There's nothing else we can do for them, and it's the most powerful thing anyone can do

Pray for Las Vegas, unceasingly

By —— Bio and Archives--October 2, 2017

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Often when tragedy or evil strikes, there’s a lot we can do with our hands and feet (and wallets) to help. That is not the case with the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas last night. What’s done is done, and while we have more than 200 injured people who will need care and compassion as they heal from the gunshot wounds inflicted on them last night, it’s sadly too late to help the 50-some people who lost their lives.

We know about the darkness in people’s hearts, but it’s still stunning when we see it manifest in such a terrifying manner as it did last night.

There are people who get angry with God at a moment like this, demanding to know why He would allow such evil to take place, and so many people to suffer and lose their lives because of it. But moments like this are when we have to remember that evil represents the rejection of God by people, not God’s will to allow it. I don’t pretend to know why God allows some people to perish in situations like this and saves others, but I do know that He is sovereign and that no one has the right to his intervention. We sadly live in a world that loves darkness, and the result of that is pain and death. When He spares us we should be grateful. We don’t have the right to demand it.

And that’s why prayer is the single most powerful thing we can do now for Las Vegas, not to mention being our only real option. Pray for the families of the dead. Pray for the injured. Pray for everyone who was there and suffered trauma. Pray for the investigators trying to work this all out. Pray for the pastors who are ministering to people in the midst of all this. Pray for that community to have the veil of spiritual darkness lifted from it.

And pray the same for our entire country. We’re divided and pointing fingers at each other needlessly, and that sort of atmosphere helps to foment situations like this.

God help Las Vegas. Indeed, God help us all.

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