U. N. Agenda 21,zero population CONTROL, depopulation

Puppeteers, Puppeteer-Controlled Government and Media, and Gosnell!

By —— Bio and Archives--May 10, 2013

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In today’s troubling world, dark clouds are gathering overhead as the puppeteers of perdition and poverty continue to control the actions of many of our politicians, the media, our political system, and our futures.  The Gosnell trial offers a unique insight into this darkness.

Many people have questioned how the government allowed the Gosnell factory of death to operate under the radar and why the media has conducted a virtual blackout of coverage of the Gosnell trial.  Actually, the answer is quite simple.  The puppeteers, puppeteer-controlled government and the puppeteer-controlled media consider what Gosnell did (this butcher does not deserve to have a medical title associated with his name) as ‘business as usual’.  They aren’t embarrassed by his slaughter of babies born alive; they quietly champion it.  At some point, doesn’t silence by the government and the media in this case imply approval? 

Embedded within U. N. Agenda 21 is zero population CONTROL, even depopulation.  The self-appointed tyrants imposing this unholy and unconstitutional agenda upon us do not see people as human beings, but as soulless beings, animals who are to be mined for what we can deliver to the collective, then discarded so that ‘mother earth’ is not violated.

To collectivists, life is not sacred, but something to be endured.  Snapping the spinal cord of a live newborn is akin to snapping a wishbone for good luck.  Not only are newborns not to be heard, but they are not to survive.  Gosnell is a hero within the anti-life community.  How demented can an individual and a society be, to approve of and encourage the snuffing of the life out of a defenseless newborn for the sake of profit and expediency?

In today’s cellphone video world, how is it that no one working within this factory of death never recorded one of Gosnell’s executions secretly and post it on YouTube?  If Gosnell has been able to operate so dastardly under the radar for so long, how many other butchers are yet to be discovered?  How many more newborns will suffer a similar plight in other death factories until the butchers are uncovered?  How many women will continue to die, or be physically and/or emotionally scarred as a direct result of their abortion(s)?  Will breast cancer in women continue to plague those who have an abortion?  For the depopulation fanatics, is breast cancer as a result of having an abortion just part of the endgame agenda?  Our nation has bitten into the apple of death, the fruits of which we have yet to taste fully.           

Ironically, the same miscreants who adamantly support abortion also use the children who ‘slip through’ the birthing process as ‘weapons’ to advance other agendas, including gun control?  Isn’t it a tad bit contradictory for those who ardently profess the right to sexual freedom and a ‘women’s right to choose’ to deny a man’s or woman’s right to own a gun, for whatever reason, including sport, and/or for personal protection against acts of violence, ranging from random violence to gang activity to an oppressive government?  Based upon how the media quietly praises Gosnell by its silence, shouldn’t Adam Lanza be lionized, or is ‘acceptable’ mass murder to be confined to the filth of an abortion factory?

Almost equally disturbing is the extended timeframe since the jury was handed the responsibility to reach a verdict in this case, yet there is still no verdict.  What does it take for a person to be convicted of a heinous crime, or series of crimes?  In today’s increasingly anarchist, anti-Christ society, have we passed through the stargate of genuine justice and decency into an abyss of faux justice and damnation?

As a nation, we have a lot for which to repent, en route towards rescuing our nation and ourselves from Satan’s clutches.  A guilty verdict of Gosnell would be a tiny step towards the cleansing action of repentance and justice for the newborn and women whose lives were savagely stolen for profit and expediency.  May God have mercy on our souls!

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