Just where was the Commander in Chief when that 3 am phone call came?

Nobody Drowned at Watergate

By —— Bio and Archives--May 7, 2013

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The mainstream media no longer has the luxury of ignoring Benghazi. Nor can they brush it off as another Watergate type of scandal: nobody died by drowning or other means at Watergate. The emergence of the whistle blowers has made the story too big to ignore, as much as the media would prefer it would go away.

You will note that when it wasn’t until after their beloved Obama was safely ensconced in the White House for another four years did the media show any interest in the biggest story of the administration.

The gist of the story is that whistle blowers have revealed that military assets stood ready to assist in the fight but were told to stand down as four Americans were killed; the survivors were silenced by the Obama administration and the public talking points were heavily redacted to remove all references to terrorism and al qaeda.

Gregory Hicks, deputy head of the embassy in Tripoli tried to get the Pentagon to scramble fighter jets over Benghazi. He thought a show of air power might be enough to stave off the second attack. The troops were ordered to stand down. Hicks may have been the last person to speak to ambassador Chris Stevens on 9/11: “Greg, we’re under attack”.

Hicks has repeatedly said his jaw hit the floor when he heard the preposterous confabulation coming out of the White House and State Department about an offensive video touching off protests.

Military officials will also testify on Wednesday that they declined to send air support from Italy, citing a lack of “tanker support”.

An anonymous Special Operator has told FNC’s James Rosen that C110, a special operations unit was on a training exercise in Croatia and could have been on scene before the second attack. They were never called.

Just where was the Commander in Chief when that 3 am phone call came?

We had the troops at the ready to deploy to Benghazi and all were told to stand down. We have a right to know who made those decisions and why.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department wasted no time orchestrating a cover up. She kept her own counter terrorism bureau out of the loop until she could figure out how to respond to the attack in a way that wouldn’t suggest the possibility that terrorism could be a factor.

Whistle blower Mark I. Thompson, former marine and now deputy coordinator for operations in the agency’s counter terrorism bureau told FNC’s James Rosen made the complaint about Hillary’s end run.

The CIA and NSC had decided within days to delete all references to al qaeda’s known involvement from the official talking points. Instead, we got the ludicrous Susan Rice hitting the talk show circuit blathering about some obscure video nobody ever saw, which became the official position.

Hillary isn’t accountable for what went on during the attacks, that would be Obama’s responsiblity. But she certainly is responsible for cutting back on embassy protection and ignoring requests for increased protection at Benghazi. And she is absolutely responsible for her staff creating the cover up.

In other words, the administration lied to us from the very beginning. After all, there was an election coming up and Obama had been boasting about how he had “decimated” al qaeda. The truth about Benghazi and his gross mishandling of it just wouldn’t look good. So he did what liberals always do: he changed the facts.

Then there is Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes a 35 year old with a masters degree in fiction writing. Perfect!

At last, Rhodes has found a use for those fiction writing skills, beyond just speech writing for Obama. He’s been the wordsmith behind Obama’s public pro Islam posturing.

Benghazi could have ended very differently if we had some competence in this administration. Hopefully, at least the public is about to find out what really happened. It won’t be pretty.



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