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Playing Race Cards in a Brave New World

By —— Bio and Archives--October 18, 2008

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I’m interested in the truth, not in slander.  I have been alarmed by a number of comments purportedly made by Senator Obama, only to find that many of these comments have been taken out of context, miss-quoted, miss-attributed, or are outright fabrications.  That is not to say that Obama has not said and done things that alarm me, but to assure you that I do my best to ensure that any quotes that I use in my articles are indeed factual.


In regard to racism let me start with a disclaimer: I neither endorse, use, or recommend racism in any way, shape, or form.  I don’t like white racism; I don’t like black racism; I don’t like Asian or Native American racism.  I don’t like racism, period.

I’ll start examining the “race card” issue by discussing a lame variant known as “recompense.”  “Recompense”, also called “racial reparation,” springs from the idea that black Americans should be financially compensated for the pain and misery inflicted on their slave ancestors.  There are quite a few people who are very serious about all this.

Speaking for myself, I was born in 1951, not 1851, and I haven’t had a friggin’ thing to do with enslaving anybody—ever.  You can’t lay a guilt-trip on me, because I have no guilt – the inherent vileness of slavery has been a part of my consciousness for my entire adult life.  During the slavery era in America, my ancestors were over in Ireland trying not to starve.  Let me add that I have yet to meet a black person who was around when the Emancipation Proclamations were announced back in 1862-1863.  Such a person does not exist. 

Here’s an idea.  All the blacks (and whites) that are so concerned with slavery can save up their money and help buy back all the blacks enslaved by the Muslims in Sudan.  I’m talking slavery right now—today!  These poor people have real grievances. 

If the folks who want “recompense” are truly outraged by the evils of slavery, and not just seeking a free handout, then they should contact Christian Solidarity International (CSI).  CSI has been instrumental in buying thousands of black Christian slaves from the Muslims, and freeing them.  May God bless their efforts. 

Let me now highlight some relevant facts about the various races.

I have known wonderful people, even saintly people, from all the races, but it’s ridiculous to say that all black people are wonderful, or all white people, etc.  If you believe in the unblemished wonderfulness of any race, then you need to get out more.  Mix it up and mingle.  And as you embark on your search for jerks, idiots, and morons; keep in mind that they come in all sizes, genders, and races.  All races. 

So, and here’s the point, because all of the races are such a mix of good and bad people, with good and bad ideas, intentions, etc., it doesn’t make any logical sense to throw a blanket of condemnation, or approval, over any race.  It’s illogical to the point of craziness.

Yet that’s what is happening when someone plays the “race card.”  People who play the “race card” have a pathological intolerance for anyone of a different race then theirs, challenging anyone from their race.  As if the “race card” player’s race were composed only of angels sent from above.

For a black person to claim that disagreeing with Obama is racist, is racism at its sly and cunning best (or worst, if you prefer).  To call any criticism of Obama racist is, of course, duplicitous racism in its own right.  It’s an attempt to muzzle legitimate concerns by claiming that a white questioner is oppressing a black candidate merely by asking a probing question, or disagreeing.  And that’s bull#$&%, pure, unmitigated, unadulterated and dangerous bull#$&%.

Faithful readers (Hi, mom) will remember that I promised in a previous article to forebear from any scatological references in the future, hence my last sentence didn’t end up where it was headed, but I’ll assume you caught my drift.

Questioning a political candidate of a different race than yours isn’t racism; it’s a right – a right that we damn well better use.  The “racial card” is a losing hand that encourages intolerance, shackles free speech, and insults our intelligence.

You want some racism, real racism? 

“America is a country of rich white people, who have gotten that way through the sweat of us black people.  Their answer to us is to create more drugs to addict our children, build bigger prisons, force us into unlivable ghettos….When these white folks sing God Bless America, I say God Damn America!  Because He does—Our Lord hates America.  God Damn America.”

That, of course, is Jerimiah ”God Damn America” Wright – Obama’s spiritual advisor for 20 years.  If you want to verify the quote, then check out any of the various “Wright rant” videos on the Internet.

Do you get a sense of carefully nurtured “victim-hood” from Wright’s quote?  A welfare state mentality of, “I’m a victim, and you owe me?”  Of a total lack of self-responsibility; that it’s always “their” fault, and never yours?  Of tearing down others, rather than building yourself up?  Of hate and rage directed towards the white race and America? 

I certainly get that sense, and it concerns me deeply that Obama has ties with people like Wright and Farrakhan.  I’d be an idiot not to be concerned

Believe it or not, I like the idea of a black POTUS – I would like to see a qualified black candidate.  That qualified black candidate is not Obama.  I admire his poise, intelligence and oratory skills, but I wouldn’t buy a used car from him.  I don’t believe I’d buy a used tricycle from him.  If I shook hands with him, I’d count my fingers afterwards to make sure none had been redistributed.

To me, he’s a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” who, if elected, will take the United States so far to the left it’ll make the Clinton Administration look like the Nazi Bundestag.

The bottom line is, I don’t trust Obama.  I don’t trust what he says.  I’m convinced that he plays to the audience, and tells them what he thinks they want to hear. 

Meanwhile keeping hidden his real agenda that he’ll unleash when in Office.  I don’t think that even the Democrats, or most Democrats, appreciate the vast scale of the changes in store for this country if Obama is elected.

I don’t trust his connections with Ayers and his wife; I don’t trust his connection with radical Marxist Raila Odinga; I don’t trust his connection with Monsour, or Wright, or Farrakhan, or Rezco, Khalidi, Davis and Auchi.  There are way too many unexplained shady connections; too many Marxist proclivities; too many “Present” votes that leave me with no idea of his real agenda; too many lies, and way too little time in office to ascertain his true loyalties and ideology.

I don’t trust him to fight an aggressive war against fanatical anti-Western Islamic militants.  I don’t trust him in regard to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, or the Castros in Cuba.  I don’t trust his lack of real-world experience.  I don’t trust him to straighten out the economy, and I sure as hell don’t trust him with my wallet.

These aren’t racist remarks – these are vitally important, legitimate concerns.

If Obama wins the election, then I’ll “bet the bank” that taxes skyrocket.  The United States will almost certainly be transformed into a Marxist Socialist society, and you can wave goodbye to the United States of America as a powerful beacon of hope and freedom.  There will be no government controlled by checks and balances, and only a vapid shadow of true capitalism.

I have serious doubts about the survival of free speech and honest elections under an Obama/Democratic regime.  Look at what Obama’s pet PAC, ACORN, has done already.  The concerns about ACORN are not some racist, right-wing alarmist’s pipedream.  The hand-in-glove collusion between ACORN and Democratic officials is glaringly obvious and ongoing.  Look at the voter fraud in Ohio – only one of the many states where ACORN is making a mockery of free elections. 

Are you aware of how much of your tax dollars were allocated to ACORN as part of the bailout package?  $625,000,000,000

It’s happening fast; it’s happening now, and it’s happening right before our eyes. People are so concerned over the economy; so disillusioned with the Republican Bush Administration, so weary and wary of incumbent politicians, that most people don’t even see it.  Yet.

This week, the school system in Racine, Wisconsin has issued new literature books to their students – the books contain 15 pages of glowing tributes to Obama.  There is no mention of President Bush, Senator McCain, or Hillary Clinton.  Why should there be – they aren’t “The One.”

Welcome to the Brave New World.  Change indeed.


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