A Time for Choosing--Did you hear the call?

Only a Scalia II Can Save SCOTUS, and the Country

By —— Bio and Archives--February 19, 2016

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On Saturday, February 13, 2016, the greatest living defender of the United States Constitution died suddenly and unexpectedly. His death plunged our nation into a crisis worthy of comparison to 1941, 1861, and 1775. Those were all crises in which the nation’s survival was at stake. This is another.

Ironically, we find ourselves in a fortunate spot. Just before it is certainly too late, we have been blessed with a wake-up call we must not fail to heed. Justice Scalia, the bulwark of our Constitution which has been the last hope for the country, has died, and in doing so, has given his life to awaken us to our duty.


This is it. This is the reset. The moment of clarity has arrived. The fate of our republic, the fate of this noble experiment, will be decided by January 21, 2017, one way or the other. Know this: There is no tomorrow if we don’t rise up as a people and fix this now. We must take our country back. Here is what must be done.

  • Any supreme court nominee who is anything less than Scalia II must be defeated.
  • The Senate must remain permanently and seamlessly in session until a new president takes the oath of office to prevent a recess appointment.
  • Any Republican presidential candidate who cannot be relied upon to nominate Scalia II even if he is elected must be derailed and defeated now.
  • A presidential candidate who is a strict constitutionalist, and who will nominate Scalia II must be nominated, elected, and sworn into office. The new president must be backed and supported so as to withstand the attacks that will follow.
  • The Senate leadership and majority must be made resolute in their resolve to stand in the breach through this time of ultimate crisis.
  • The Senate and the House of Representatives must remain comfortably in Republican control, with leadership in both who will recognize and fight furiously and continuously for the right side. 
  • When Scalia II has been nominated, he must be confirmed by the Senate in a timely manner. Then other nominees, equal to him, must be nominated and confirmed.
  • The biggest task of all will follow these seven. It will still be up to us, even if we win, to rebuild the country along the lines the Founders intended, and to keep the forces of socialist darkness from ever getting this close to winning again. It must consume our efforts as long as we live.
  • This will be very difficult. Elections are conducted by the states, and we already know that voter fraud is widespread in certain states, and in nearly all large urban areas. The Progressive media will have to be outdone and outshouted while we will have to get our facts and our arguments right every time.

    The time for compromise, for meeting in the middle, for giving the Progressives half of what they want each time is over. We must win it all or we’re lost.

    The forces arrayed against us will not accept defeat easily in this pivotal fight. Thuggish ideologues who have destroyed so much of our culture and heritage are determined to win at all costs, and they nearly have. They hate us for our love of country and for our reverence for the Constitution. They despise the freedoms we cherish. They have no respect for our ancestors or for those we know and remember who gave their service and their lives to defeat national socialism and communistic socialism to deliver these freedoms to us. They will fight like hell. But like François said of Buck in The Call of the Wild, we must fight like two hells.

    If we don’t win on these points this time, it’s all over. We will see the ship of state go down in dark seas, never to be recovered. There will be no excuses, no second chances, no mulligans. Make no mistake, it will be over,

    Now we know what must be done. We must not falter, we must not let up until we have won total victory. Let’s roll!


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    Dr. Bruce Smith -- Bio and Archives | Comments

    Dr. Smith is a retired professor of history and a lifelong observer of politics and world events. He holds degrees from Indiana University and the University of Notre Dame. In addition to writing, he works as a caretaker and transforms properties into retirement havens and retreats. His non-fiction book The War Comes to Plum Street, about daily life in the 1930s and during World War II,  may be ordered from Indiana University Press.

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