Petraeus IED’d in the House

By —— Bio and Archives--September 11, 2007

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As we commemorate the sixth anniversary of 9/11/01, Washington Democrats prove just how far they are willing to go to politicize a war that must defend America against events worse that 9/11…

Shamelessly foolish comes to mind, in describing the childish behavior of Democrats throughout the mission to protect and defend America from another 9/11 or worse.

Their behavior in the Petraeus House hearing was just more of the same partisan politicking that we have come to expect (and accept) from these fools. When will enough be enough?

Repeatedly attacking all previous military leadership, from the Commander-in-Chief and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, to the Joint Chiefs and commanders in the field, down to every Marine or Guardsman in combat around the globe, Democrats have worked diligently for six years now, to undermine them all.

After assassinating the character of many good men, on January 26, 2007, the Senate voted to confirm new leadership for the Iraq mission. The respect and complete comfort with their chosen leader, General Petraeus, was overwhelming. The Senate voted unanimously to confirm Petraeus, 81 Yea - 0 Nay. Senator after Senator, both sides of the aisle, stated their support for this man. 

19 did not vote at all, - 7 Democrats and 12 Republicrats. But not one Senator opposed the confirmation of Petraeus. They all believed in this man.

Included in the Yea votes were - Joe Biden - Hillary Clinton - Christopher Dodd - Dick Durbin - Chuck Hagel - Teddy Kennedy - Barack Obama - Harry Reid - Chuck Schumer.

Today, on the sixth anniversary of 9/11/01 - Petraeus will sit before these people (to use the term loosely) and deliver his official report to the Senate. The respect and confidence Democrats had in this man eight months ago, when they voted to confirm Petraeus, will not be present today.
#  Not because he has not done what was asked of him,
# not because he has not led with honor and distinction,
# not because he has not accomplished via the surge, that which even Democrats claim to desire, progress in Iraq

But instead, because Petraeus did do all of these things and this does not suit the Democrat political agenda…

The Democrat political agenda requires complete failure in Iraq and in the broader War on Terrorism. We simply MUST lose in Iraq to advance the Democrat political agenda. Nothing is more important to Democrats.

As you watch the senate hearing today, listen to those Democrats who voted without hesitation to confirm General Petraeus eight short months ago. 

They are the same Democrats who voted to authorize the military liberation of Iraq on no less than three separate occasions, and have called it “Bush’s War” every day since.

These people dishonor every American, every soldier and every victim of 9/11 - and why the people tolerate this behavior from any politician is beyond me…

As you watch today, remember the January Senate votes… Remember the glowing statements of support for General Petraeus a short eight months ago.

Realize that the Iraq surge under Petraeus has indeed worked and that this is what Democrats don’t like about Petraeus today! He is not bringing word of the defeat they must have in Iraq. He is bringing word of real progress in Iraq.

How any American can stomach this overt display of politically motivated hogwash is beyond me. It can only be interpreted as evidence that many Americans place politics ahead of national survival, hypocrisy ahead of heroism and hate ahead of honor and service with distinction.

Petraeus performed magnificently before an onslaught of attacks from House Democrats. He will perform well under pressure again today. But at some point, there must be severe consequences for elected officials who insist upon siding with America’s enemies.

Thank you for your impeccable service to this great nation, General Petraeus. You indeed serve with honor and distinction.

May God bless you and every soldier under your command. May God also bring those responsible for 9/11, those planning even worse, and those in the halls of congress who work to undermine our defense efforts, to swift justice!

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