So, the charge of Treason against Obama still stands as filed before the Monroe County grand jury, which has yet to schedule any hearing of evidence on the matter.

Monroe County Tennessee Still in Treason Spotlight

By —— Bio and Archives--January 2, 2010

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Someone in the Monroe County Court House has been feeding false information to local news reporters in Monroe County Tennessee, leaving an interested public confused about the current status of the Treason Case filed by Ret. Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III, against President Barack Hussein Obama.


Here are the real facts as they currently exist –

  • Fitzpatrick appeared before a four person grand jury panel on December 1, 2009, not before the full grand jury, which is why there is no mention of the case in grand jury documents at this point.
  • Fitzpatrick was only permitted to present evidence of obstruction against former grand jury foremen Gary Petway and others. The evidence in the Treason Case against Obama has yet to be presented to the Monroe County grand jury.
  • The Monroe County grand jury ended its term shortly after Fitzpatrick’s appearance before the four person panel, leaving the cases in the hands of a newly convened grand jury for 2010.
  • Unlike the 2009 grand jury, which had a certain potential for conflicts of interest concerning charges against former foreman Petway, the newly convened jury should be free from such conflicts and freshly aware of their oath.
  • As of today, Fitzpatrick has received no updates on the status of his cases before the Monroe County grand jury.
  • All other related public reports offered by local Monroe County news reporters are false and misleading.

So, the charge of Treason against Obama still stands as filed before the Monroe County grand jury, which has yet to schedule any hearing of evidence on the matter. The charges of obstruction against Petway and other Monroe County officials also remain pending as of this writing.

The new 2010 Monroe County grand jury is due to convene in January and Fitzpatrick is unclear as to the intentions of the new grand jury concerning his pending charges. At present, it is assumed that the newly seated jury will take up all cases left pending from the previous jury.

But Fitzpatrick is prepared to re-file all charges with the new jury if need be.

Ongoing updates will be posted at Fitzpatrick’s blog, Jag Hunter.



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