Let Prime Minister Trudeau know that they too Say No to him and his policies

Rally January 12 Queen's Park

By —— Bio and Archives--January 10, 2019

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Rally January 12 Queen's Park
“ Leave the world a better place than you found it “ is a phrase our ancestors have been passing down through the generations “ until now .

The Obama doctrine of divisional politics seems to be coming to and end in America but heating up in Canada. Canadians now find themselves when disagreeing with The Trudeau Liberal Government policies being subjected to name calling such as racist, bigots and even Nazis!


It appears the days of being able to have different political opinions and friendly debate has evolved into a division so deep marriage, families and employment are affected to the point of termination. We are no longer Canadians with differing views but either alt left or right ‘people kind’  with no room for compromise.

New laws and policies which include legal beastiality, euthanasia for children , elderly and sick , the repatriation of ISIS fighters, multi million dollar checks to terrorists, inability to negotiate adequate trade deals , taxes on every aspect of our lives, including the life altering carbon tax are part of this new vision. These are just a small taste of the new normals in Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau’s new post national country.

The devastating end to the patient nature of Canadians came on December 10,  2018 when Prime Minister Trudeau went against the wishes of over 80% of the voters to sign the UN Migration Pact,  which essentially handed over governance of Canada to open the borders for tens of millions of migrants under laws of United Nations overruling Canadian law.

These post national policies have left Canadians feeling hopeless as a single mother of 2 in Windsor stated. An immigrant of 26 years from Guyana told me Canada is not safe and if he emigrated today he would not stay. A daughter of a woman in Edmonton called me in tears telling me how her mother has only euthanasia now as an option after turning 65 and being denied life sustaining prescriptions. Lastly an unemployed Albertan oil patch worker feels suicide is his only option from being unable to properly provide for his family.

This is part of the results to date of The New Post National Canada.

For over a month Canadians have put boots to the ground in the streets of Canada ...some wearing yellow vests , some not ... to say no to these policies.  Although law enforcement officials feel the protests will stop , there is no indication of that . If anything they are getting larger with weekly assemblies across the country and all the way to Florida.

Albertans have been busy in the planning of a convoy headed to Ottawa mid February with thousands of semi trucks and full tractor trailers, demanding the Oil pipeline that taxpayers purchased be built . Opinions being posted online are stating this convoy is guaranteed to cripple Canadian highways and delivery systems within days of rolling out .
Ironically the protests have been able to do something Prime Minister Trudeau has been unable to do ... Unite the country as left and right are agreeing on one thing:
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Must Go .

On Saturday, January 12 2019 at 12 noon peaceful demonstrators and change makers will assemble at The Ontario Legislation Building at Queen’s Park for an afternoon of powerful voices , educators and awareness raising to let the Prime Minister know that they too Say No to him and his policies .


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Sandra Hamill worked over 3 decades as a makeup artist for Canadian and world leaders. She is retired and spends her time doing activism work between Ottawa and Toronto

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