)…they are singing about the fact that Jesus Christ has redeemed them, and His blood covers them…their sickness, faults, fears, etc.  He did not stay in the tomb either, He rose (which is why we celebrate Easter…leave out the Easter bunny, please) again and sits at the right hand of the Father in heaven.

The days we live in, they are crucial. World events should hit a nerve at how bad the world needs to hear good news, like a Savior who loves them. Engaging in shopping madness and traditions of men will not cut it these days. Where are the men and women willing to stretch themselves to reach out and touch another human being this Christmas?

Christmas does not mean we shop the stores for the most expensive item to impress our family or friends. The most meaningful gifts are those that are simplistic, hand-made even, and don’t require a whole lot of dollars.

I am baffled as how many Americans have lost their jobs this year and yet I hear that Black Friday drew in a record amount of money generated. How is this? Where are our priorities? Someone is going to rack up a lot of debt just trying to please someone else.

May Christians take a moment to share the REAL meaning of Christmas and refocus on Christ and His sacrifice for us. That is REAL love; that should be the essence of Christmas.

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