Say a prayer for our beloved country, as most indications also have us coming upon the “September of our years."

Our Autumn of Greed and Chaos

By —— Bio and Archives--September 11, 2018

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Our Autumn of Greed and Chaos

“One day you turn around and it’s summer,
Next day you turn around and it’s fall,
And the springs and winters of a lifetime,
What happened to them all?”

—from ‘September of My Years’ written by James Van Heusen, made popular by Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan.

Being born in September, I have always had the privilege of looking at this month as a new beginning, where each year a new numerical designation of my life was assigned. Most years, September comes with the breath of cooler air which inevitably puts a kick in all of our steps, but, unfortunately for me, this year seems different. This year more than any other I can recall, appears to have this unmistakable, mystic cloud in the air that I have finally entered the September of my years, and for all intents and purposes, so has my beloved country, with my need to ask again, “What happened to them all?”


Allow me to begin with “greed” as we take a brief glimpse into the real world around us here in “the Fall of 2018.”

“Greed has taken [over] the entire universe and nobody is worried about their soul.” - Little Richard

Recently, many have written about Nike’s seemingly foolish branding decision to use Colin Kaepernick as their spokesman with the quote, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” Some go on to describe the targets as young urban blacks, and/or anti-American leftists calling it a tone-deaf marketing plan. Although, possibly true to a small extent, they are missing the major greed-obsessed reason for using Kaepernick in this timely campaign and that the enemy of their corporate greed is President Donald J. Trump. 

Actually, a vote of gratitude should be forthcoming to Nike, for which you will soon see, has now allowed us to shine the bright light of truth on their back-alley deals of dark-money within their latest greed-driven manufacturing strategy.

Nike is far from alone, and using my unscientific guesstimate makes them less than 5% of the apparel industry, but for our purposes let’s use a few pixels in our full screen digital picture as we will attempt to bring into focus a vision of what is actually going on behind their suspected secret curtain of bribes, payoffs, and hush-money into so many pockets and offshore accounts in their game of money, power and greed.

Today’s Nike example is more about the depth of totality of global corporate corruption and greed within the cabal known as the deep state or swamp, and how there are literally trillions of dollars at stake.

As most are well aware, Nike began in the early ‘60s selling running shoes at track meets in Portland, Oregon out of the trunks of cars, to become today a globalist conglomerate with geopolitical and massive financial instruments in international trade agreements, with special attention to those apparel manufacturing agreements/multi-year contracts with Communist China.

And, based in essence on Nike’s arrogance, greed and in-turn total disregard for the American people, the truth can now finally be revealed. President Trump, who is fully aware of the schemes as his MAGA agenda moves forward, and coincidently on the exact day that the Nike campaign rolled out, Trump was preparing to ‘roll out’ an additional $200 billion in the third round of Chinese tariffs.

These trade wars were unexpected and ill-timed for a weakened Chinese economy whose stock market is down 25%, but perfectly timed for President Donald-Art-of-the-Deal-Trump. These new tariffs will include all Chinese apparel exports, which could be an enormous financial threat to Nike’s sales and/or their overall business plan. Nike will easily ignore the loss of American’s protesting by burning their shoes, but with a 25% Chinese tariff in place they could once again find themselves selling their ‘America Great Again’ running shoes out of car trunks in Portland.

If only Nike’s greed ended there it would be bad but, unfortunately, as Eartha Kitt once said, “Greed is destructive. It destroys everything.” And, because greed knows no boundaries, or borders, the real truth is that China has been subcontracting across its southern border through the city of Dandong with North Korea for two cents on the yuan. Your very cool Nike Swoosh shoes and apparel are being made in the inhumane-16-hour-a-day-hellhole-sweatshops of the DPRK, and then having the ‘Made In China’ label on them as the finished products cross back into China. Greed always finds a way and to hell with our trade embargo with North Korea.

China has officially joined the ranks of the Never Trump cabal, promising Nike to offset their potential loss in US sales for promoting the despicable Kaepernick, if it helps in making President Trump look bad, with the potential assistance to his impeachment. Other apparel companies like Levis Strauss have chosen to promote the anti-Trump gun control message as their way of receiving the Hate-Trump-Stamp-of-Approval for profits and greed. Trump bad. China good. See how that works.

So, there you have it, with a new addition to the list of things you don’t want to see being made: a bill in congress, sausage and now of course, Nike shoes.

From this day forward, when you see the Nike swoosh – anywhere - on a baseball player’s collar, on the side of a tennis player’s shoe, please think of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, because that’s what that logo should now mean to every American-loving citizen. Oh, and duct tape over their logo is a less expensive protest than burning your shoes.

There is little time/space to get into how many billions of dollars are passed from hand-to-hand by the US Chamber of Commerce, Nike and hundreds of similar apparel manufacturer’s lobbyists, K-Street attorneys, and gofers who payoff the politicians for their mums-the-word stance as long as the covert North Korean machine keeps rolling out the apparel - to hell with where we get ‘em from. There are trillions at stake - which is one of the major reasons why they all hate President Trump and his America First agenda.

Chaos is a major ingredient in much of what I have described above but allow me a few closing comments that go directly to the chaos being purposely created by our demonic enemy across-the-aisle.

The demonic Democrats love to hate because it is such an easy emotion to pass from one person to the next, which eventually can be spread amongst the ignorant mob like wild fire, as in: WE HATE HIM! YOU HATE HIM TOO, RIGHT? Okay, we’ll even pay you to hate him, for us.

And, while we are winding down the first week of September comes their hateful-rapid-fire Bob Woodward’s antagonistic book of questionable quotes from insiders President Trump’s Chief of Staff, John Kelly alegedly saying, “He is an idiot” using any words that will disparage Trump in the eyes of the people. Immediately followed, as if there was a resistance-sequence of rolling out these events, came the anonymous NYTimes article from a ‘Senior WH insider’, and right on script comes the hate-spewing Barack Osama telling any fool who would listen, that HE was responsible for our 4% GDP growth. All the while the demonic Dems, with no tools in their bag to stop him, use hate, mockery and depravity of the likes of race-card-playing-Cory Booker, as they know that Kavanaugh is a lock to be confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice.

As I’ve written before, at the rate we are presently going, will our beloved country even make it to November? And, should we win in November, are you prepared for how the demonic Dems will retaliate? Think about it.

A note to President Trump: We are in desperate need of creating our own chaos for the demonic Dems, which you can easily do by declassifying the Carter Page FISA warrants, and let the real who-done-it battles begin.

In closing, please stop and say a prayer for the safety of our President Donald J. Trump, to keep him safe from all the crazies.  Also say a prayer for our US Marines in the front line.  And, finally say a prayer for our beloved country, as most indications also have us coming upon the “September of our years.”


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He and his wife Pat, now of 50 years, are the proud parents of two children and six grandchildren. Fredy prays daily for the safety of our President Donald J. Trump, for our Armed Forces, for our Police Officers and especially for our country during this extremely volatile period of time in our nation’s history, and he asked if you would take a minute to pray together with him. Thank you.

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