Foolhardy advocacy for the environment over people

Pelosi’s Quandary: Jobs or Cross-eyed Mosquitoes?

By —— Bio and Archives--December 6, 2008

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Until now, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been adamant in insisting that funds from a $25B package intended for making automobiles more environmentally friendly NOT be used to help bail out the auto industry.


With her crazy liberal perspective, Pelosi has consistently favored the needs of insects and polar bears over hard-working Americans who need jobs.

However, with the Big Three motoring toward bankruptcy while dragging the United Auto Workers (UAW) union in tow, Pelosi has seemingly had a change of heart and has dropped her foolhardy advocacy for the environment over people.

And why not? After all, except in San Francisco, cross-eyed Mosquitoes cannot vote!


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John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal. “Clean and sober” since 1992 when last he voted for a Democrat. For years, John lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, the very liberal sanctuary city which protects, rather than prosecutes, certain favored criminals.  John escaped the Bay Area in May and now lives in Pine Grove California where conservative values are still in vogue.

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