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Obama’s Praetorian Guards!

By —— Bio and Archives--February 8, 2014

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Our puppet dictator is not destroying our republic all by his lonesome.  He is executing the game plan designed by his puppeteers, and promoted and protected by the puppeteer-controlled media, but isn’t there more to this saga, than meets the eye?  Are you familiar with the term, ‘Praetorian Guard’?


The definition of ‘Praetorian’ is, ‘Venal; Corruptible’.  The definition of ‘Venal’ is, ‘Willing to sell one’s influence, especially in return for a bribe; open to bribery; mercenary’.  Combine ‘Praetorian’ with ‘Guard’, and we have a situation in which guards can be corrupted?  Are they corrupted for, or against, the people who elected them to office?

Who, pray tell, could be Praetorian Guards of our puppet dictator?  Could it be that Boehner and McConnell have sold their souls, and our rights and freedoms, to partner with other entrenched establishment elites atop both major political parties, to protect our puppet dictator?  Could Boehner and McConnell have been clandestinely and strategically placed into their positions of leadership, to advance the global elite puppeteers’ agenda against the United States of America, and freedom throughout the world?

Acting as a criminal profiler, one can connect the dots to see why certain things occur and other things don’t occur, to craft an understanding of what is truly happening beyond what we are allowed to see by the global elite puppeteers and their puppeteer-controlled media.  We have, what appears to be, a gutless GOP leadership that has become increasingly docile towards a renegade regime that has grown increasingly hostile against the U. S. citizen/taxpayer, our rights and freedoms, and our constitutional republic.  From a political perspective, this does not make sense, so don’t we need to think outside of the boxes in which the puppeteer-controlled media have confined our thinking?

There is a tendency to focus almost solely upon our puppet dictator for his un-American, anti-American, unconstitutional and non-Presidential actions, but this allows all of the other traitors within the District of Corruption to escape accountability for their actions and non-actions.  With each unilateral and/or unconstitutional action taken by our puppet dictator, shouldn’t there have been a rapid, and equal, corresponding response by GOP leadership to rein him in?  Our puppet dictator could not have been as successful as he has been in destroying our culture, economy and republic without hidden assistance from unlikely sources.

The prevailing ‘wisdom’ is that Baby Doc Boehner and Zipper-lip McConnell cave on almost all of the issues dear to the core of the GOP.  Members of the GOP leadership take a ‘principled’ stand on a handful of lightning-rod issues to assuage specific constituencies of their individual districts or states; this effectively places a political thumb into the electoral dike, preventing a wave of voter backlash against these elected politicians.  What has happened, and is happening, that the members of the entrenched GOP leadership are driving their party’s other thumb deep into the eyes of their party’s core constituency?  These offensive actions are as much actions of omission, as much as they are of commission. 
At some point, hasn’t it crossed your mind that no one as egotistical as both of these vermin are, would cave on so many issues that they profess to support?  What is motivating either of them to cede our rights and freedoms, and participate in the controlled destruction of our constitutional republic, with impunity?  Is it just about the wealth and power they accrue, or is it more sinister than that? 

When was the last time you heard Boehner or McConnell say anything against the Domestic Terrorist Profile, rampant voter fraud, especially within swing-states in 2012, U. N. Agenda 21/un-sustainable Sustainable Development/Smart Growth, Common Core, smart meters, biometrics, Blueways, depopulation, genetically modified foods, jobs (or lack thereof), our moribund economy, the mushrooming costs of utilities that are coming as a result of the outlaw actions of a renegade EPA, the elevation of those here illegally over those who have served within our military, etc., etc., etc.?  In sales, silence implies acceptance, so does their silence on these issues imply acceptance by Boehner and McConnell?  Are they guarding against any of these lightning-rod issues from impacting the important mid-term elections?       

Do you remember the comments made by both Boehner and McConnell, regarding ObamaCare, following the 2012 election?  ‘It’s the law of the land’!  It was as if it was scripted!  Didn’t their comments sound more like a comment a Democrat would make, rather than comments made by the leadership of a ‘principled’ and ‘opposition’ party?

How about the disruptive, untrue, even attacking comments made by members of the GOP leadership within both Houses of Congress against Senators Cruz, Lee and Paul, when they led the charge to delay, if not prevent the deployment of ObamaCare?  Didn’t these leaders sound eerily akin to ‘their esteemed colleagues from across the aisle’?  Where’s my barf bag? 

Also, where were the leading voices within the leadership or body of the GOP in the House, at that time?  Mimes scream louder than the members of the GOP in the House did on this signature issue!  Regardless, if a Representative or Senator was/is for ObamaCare, or against it, another unilateral action by our bully puppet, with pitifully little pushback by members of the GOP leadership, and, shazam, every member of Congress, along with the members of their staffs, has 72% of their expensive premiums paid for by the U. S. taxpayer.  What a great gig, if you can stomach the theft from the U. S. citizen/taxpayer!

Now we have ‘Republicans’ Boehner and McConnell channeling amnesty through both Houses of Congress, while the Democrats sit on the sidelines, quietly cheering on their fellow thugs within the Republican Party.  Baby Doc Boehner has temporarily abandoned the push to ram amnesty through the House, due to the fact that early discussions had begun regarding a potential special leadership election, in the event Boehner continued to advance immigration legislation (code for amnesty) that makes those here illegally, legal. 

The puppeteer-controlled media control the narrative, accusing patriotic citizens of being anti-Hispanic and anti-Latino.  The reality is that patriotic citizens are placing all legal citizens of, and visitors to the United States above those here illegally, without regard to race, creed, color, or country/countries of origin.  Additionally, there is a valid concern about criminals and those who may seek to do harm to our republic from within, with origins from China, North Korea, and Russia.  Considering the challenges Muslims continue to create throughout Europe, and the incremental push for Sharia Law within the United States, our borders must be secured, prior to any discussion of legitimate immigration reform.     

Boehner can’t shepherd the forcing of amnesty through the House if he isn’t Speaker of the House, so he has to perform some political posturing magic to be in a position to resurrect amnesty.  He will need to resort to more of his political kneecapping of fellow Republicans to ‘coerce’ enough Republicans to go against their party’s core constituencies to ram amnesty through under his ‘leadership’.  This is not just treasonous to the Republican Party, but to the republic, as well.

In an election year in which the potential is so great for significant gains by the GOP in the House and Senate, don’t we need to be asking why Boehner and McConnell are acting distressingly akin to Pelosi and Reid?  Doesn’t this expose the myth that we have a true, two-party political system?  Is it easier to understand why you are so frustrated in each election, when you are, with some notable exceptions, forced to choose between the lesser of two evils?

Voters within the 8th District of Ohio and throughout the state of Kentucky can take a major step for our crumbling republic by ousting the Praetorian Guards during their respective primary elections.  They are protecting our bully puppet and advancing the agenda of the globalist elites, at the expense of their own constituents and the citizens of our republic.  The odds are heavily stacked in Boehner’s and McConnell’s favor, but exerting electoral term limits upon them will be a second ‘shot heard ‘round the world’, and an indication that the United States of America will no longer cede our rights and freedoms to globalist elites and their thug, puppet politicians!


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