Mr. Obama’s incessant abasement of America, Send in the FBI

Profiles in Cowardice:  Obama Rolls Over Again

By —— Bio and Archives--April 9, 2009

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When I was a little girl, my parents told me I was very lucky to be an American.  They explained that I had the good fortune of being able to travel anywhere in the world that captured my interest when I grew up.  Nobody, anywhere, would harass an American.  We had proven our resolve in World War II; everyone knew Americans were unyielding.


For the first time in over 200 years, a United States merchant ship has been hijacked by pirates.  The Maersk Alabama was seized by Somalis while on a mission to deliver relief supplies to Kenya.  Such attacks are hardly a rare event on the high seas off of Somalia.  The terrorists’ motivation is to extort ransom money in exchange for hostages.  It’s been an enormously successful project for the terrorists.  Our Commander in Chief responded by sending the FBI.

The Somali Republic, a Muslim country, gained independence from Britain in 1960 but has deteriorated into a hell hole of killing, enslavement, and starvation.  With no functioning government, the Bush administration declared Somalia to be a terrorist haven.  The United States sent troops in 1992, ordered by President George H.W. Bush, to send humanitarian aid in hopes of saving the Somalis from starvation.  Bill Clinton’s disastrous superintendence of the Somali operation helped embolden radical Islam and dishonored the United States as well as the troops who lost their lives due to the former president’s ineffectuality.  News of America’s newfound weakness was cheered by al Qaeda and other terrorist mobs.

The Maersk’s captain, Richard Phillips surrendered himself to the terrorists in exchange for the safe release of his crew.  Nobody who knows the father of two seems surprised by Captain Phillips’ heroism.  The valiant crew of a mere twenty men fought off the terrorists who were heavily armed.  Barack Obama cannot even begin to understand this kind of American lion heartedness. 

President Obama just returned from his degrading apology tour in Europe and Turkey, which has been hailed by the mainstream press as triumphant; but, during which he accomplished almost none of the items on his agenda.  Unless his real agenda was to convince the world that America is no longer a super power, but has deteriorated into an effete socialist state. 

Islamolunatic, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is celebrating Iran’s success in running 7000 uranium enrichment centrifuges.  Nuclear weapons are central to Ahmedinejad’s plan to bring about the end of the world in a blazing conflagration which is, apparently, the correct protocol for summoning the 12th imam.  Barack Obama wants to sit down and have a talk with these loons.  Joe Biden has warned Israel not to consider an attack on Iran.

North Korea launched a missile over Japan, in utter defiance of the United States.  Barack Obama called for nuclear disarmament, volunteering the US to go first.  He is concerned that missile defense would offend our enemies and make them feel like we don’t trust them.  Barack Obama is waiting for the UN to issue a resolution scolding North Korea.

In 1975, just nine months into his administration, the late President Gerald Ford took military action to resolve a hostage crisis.  Less than two weeks after the fall of Saigon, Naval forces of the Khmer Rouge hijacked the US merchant ship, SS Mayaguez off of Cambodia’s southern coast and captured the 40 man crew.  When the UN, strangely enough, failed to act, President Ford sent in the Marines.  “It’s a strong naval tradition in the United States that when a ship comes under attack, that you’re really attacking the United States”, said marine General James L. Jones.

Our current president sent law enforcement.  The US Navy is standing watch as the Captain and hostages are adrift in a lifeboat.  It quickly became obvious that this administration, learning nothing from Clinton’s failures, is going to treat this act of terrorism as a law enforcement matter.  In fact, Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that he has not yet decided whether to “prosecute” the pirates. 

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, displaying yet again her legendary incompetence, laughed about the incident when asked about it in Morocco, along with providing the traditional leftist blather about the world having to work together to solve the pirate problem.  One can only imagine how Captain Phillips’ family and friends felt hearing Hillary cackle about their loved one’s ordeal.  The administration’s cowardly message is unambiguous:  this depraved act of terror against United States citizens is to be treated as a criminal act

Lapdog reporter, Steve Holland at Reuters called the hostage crisis an “annoying distraction for Obama.”

Barack Hussein Obama’s friends in the UAE have concocted their own theory as to why Obama is so incompetent:  he’s just too talented!  Obama is just too smart, too introspective and too talented to be a good crisis manager.  It’s all falling into place now. 

John Kerry, in his never ending struggle to be relevant, came up with the inane idea of holding Pirate Hearings.  Can’t see how that could fail.  I vote we let Senator Kerry serve the Pirate Subpoenas.

When asked by reporters about the terrorist act, the current president responded with the plainspoken courage we expect:  hey guys, we’re talking about housing now.  Translation:  the pirate stuff wasn’t downloaded into his teleprompter.

A family member of Captain Phillips told Fox News that the family has no objection to the use of military force and that the government has failed to be tough enough with pirates; ransoms should never have been paid.

Confirming that a blind squirrel really does find an acorn now and then, Vice President Joe Biden would appear to have been right when he admonished us to gird our loins because the world would test the new president.  Rather than a single incident, we are seeing an endless series of tests and the president is failing every one. 

When attacked, a dog will sometimes roll over and offer up his throat to the more dominant dog in hopes of fending off a serious attack.  The weaker dog is signaling a willingness to be dominated which sometimes diffuses the stronger dog’s need to prove his mettle.  It works with dogs who are socialized and are not hard core dog fighters.  It won’t work with genetically defective dogs, or dogs afflicted with rabies, which should clarify why Obama’s foreign policy can’t succeed.

Mr. Obama’s incessant abasement of America, along with his bowing and scraping to our enemies is coming precariously close to the exemplification of offering aid and comfort to our enemies.


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