Lacey Castleberry

Amazing 25-Year-Old Girl Delivers Hundreds of Care Packages to Afghanistan!

By —— Bio and Archives--July 19, 2012

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One of our most special and important guests of this year’s Troopathon was not a big-name celebrity who everyone has heard of, but someone who is just as important to our troops as anyone else on our guest list.

Her name is Lacey and even though she’s just 25 years old, she has done some amazing things with MAF to help our troops in a direct way. Lacey is a civilian contractor and works out of air bases in Afghanistan and volunteers for Operation Care. She is one of the people that MAF and other pro-troop groups use to distribute our support packages to troops on the front lines. She joined us on Troopathon to tell her story.


Most of our care packages that we get are from Move America Forward”...

“On the larger bases we have a little PX, a little store, to get deodorant and shampoo but a lot of these guys who need it are at the smaller bases. So we would get these care packages out on the helicopters and out to these smaller bases that only get supplies so often. So these are the guys who get rationed food, they may not get showers for days…”

“...just to see the smiles and the excitement and the joy on these guys’ faces was pretty incredible!”

- Lacey Castleberry, interviewed on Troopathon 2012

Lacey is a huge help to MAF and an important component of our operation. She is our link to the troops on the front lines and part of what makes sponsoring a care package through Move America Forward as special and unique way to support the troops!


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