Meanwhile, the NYT and Google have run into a brick wall, the one that proves “a picture’s worth a thousand words”

Media spin can’t hide Hillary’s Health, but Google Can ‘Disappear’ It

By —— Bio and Archives--August 24, 2016

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There was only ever one surefire way for Barack Hussein Obama to steal a third term in office at the White House. 

Imposing martial law to suspend elections would be inconvenient, messy and outrageous to millions of patriots who awaited Obama’s departure for nearly eight long years.  It would also be as transparent as a visibly hefty Michelle Obama ‘s credibility leading a Childhood Obesity initiative.

Only the ruinous election of Hillary Clinton could guarantee Obama a third term in office.


Only Donald J. Trump can stop it.

‘Progressive’ plans entail Hillary as a ‘Figurehead President’, one there to willingly rubber-stamp   all of Obama’s take-down-America policies.  Obama, Bill Clinton and other Democrats who are in reality Marxist progressives would be running the show, with Hillary, who’s always considered herself a queen a figurehead put on public display only when necessary. 

That Hillary Rodham Clinton (Her Royal Clinton-ness)  is too quickly falling apart at the seams they likely never really counted on.

Now that the state of her failing health is going viral over the Internet, requests have been sent to Google by the New York Times to censor search results related to Hillary’s health problems—and according to some sources, they’re already doing it.

As cheeky directorblue.blogspot owner Doug Ross puts it: “Some radical nutjob and New York Times reporter (but I repeat myself) recently called on Google to censor search results related to Hillary’s numerous health issues. (Doug Ross, Aug. 23, 2016)

“Farhad Manjoo is a reporter for the New York Times who writes about tech issues. His latest passion is a beef with free speech, though of course, as a leftist, he would never frame it that way.

“More specifically, Manjoo is upset that a Google search about Hillary’s health turns up what he calls “conspiracy theories.” And because he’s decided that the negative information available on line about her health is unfounded, Google should “fix” the problem.

“Based on my research, it would appear that Google is now obliging that request:

“Curiously, Google’s super-smart auto-suggest feature appears incredibly ignorant when it comes to matter of Hillary Clinton’s well-documented health problems.

“I did a few experiments, but judge for yourself:

“Any results for Hillary health problems?

“Negatory, good buddy.

“How about Hillary health condition or concerns?

“No, apparently zillions of people are searching for “Hillary health centre” instead. That certainly seems plausible.

“What does Google Trends have to say about the matter? This separate, and far less used service, allows users to determine search volumes for certain key phrases. I wonder what it has to say about search volume for Hillary health questions?

“Gee, that seems awfully curious. As tales of Hillary’s falls, concussions, confusion, reported seizures, sleepiness and a possible tongue biopsy slipped out of late, searches for Hillary health have skyrocketed.

“Pity the guys at Google Type-Ahead Land never got the memo.

“In fact, the number of folks searching for Hillary seizures and Hillary health problems are also noteworthy.

“Need definitive proof Google is censoring the results? Check out the type-ahead results here and note Hillary headband.

“Now compare the actual search volume for Hillary headbands versus Hillary health problems:

“So Julian Assange is completely wrong, folks. Google isn’t deeply entwined with Hillary’s campaign. No, that’s just a conspiracy theory.

“So, shut up: there are no concerns whatsoever with Hillary’s health. Why, just ask our new Overlords at Google, all you rubes in flyover country.”

Talk about conspiracies!  Hiding the health of a presidential candidate which the media gleefully reports is leading in election polls has got to take the proverbial cake.

But for the NYT and Google there’s this one little bugaboo: the myriad pictures which appear to show bulk other than flesh under Hillary Clinton’s outlandish clothes.

With the rise of wearable medical technology, with room for drug packs, injections and even internally inflatable vests on the market, health problems are your secret.

Donald T: Not only is Hillary ‘Crooked’, so too is the hiding of her health.

Since The Donald’s chief opponent is Obama, his campaign should circulate posters that read: : “I’m the Real Deal, Not Obama’s 3rd Term”.

Meanwhile, the NYT and Google have run into a brick wall, the one that proves “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. 


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