It is crunch time… it is critical time in history and it is highly necessary to keep our military at high readiness and might

Recognize the need for a strong military

By —— Bio and Archives--September 30, 2011

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America has been blessed with the most gung-ho, “go for it or go home” military in the world.  But it continues to face cuts across the board.


The Obama administration, specifically Michelle Obama, prides herself on meeting with military families in support of their efforts on the front lines.

Shortly after September 11th this year, Michelle Obama wrote a piece in USA Today that stressed the importance of supporting military families. “We’ve never asked so much of our all-volunteer force,” she said.

If that is the case, the Obama administration should realize the importance of making sure the military is well-funded and strengthened to superb capacity at this time.

It is a time when the world is volatile, when there is instability in the Mid-East and the United States has fickle allies like Pakistan (through their perceived threats from us)…such is the foolishness to think of cutting defense spending for our military.

Have we missed the headlines that Iran refuses to stop its nuclear ambitions and has made threats to post its naval ships off our coasts?  No matter if the threat is a bluff or not, Iran is practically giddy at the chance to ruffle our feathers.  Actions speak louder than words and right now, Iran aims to agitate:

“Like the arrogant powers that are present near our marine borders, we will also have a powerful presence close to American marine borders,” said Iran’s naval officer Habibollah Sayyari.

Must we wait until world events get so out of hand that we recognize the need for a thoroughly strong military to combat out of control regimes? Must something happen on U.S. shores for there to be a renewed focus to provide necessary financial support for military purposes?

Our nation, my generation is facing challenges unlike any in recent memory as we fight on three war fronts.  The fact still remains: there are rogue governments hostile to the United States that are helping terror cells commit atrocities and the future is uncertain as to what moves they will take to throw the world into even more chaos.  Shouldn’t the U.S. be ready?

I was critical with former President Bush about getting necessary battle gear to our troops, and I will do the same for this president when I see defense cuts are on the table.

It is crunch time… it is critical time in history and it is highly necessary to keep our military at high readiness and might.

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