Progressivism attacks our constitution, the people and our freedom, Progressivism is evil and must be fought and overcome

Progressivism – the face lift of Communism

By —— Bio and Archives--September 15, 2011

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For well over 100 years, big and central Government fans have railed against freedom, states rights and human rights.  Many of us middle-aged types remember growing up with the fear of a nuclear exchange between us and the dreaded Communist Russia.


There was no way that controlling monster would ever be brought down, so we lived in danger and the ‘cold war.’  Then the seeming impossible happened.  After the wishy washy Jimmy Carter practically ruined our country while being stuck with 21% interest rates,  a miracle happened.  Ronald Reagan was elected and had a bold and strong vision for America.  He was not timid or afraid to confront evil.  You saw it.  The Berlin wall came down and Communist Russia disbanded.

What do you think happened to all the ‘big Government’ addicts of control?  Did they just enfold themselves and their money into freedom for the masses?  Sadly,  not.

In fact,  they have only gotten more funded,  more organized, sneakier and changed their name many times while you weren’t looking.  In fact,  the term Communism has the ring now of a ‘a fossil’  a museum piece.  You almost sound paranoid and fringe to even talk about the dangers of communism.  Certainly to talk about the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism renders you mentally ill.  You are an Islamaphobe for noticing the unending, international murders and push for a caliphate.

Progressivism is the name now that represents big Government,  societal, business and personal controls,  It is communism and thinks ‘the people’ are stupid and must be controlled.  Progressivism sounds so ‘forward thinking’ and open to progress and people, doesn’t it?  The truth is, when going back and unfolding its cancerous core you see it everywhere and backed by big name people in our history and currently in the White House.

You can see part of the push away from capitalism, individuality and freedom with Edward Bellamy’s novel, Looking Backward in 1888.  It was an amazingly popular futuristic book talking about an organized military battalion of unified workers that obeyed a strict hierarchy of authority.  There were no rich and poor,  no prosperity,  no capitalism.  It was painted and defined as paradise.  People were unified, entertained while working together.  Read the many historical articles outlining the growth and names connected with progressivism at discoverthenetworks.org. 

After Bellamy’s book hit the scene,  tons of ‘Nationalist Clubs’ formed up.  People and Pastors were preaching about this book reflecting the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Bellamy’s cousin was a Pastor who preached a sermon “Jesus, the Socialist.”  To this day many Christians confuse and distort Christ’s message with socialism.  Wrong!  I have read the Bible and am a Christian.  Jesus and the Bible models reward for work,  honors excelling,  being good stewards of talents and abilities while helping others.  Jesus calls us to Him and to be the best we can be.  That is capitalism to me.

As the years unfolded into the 1920s,  people and noted leaders and celebrities combined and merged socialism with utopia and paradise.  That should be the goal of the country we were told.  Just a few of these progressive notables on our way to Obama and his minions;  H.G. Wells was a huge progressive and talked about the need for us to all become ‘liberal fascists’ and ‘enlightened Nazis.’  It is stunning that anyone could ever call a Nazi enlightened but many have.  When Wells was challenged about all the negatives of totalitarianism,  he would talk of the need for liberalism and a phoenix rebirth.  Perhaps today they could all go on a Talk show and work it all out.

Just a few of the other big names pushing and manipulating controls and socialism were poet Wallace Stevens,  historian Charles Beard,  who wrote positively of Mussolini (who murdered way more than Hitler.) The huge McClure’s magazine founder, Samuel McClure, talked of the wonder and importance of Italian fascism….it was a big step forward;  NAACP co-founder W.E.B. DuBois,  FDR adviser Rexford Guy Tugwell and New Republic editor George Soule, all talked of the glories of large scale Government. Playwright George Bernard Shaw talked of Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini as great progressive leaders who stood against “putrefying corpses” of democracies. 

Today,  we have the Executive Branch,  much of congress, media and Hollywood enraptured with the Big Government progressive push and controls.  The working class masses are thought to be too stupid to have much power and real freedom.  Just give them enough bones and rewards for compliance so they think they have freedom, own their property and control their own life.  Live a mirage, not a life.

Obama has long believed along with his progressive supporters, that Big Government and European socialism is the wave of the future for the U.S.  He wrote in depth in his book ‘Dreams from my Father’  about his Father’s goals and life and championed the redistribution of wealth, worldview his twisted Father did.

What does the push for progressivism (communism) mean today? It means we cannot be exceptional and lead in business, military and freedom.  We must be squeezed down, made to submit through the back door by endless regulations, taxation and litigation.  While seducing and manipulating the nation to submit to Obama’s controls,  we must be entertained and distracted by contrived crises, enemies and causes. 

Issues of manipulation, lies and distraction

The Palestinian people are suffering at the hands of ‘apartheid Israel’  give Hamas 900 million and turn against Israel and the Jews.

The Tea Party groups want a race war,  want to hang black people from trees,  are terrorists, un-American and destroying America.

The Minute Men are vigilantes, hate Mexicans and don’t support the border patrol.

We create more jobs by raising more taxes of employers and achievers.

We have a healthier society by forcing all at the risk of fines and other penalties to have Government approved Health insurance.

Freedom and our constitution is secure by having leadership bypass congress and extend the Obama dictatorship with his czars.

The battle continues and is in our face and country.  Progressivism attacks our constitution,  the people and our freedom from the Executive Branch down.  Our country never did need Big Government.  Big and controlling Government has always been the vehicle to steal money from the masses,  keep controls and wealth with the global elite and shred our freedom.

Progressivism is evil and must be fought and overcome at the ballot box in November 2012.  America and her greatness will rise again but it will be the battle of our life time to do it.  Bring it on.  Join me on my national radio show Therothshow.com.  Join up with the Roth Revolution and let your voice be heard.


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