Our kids are being brainwashed and indoctrinated with multiculturalism, socialism, radical environmentalism and collectivism

Nothing is So Blind as a Person with Eyes Who Cannot See

By —— Bio and Archives--August 31, 2008

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In our more informative years, we read a book by Bertrand Russell entitled, “The Will To Doubt”.  Even though he is a hard author to follow (he writes in very long sentences), his words had a profound influence on our thoughts and philosophy and our rising insight.


We started to doubt and question almost anything, especially if it was said by a politician or a preacher, written in a newspaper, magazine or a history book, or expounded by some over-educated professor.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of over-educated professors in America.  Almost as many as there are politicians who have a propensity to lie.  Truth seems to be the first casualty when a person with an agenda opens their mouth to speak, or write, and almost every person has an agenda, including this author.

But our agenda is the foundation of truth.  With all of the prevailing philosophies, positions, propaganda, lies, distortions and biases that are held by millions of people for millions of reasons, we strongly believe that there is an underlying truth.  Thus, we search for the truth and the basis for our writings comes out of that search.

When an idea is put forth, the first thing we do is question it.  In other words our first response is to “doubt” it.  Who was the author of the idea?  What is his background?  Where is he coming from?  What are his biases or agenda?  What is the foundation for his idea?  And finally, does the idea meet the common-sense test?  Such was the idea of man-caused global warming.  From the very beginning of the propaganda, everything in our mind rebelled against the idea that man was somehow causing a run-away heating of the Earth from greenhouse gases.  It definitely did not meet the common-sense test.

Although we are not a trained scientist, we have read well over 100 books on science, in almost every discipline.  Two major scientific principles kept ringing in our ears from the information that was coming out of the United Nations, the scientists that were studying global warming for the UN, and environmentalists with a well-known radical agenda.

First and the most major scientific principle that comes to mind is the fact that trying to predict the weather, even over short periods of time, renders inaccuracies and gross errors.  The reason for this is that trying to predict the future of a non-linear dynamic system, that is loaded with many variables, is an exercise in physics mumbo-jumbo.  Most natural systems, like the weather, are non-linear dynamic occurrences, subject to random and chaotic behavior.  Predicting the random and chaotic behavior of any natural system, including the weather, is subject to knowing every single one of the absolute initial conditions at the start of the prediction and those conditions cannot be known with any degree of accuracy, nor can all of the variables that are used in the prediction be known with sufficient accuracy to render any kind of a believable prediction.  One volcano, an episode of sunspots, an increase in cloud cover, an increase in cosmic ray radiation, changes in ocean currents or the jet stream, a longer winter or summer, or a whole host of minor or major changes in other variables, could throw these so-called scientists’ computer model predictions into the scrap heap within minutes, if not hours, or days.  Perhaps even the flapping of a butterfly’s wings could alter their predictions, as in the well-known butterfly effect.  As the predictions come out of their computer models, they are immediately suspect.

The second scientific principle that destroys the idea of man-caused global warming is simply that CO2 is heavier than air and sinks.  99.9% of all the CO2 emitted by man, or nature, lies in a very narrow band at the surface of the Earth.  Any CO2 that reaches a band in the Earth’s atmosphere that could produce a greenhouse effect is so small as to be virtually negligible and is totally overshadowed by the greatest of all greenhouse gases, water vapor (95%).  Man’s contribution to that so-called greenhouse gas band of CO2 is even more negligible.  And all science shows that what little CO2 increases that do occur in the upper atmosphere, come after warming cycles, not before, as Al Gore was trying to get everyone to believe in his “Inconvenient Truth” movie.  A peddler of lies who received a Nobel Prize for lying.

Even with all the mounting and overwhelming evidence that refutes man-caused global warming, the onslaught and never-ending propaganda, put out by government, the news media and the radical environmental community, has most non-thinking people still believing in this myth.  They continue to believe in it because they refuse to question the “idea”, the authors, their agenda, the real science and whether the idea meets the common sense test.  It doesn’t.

So this led us to the question, why would these folks be promoting a lie?  The answer is simple, control.  Control over every human activity, control over energy, control over land and control over food and water.  Control for the sole purpose of exercising narcissistic, elitist power over people.  All the people.

Another event that people refuse to open their eyes about, is the hyped up, highly manufactured persona of a black man from, let’s see, Indonesia, Kenya, Hawaii, Kansas, Chicago and who knows where else, whose friends include some very unsavory characters with a penchant for running down the United States, or blowing it up as the case may be, and whose writings in his own books reflect who he really is, which is nothing like what is being portrayed on your TV screens, radios and newspapers.  How is it that so many people buy into this false Messiah who “sings songs” of hope and change without substance, much less experience?  Could it be blind men with eyes who cannot “see”?

And still another event that people cannot see, or refuse to open their eyes about, is the Federal government takeover of the public school system curriculum, altering history books and other texts with hidden agendas, social and environmental propaganda and promoting a false image of the American political system.  Right under our noses, our kids are being brainwashed and indoctrinated with multiculturalism, socialism, radical environmentalism and collectivism, making them ready as good, little, non-thinking robots for the upcoming one-world-order, whose parents won’t even know them when they finally finish their schooling.  It was another man with a similar idea in another generation that decided to change a country and a culture by taking over the school system.  That “idea” led to the Second World War and millions upon millions of unnecessary deaths, broken bodies, broken homes, destroyed minds and vastly altered political boundaries.

All around us are myths, distortions and lies, such as what we have just described, that are promoted and promulgated by people with ulterior motives and hidden agendas.  If we do not open our eyes and pierce the veil of the perpetrators and their agendas and look for the truth, we shall surely be the not-so-innocent victims of the snake oil salesman that laughs all the way to the bank from his ill-gotten gains, while you writhe in agony from the contents of his elixir, or lay in chains awaiting your trip to the cell of slavery.

We were given a blue print by the Framers of our Constitution to prevent us from being the victim of the snake oil salesman, the con man, or the politician bearing gifts that are not his to give, or usurping power that is not his to hold.  As the words on the page of that sacred document begin to fade from lack of use, understanding, abuse, misuse, alteration, or misinterpretation, our place in history as a free nation will go the way of all other nations that toyed with freedom and failed.  If those of us who can see, do not open our eyes soon and seek the truth, history will paint us as men without vision, who refused to believe the danger of the approaching tyranny that our eyes and ears warned us about and would not act on what we saw and heard, or acted too late.


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