Obama's scandals are the result of running roughshod over the American people and the Constitution

Outside the Gates

By —— Bio and Archives--May 20, 2013

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Nobody drowned or died at Watergate. Nor was the First Amendment done away with. It’s time to quit referring to the White House’s current plethora of scandals as “Gates”.


There is no Benghazi Gate. Watergate was a bungled break in. The Obama administration’s current round of scandals shouldn’t be diminished by comparisons to something as relatively trivial as Watergate.

An American ambassador and three courageous Americans died at Benghazi and we still don’t have the slightest idea where the Commander in Chief was during the eight hour fire fight. We don’t know who gave the stand down orders to special forces operators who could have gotten to the scene in time to save lives.

Our genius Attorney General sold guns to drug cartels in the asinine Fast and Furious debacle. He’s yet to be held accountable for the death of a Border Patrol agent as an entirely foreseeable result of such folly.

We do know that Obama’s IRS unleashed the full force of its wrath on Americans applying for non profit status who used subversive terms like “patriot”. The deeper the investigation goes, the worse it gets. Individuals who were guilty of absolutely nothing were terrorized by the IRS in an effort to prevent the formation of groups that might oppose Obama in the 2012 election. In other words, the IRS dedicated itself to voter suppression.

The Obama administration has even turned like a poorly bred Doberman on its very best friends. So far, we know that no less than 20 AP reporters have had their phone records seized, allegedly to look for leakers. The Washington Post is reporting that Fox News’ James Rosen had his email hacked, phone calls traced and State Department key card tracked. This is KGB behavior. We know the president is no fan of Fox News, but the First Amendment applies even to networks which allow conservatives to talk.

None of this is Gate behavior. Obama’s scandals are the result of running roughshod over the American people and the Constitution.


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