Dumbing down of an entire nation

Obama Bets the Farm on American Stupidity

By —— Bio and Archives--March 5, 2010

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Decades of entrusting the federal government with our children’s education has led, inevitably, to the dumbing down of an entire nation.  Our public school system has failed to provide the most basic and elementary skills, while at the same time functioning as a ministry of propaganda for left wing causes.  The hijacking of our schools has been going on for decades; we are now experiencing the repercussions.


Only in a thoroughly dumbed down America would Barack Obama’s astonishing ignorance of American history have gone unnoticed.  Only in a thoroughly dumbed down America could Barack Obama have been elected to the presidency in the first place.  A man with no executive experience, deeply disturbing associations, and gaping holes in his history was elevated to the highest office in the land.

Fourteen months into his presidency, with nothing but an ignominious accumulation of failures to show for it, Obama is taking his last stand.  The only way he can overcome this mountain of fiascos is if Americans are every bit as dumb as he thinks they are.

The hill he is willing to die on is the health crimes depredation.  A wildly unpopular proposal-as opposed to an actual bill-that the citizenry has emphatically rejected. 

If Obama can’t sell this heap of garbage, he relegates himself to lame duck status for the next three years

If Obama can’t sell this heap of garbage, he relegates himself to lame duck status for the next three years,  and can forget about getting anything else on his boss’s agenda accomplished.

Our dumbness test is upon us.  Obama’s BFF, Valerie Jarrett,  broke down the Obama game plan for insulting the collective American intelligence:

“Could the Obama administration…write some much simpler booklets on housing foreclosure, on the health care bill…where as a typical person including those in the Tea Party could understand the basics of it? Cause I feel many of them simply don’t.  Do you think that is an analogy?”  (Link)

Yes!  Start speaking more slowly and issue pop-up books and you’ll finally get those ignorant Constitutionalists converted to the cult of Obamanutz to receive the blessings of tyranny.

Obama himself thinks the real reason Americans are seething with white hot rage over his health care malapropism is because he just hasn’t spent enough time talking to us about it. 

Adding insult to insult, Team O is now deploying the craziest of the liberal Left in yet another effort to confound the mindless rubes.  The scheme is to send out such Lefty luminaries as Michael Moore and Doctor Demento Dean to rail against the shortcomings in the health crimes bill(s).  Although his conclusion is correct:  Democrats are disgusting, “documentary” film maker Moore wants us to believe that Obama’s ideas are just too darned mainstream to appease the hysterical Left.

Former presidential candidate, and DNC chairman, the always restrained Howard Dean has been publicly kvetching:

“The plan, as it comes from the Senate, hangs out every Democrat who’s running for office to dry - including the president, in 2012, because it makes him defend a plan that isn’t in effect essentially yet,’ the former physician told ‘The Bill Press Radio Show.’”

Of course this makes no sense, it’s not meant to.  The idea is to convince sane Americans that Howard Dean is opposed to the Obama health care plan as it is written because it will be bad for Democrats; which in our simple minds means the health care plan must be really, really good.

But it’s when the big kahuna himself starts publicly scolding his little jackal that we know something is up.  Unrepentant Nazi collaborator, the normally stealthy George Soros has suddenly taken to spanking Obama in public:  his failure to raise the nation’s deficits and his failure to seize and take over all of the nation’s banks.

We’re supposed to believe that Obama isn’t taking orders from Soros after all.

Andy McCarthy at NRO is on to the ruse.  Quit celebrating Obama’s sudden decision to allow military commissions to try the 9/11 terrorists; it is yet another head fake aimed at cashing in on our perceived stupidity:

“The Washington Post article that Dan posted about last night is a head fake. President Obama is not caving on military commissions. He has already caved on them: He failed (thankfully) to abolish them, Congress enacted legislation endorsing them again in 2009, and the administration has already directed a commission trial for the Cole bombers.”


McCarthy warns that Obama will use his make- believe compromise on the civilian trials as a bargaining chip in exchange for closing Gitmo:

“The real agenda here is to close Gitmo. That’s the ball to keep your eye on. The Post is trying to soften the opposition to shuttering the detention camp by portraying beleaguered, reasonable Obama as making a great compromise that will exasperate the Left. The idea is to strengthen Sen. Lindsey Graham’s hand in seeking reciprocal compromise from our side.”

And what an ideal moment to make this seemingly momentous proclamation about the terrorist trials! Have they got anymore shiny objects to roll in front of us?  Lacking the capacity for original thinking, Obama typically falls back on those old-fashioned Cloward and Piven strategies for keeping us dazed and confused.

Half of America’s voting population really was stupid enough to elect Obama in the first place.  Fourteen months of him have driven plenty of them to become educated.  The Tea Partiers have gained ascendancy by laying bare this administration’s hidden agenda.  Once we were dumb, but we’re getting smarter by the minute.


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