The Left gets to spit on, scream at, and stomp on conservatives all day, every day, all year long

National Smack A Lib Day

By —— Bio and Archives--January 31, 2018

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National Smack A Lib Day
A Vietnam vet friend of mine, who has since passed away, once opined that what America really needs is a good old fashioned “National Smack A Lib Day.” Just to drain off some of that excess adrenaline, you know?

The Left gets to spit on, scream at, and stomp on conservatives all day, every day, all year long. They call us bigoted racists, while the “news” outlets insult We the People 24/7 by insulting President Trump—our choice for president. They wish to destroy our country via open borders, and they bar us from speaking on our college campuses.


I don’t think that asking for one day a year to give a little push-back is asking for too much. I mean fair is fair, right? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander; turnabout is fair play and all that.

It is an idea straining at the leash to be let loose, so the question becomes one of timing—what day of the year should “National Smack A Lib Day” fall on? Hmm.

July 4th? No, too obvious a choice…and with all the fireworks at hand things could escalate to an undesirable extent. Thanksgiving has possibilities though.

Eating turkey and smacking a lib seem to go together like…I don’t know…peas and carrots, it just feels right. Besides, it’ll give us something to be extra thankful for on Thanksgiving.  Geeze, I feel warm ‘n’ fuzzy and extra thankful just thinking about it.

But alas, this article is merely a parody, a satire, a spoof. There will be no “National Smack A Lib Day” because such violent herd-like behavior is not the conservative way—we will leave such things to the Left. If conservatives finally have enough of the liberal poke, poke, poking, then our response will not be limited to one day of the year, and the libs should be so lucky as to get off with just a smack.


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Born June 4, 1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Served in the U.S. Navy from 1970-1974 in both UDT-21 (Underwater Demolition Team) and SEAL Team Two.  Worked as a commercial diver in the waters off of Scotland, India, and the United States.  Worked overseas in the Merchant Marines.  While attending the University of South Florida as a journalism student in 1998 was presented with the “Carol Burnett/University of Hawaii AEJMC Research in Journalism Ethics Award,” 1st place undergraduate division.  (The annual contest was set up by Carol Burnett with money she won from successfully suing a national newspaper for libel).  Awarded US Army, US Navy, South African, and Russian jump wings.  Graduate of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School, 1970).  Member of Mensa, China Post #1, and lifetime member of the NRA and UDT/SEAL Association.

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