It is common sense—freedom for the only stable democracy in the Middle East should always win out

Remain steadfast behind Israel!

By —— Bio and Archives--September 5, 2011

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Israel is under a constant barrage of rocket attacks while the world goes on with life, unaware.  Just because the media is silent on such incidents doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening.  While the U.S. media is focused on domestic issues—the 2012 presidential race and job creation issues, the U.S. is set to either back or forgo a vote on recognizing Palestine as a state and including them among the nations in the UN.


This comes as those in the Palestinian territory are set to participate in a “march”…the same people who do not recognize Israel as a legitimate country and their right to even exist.  This is not the essence of freedom and liberty. The United States stands for such ideals and when Israel is facing her enemies with such intensity (sometimes with scorn from the international community as they constantly stand to defend themselves), the United States has no choice but to support Israel.

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain expounds on the issue:

“…Suggesting that Israel return to pre-1967 borders is a most egregious suggestion, which only serves to encourage Israel’s enemies to continue their hostility toward the nation.

Let me be direct and clear: I support Israel’s position that the 1967 borders must stand. I also support the position that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and that Jerusalem must never be divided for political purposes or any other reason.

And for those who may challenge or remain silent on these two critical issues, I challenge them to spend the time to experience and see what many people do not know, and what some people don’t want the rest of the world to know.

I am convinced that Israel wants peace with its neighbors and that it has been willing to make many concessions over the years for the sake of peace, unlike some of its neighbors. All parties must truly want peace, but there comes a time when one must draw a line and give no more…”

What benefit is it to anyone to give property/land that belongs to the Jewish people to a group of people who seek their demise? 

Whether or not one reads the Bible to ascertain Israel’s identity, that Israel does indeed enjoy the canopy of God’s protection, we should support her because she is simply under fire on all sides from an enemy that does not care about freedom for anyone—only oppression and doom to those who disagree with them.

Nations of the world who enjoy freedom along with the United States should keep their resolve to help Israel and support her during this time of upheaval.  The politics of it all—whether or not to send support, either monetary, military, or by our choices via vote should never enter the picture when it comes to safeguarding the lives of innocents (refer to an earlier article I wrote below).  There is no question; it should be automatic—in full support of Israel!

It is common sense—freedom for the only stable democracy in the Middle East should always win out. 

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No Land for Peace, Mr. President –Felicia Benamon article written, 01/18/08



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