Feudalism, fascism, socialism and communism are merely distinctions with no difference

One Pleasant Day in Runnymede

By —— Bio and Archives--October 15, 2009

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In the year of 1215 AD, an army of peasants and their tribal leaders, tired of the unbroken history of human abuse at the hands of “Devine Right Rulers” forced King John of England to sign the Magna Carta.  They then forced him to sign and place the Royal Wax seal on fifty copies so all Englishmen would know their rights.  This “Great Charter” was immediately annulled by the Pope.  For the next eight centuries royalist burned every copy they could capture, but today four originals still remain.

“No free man shall be taken or imprisoned or deprived or outlawed or exiled in any way, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.”

This direct quote, along with fifty other covenants, became the basis for Canon Law and seed for the American Bill of Rights.  These great documents then inspired freedom movements around the globe, but today only a small fraction of humanity can claim to have freedom.  Sadly, tyranny never sleeps and Western freedom is under assault from utopians again. 

Feudalism, fascism, socialism and communism are merely distinctions with no difference.  An individual or small group of individuals have complete control of all property and all human activity.  If ever elected, they always rule unopposed.  It is no surprise that there are those who lust for this control. It must be a genetic defect that so many long for or accept this type of rule.  New World Order is just re-branding of Old World Order.

As described in The Strange Tale of Green House Gas Gang, the hypothesis of human caused global warming was proposed by Svante Arrhenius.  This Nobel Laureate was a founding member of the Nobel Committee and member of that committee for 27 years.  He was also a founding member of the State Institute for Racial Biology in Sweden and respected by the eugenicist in the American Progressive Movement and the German NAZI movement.

Within a few years, Knut Angstrom, a rival physist, proved the carbon dioxide warming predictions to be in error by a factor of three.  It is important to view the nineteenth century eugenics movement in context.  Burning of coal for space heating had been a seasonal malady for Europe and New England for a century.  By the mid nineteenth coal powered ships, trains, machinery and the steel mills necessary to construct this industrial system were literally choking these industrial centers.

The Thomas Malthus hypothesis of linear expansion of technology and geometric expansion of population was a common point of discussion by the ruling elite in Western societies.  It is hard to discuss forced sterilization and mass extermination without moral justification.  The false “Global Warming Hypothesis” was embraced for this reason.  The ruling elite could justify killing humanity to save the planet.  Little has changed.

While little changed in the minds of the elite, the freed minds of the Western middle class created internal combustion machines and electronic devices that provided an exponential increase in technology and production.  A far greater number of humans live with a far greater standard of living today than any of the apocalyptic visions of the nineteenth century could imagine. 

The United States National Weather Service provides the official record of climate data from 1,221 nineteenth century styled weather ground stations.  Anthony Watts, at SurfaceStations.org, has provided a shocking analysis of the defects in this data collection system.

In the mid twentieth century few would challenge the government monopoly of a three to five day parcel delivery system.  But one man did, his vision and courage created Federal Express, made over night delivery the norm, and provided a quantum leap in productivity. 

At the dawn of the twenty-first century few would question the government monopoly of weather data collection and prediction.  But one company did.  Feeding defective nineteenth century data into a failed twentieth century math model has provided at most a three-day reliability.  Realizing that airlines, shipping and off shore drilling companies could benefit from better predictions a new business was created.

AirDat, began installing data collection systems in the nose cones of jet planes and gathered continuous streams of data from take off to landing.  Knowing the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and wind speed of 40,000 ft of air mass would provide far greater predictive information than just boundary layer surface stations.  Curiously AirDat does not monitor the CO2 level of the air stream.  With vastly better weather data came vastly better weather predictions.  Improved weather predictions have increased productivity.

Web postings of Dr Linzen of MIT have shown a six-fold magnitude of error in the IPCC current CO2 warming math model.  Meanwhile, Dr Douglass and Dr Robert Knox of University of Rochester have shown that oceans represent 90% of the total heat in the climate system.  Variations in the Pacific Declinational Oscillation using only solar and geothermal factors are a better math model than the IPCC model.

As described in Motive Force for All Climate Change, reactions in the 700,000 cubic miles of fissionable Uranium in the Earth’s core are triggered by waves of solar and galactic particles.  The Earth receives 84 terawatts of solar energy daily and produces currently 60 terawatts of Geo-nuclear energy.  It is the variation in internal heat production that causes all major climate change.

Fables, parables and fairy tales have been useful teaching aids throughout human history.  The fable with the most direct analogy to Human Caused Global Warming is the story of Chicken Little.  A dim-witted chicken at the barnyard fence is hit on the head by an acorn.  A wile fox, outside the fence, convinces him that the sky is falling and that the chickens and ducks must flee.  The fox is then provided with a mixed fowl feast.

In the case of Global Warming, the acorn is played by combustion and it’s byproduct, CO2.  Chicken little is played by the Green Meanies and their scientifically illiterate scribes.  The safe barnyard is played by Western democracies and their freedoms.  The fox is played by the ancient royalists and the new corporate global pirates.  Make no mistake, if we allow the fox to steal our freedom, he will soon be picking our bones.

Film maker, Phelim McAleer has released a new climate documentary film titled, Not Evil, Just Wrong.  Without seeing the film I can disagree with the premise. While the Chicken Littles of the media and the environmental movement may be just wrong, the same cannot be said of the fox.  The masterminds of this hoax know full well the defects of the AGW hypothesis.  They have wasted over $79 billion of public funds promoting this false science.

On October 2, 2009 the Olympic Committee handed President Obama a defeat in Copenhagen.  A week later the loyal progressives and eugenics promoters of Nobel awarded him the Peace Surprise.  Undeserved awards are not without precedence. In 1934 they awarded Enrico Fermi the Physics Prize for isolating Uranium, which he did not do until four years later.  Never mind, Obama needed to be rehabilitated for the upcoming climate summit….in Copenhagen.

In the words of the Worlds First Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”.  We have been lied to about climate change for twenty years.  The puppet masters who have directed this hoax are indeed truly evil.  Humanity has had eight centuries of gradually increasing freedom.  I wonder what the climate is like today at Runnymede.


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The Strange Tale of Green House Gas Gang and Motive Force for All Climate Change are both posted at ClimateRealist.com along with a complete series of articles on the Geo-nuclear climate forcing theory.

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