In the spirit of zero transparency: Maybe TD Bank, Manulife, Suncor, Enbridge, Telus and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers just love to give money to liberal causes with no idea where it ends up

President Barack Obama in Toronto to Raise Millions for Liberal Slush Fund

By —— Bio and Archives--September 29, 2017

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The former president of the United States, Barack Obama is expected to out-do his June appearance in Montreal as he packed a hall with over 6,000 guests. On Friday, September 29th Obama will speak at lunchtime where he will be raising millions of dollars for Canada 2020, a think-tank closely tied to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party.  Canada’s big corporations are stepping up to the plate, buying tables and sponsoring the event.  The question is where do these millions go and who benefits?

You would think the Liberal party would have learned its lesson with the Adscam sponsorship scandals that drove them from power last decade, but no.  Here we go again with massive amounts of money going to close friends and an organization so close to the Liberal Party it is hard to determine where one stops and the other starts.

The recipient of Obama’s good grace is a not-for-profit organization, Canada 2020.  It is led by Justin Trudeau’s childhood friend and colleague Thomas Pitfield. Thomas grew up with Trudeau as his father Michael worked along side Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Thomas was Justin’s chief digital strategist during the election and now runs Liberalist, the party’s database.  It even gets closer as Thomas is married to the President of the Liberal Party, Anna Gainey. Pitfield travelled to Washington for Trudeau’s first state visit last year, hosting one of his events. Trudeau even brought Pitfield on his infamous New Year’s Eve party trip to the Aga Khan’s Bahamian Island.

Pitfield founded Canada 2020 ten years ago and Trudeau has spoken at his events several times.  The self described progressive think-tank even rented office space to the Party.  As the money flowed back and forth the Liberal Government gave in-kind support to Pitfield’s conference and a contract with a $22,000 payout.

In the spirit of zero transparency, Trudeau’s friends and colleagues at Canada 2020 have refused repeated requests to disclose their financial statements.  It does leave the mind wondering, do those big corporations get favours and access in return for their massive donations?  Or maybe TD Bank, Manulife, Suncor, Enbridge, Telus and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers just love to give money to liberal causes with no idea where it ends up.

It is reported that Obama will take over a half a million Canadian dollars himself, but if Trudeau and his buddies conduct a repeat sponsorship performance, Obama may find that these dollars aren’t worth it.

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Dr. Charles McVety is president of Canada Christian College in Toronto, Executive Producer, of film Besieged, Democracy Under Attack besieged.tv, and Word.ca

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