Mr. Ryan has taken a cue from Mr. Obama's petulance

Paul Ryan: Democrat’s beard 2.0

By —— Bio and Archives--May 9, 2016

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“A Reagan nomination and the crushing defeat likely to follow could signal the beginning of the end of our party as an effective force in American life.” - Sen. Chuck Percy (R-IL) in 1975

“I’m not there right now [in supporting presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump]... [T]his is all pretty new for us.” - House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) in 2016

Actually, this outcome shouldn’t be. For months through voting and primary results, the People have spoken their displeasure to the Republican establishment most clearly. Yet, this highest-ranking elected Republican—supposedly at the nexus of the GOP—is surprised by unconventional Trump’s ascendance? It’s no surprise to anyone who actually works for a living—and doesn’t breathe the rarefied air of the beltway bubble.

When Mr. Ryan rubber stamped the progressives’ 2 trillion dollar budget, did he think the rest of us were not watching and keeping track? He exposed his true colors then, for what he is: a fresh-faced Judas; a spendthrift creature of Washington elitism. Now, this insulated power-broker contents himself to publicly withhold his political consent regarding who is acceptable to his employers, We the People?

Mr. Ryan said, “The bulk of the burden on unifying the party will have to come from our presumptive nominee.” Recall, the character of this “leader” who makes nice with good ol’ boy Democrats. Specifically, in his first speech as House Speaker Mr. Ryan called for a “clean slate” with progressive proponents of Mr. Obama’s anti-American fascism. What gives this “representative” pipsqueak the right to undermine the voters’ choice, to try to manipulate Mr. Trump into a figure more to his liking?

A newsflash to Mr. Speaker: Mr. Trump is not going to conform to his business-as-usual persona. Indeed, Ryan’s behavior has been a betrayal, a thumb in the eye to true conservatives who actually believe in limited government and financial responsibility. The American people have already gotten their fill of hypocritical lip service from every facet of the Obama Administration. Though publicly cowed by anti-First Amendment political correctness, the Silent Majority at the ballot box has turbocharged Mr. Trump’s candidacy. Mr. Ryan is foolish to make unnecessary waves now. His action demonstrates he’s so out of touch, he doesn’t recognize Donald Trump’s success for what it is: a universal vote of no-confidence to the powers-that-be in both political parties. Specifically in Mr. Ryan’s case, this circumstance is a stern rebuke of entrenched Republicans like himself for failed leadership during Mr. Obama’s regime.

“I’m not there right now” says this pissant who has forgotten he is elected representative of the People? (Apparently, Mr. Ryan has taken a cue from Mr. Obama’s petulance. The president has also refused to read the sheet music (read: radical Islam)). However, as Republicans are held to standards (while Democrats get a MSM free pass for everything), the House Speaker has the choice to quickly dance to Mr. Trump’s new drumbeat or face the music in 2017. Indeed, his above statements are more tail wagging the dog stuff—typical of the doublespeak that has characterized the disastrous Obama years.

Furthermore, Paul Ryan is on the wrong side of history. There has been a robust, fair, albeit petty GOP contest. While he is entitled to his private opinion, anything less than full, outspoken support for America’s Republican nominee is more betrayal: de facto support of a Hillary Clinton presidency (and its significance, an Obama third term). Mr. Ryan has the temerity to pay empty homage to Ronald Reagan, but would impede the path of the best option available to (hopefully) emulate the Gipper? Recall, before Ronald Reagan became a lionized standard-bearer (Ryan: “This is the party of Lincoln, of Reagan, of Jack Kemp. And we don’t always nominate a Lincoln and a Reagan every four years, but we hope that our nominee aspires to be Lincoln and Reaganesque…”) , he was like Trump—a political upstart. Historically, against Gerald Ford, a sitting U.S. president, this second term CA governor (1971 - ‘75), also met harsh resistance from Washington Republicans. How is Mr. Trump’s icy reception by elitists like Mr. Ryan in 2016 any different than the hostile treatment Mr. Reagan received in 1975? (Hint: there is no difference.)

Paul Ryan protested greatly that he didn’t want the Speakership. In retrospect, when a politician doesn’t want a job that person should be taken at their word. If he isn’t willing to get with the program, he’s dead weight and should resign. Per Gallup from January to April, the average approval rate of Congress is just 15%. That’s largely due to many years of Republicans acting indistinguishable from big government, tax-and-spend progressives. Beyond any other consideration, the citizenry doesn’t want more of the same. So the presidential contest boils down the ultimate, corrupt insider versus a carnival barker outsider. The correct choice for America couldn’t be more obvious.

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Unbound by ties to party as any standard politician—already world famous, powerful and economically incorruptible as a self-made billionaire—The Donald is a new solution by the People to the left’s pervasive lies and widespread corruption. Trump’s genius of running a successful insurgency campaign within the GOP umbrella is an experiment, as will be his unpredictable ministrations. Yet, his focus of keeping geo-political foes off balance, finally securing the southern border and nurturing capitalism (read: private sector job creation) will revitalize the republic by returning America to firm footing. And given Mr. Trump’s well-established brand of bareknuckle politics, there is no doubt he not tolerate further Republican do-nothing naval gazing. Or Democrats’ ultra-constitutional wrongdoing. Looking forward, I suspect he will be above squabbling, traditional politician infighting. Moreover, I believe the Free World will discover a surprisingly steady hand at this country’s rudder during these most treacherous and uncertain times. That’s precisely why Mr. Trump’s the right person for U.S. president in 2016.

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