Rewriting English to excise the word “man” is not about inclusion or de-sexing what science has dubbed homo sapiens. It’s about excluding and erasing God from the vernacular and, in effect, society.

Removing “man” from language can’t change Creation

By —— Bio and Archives--March 9, 2018

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Removing “man” from language can’t change Creation
There is a growing contingent of overzealous cultural reformers who believe that excising the word “man” from the English language will instantly do away with inequality on every level of existence. As one friend once put it, “What form of reality are they living in?” The meaning is apparent when individuals decide ‘reality’ is based on their feelings. (And this is a guy who worked in the entertainment industry. You got it – Hollywood. Maybe that’s why he could pigeonhole the insanity of personal reality?)

The “me too” movement has been expanded from recognizing widespread sexual abuse to include all kinds of supposed discrimination, all of which is ascribed to the ubiquitous appearance of the word “man.”


Emasculation of English

There are a few problems with this emasculation of English (though it’s occurring in other languages, too). First, it assumes that by excising the root, prefix or suffix usage of “man” the perceived dominance of that sex would also be expunged. What a silly premise.

Lately, Qantas, the official airline of Australia, decided to punish employees for “manterrupting,” i.e. when any man supposedly cuts off another non-male from speaking. Aside from this being a discriminatory practice, it conflicts with the idea of getting rid of the word by reassigning it derogatory connotation. Do they want to get rid of the word or not?

Granted, the manipulation of language has been well utilized in the past to reconfigure social concepts. Lenin understood that when he directed the Bolshevik revolution to include revamping the Russian language to reflect the new norm of communism. It’s not a new idea but one that’s been employed throughout time. However it may mold the thought processes of malleable minds, it still does not affect the natural world, only how people view it. Case in point: by “creating” some 60 new “genders” (Which is the incorrect use of the word since it applies to grammar. Hmmm, maybe that’s part of the underlying misuse – to generate acceptance for language do-overs.) people believe there is more than the two sexes that God created.

This takes us to the next level of dissociative wishfulness, that by redefining a few words to mean something else it changes the physical world. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it does no such thing. Renaming a fork a spoon doesn’t make the fork suitable for eating soup. In the same way, calling a girl a boy doesn’t make her one and removing “man” from the language won’t remove the physical and conceptual being from existence.

Instead, it drives people to the edge of psychosis thinking they can change Creation by assigning objects and beings a new title. The process has already begun – not for the first time as stated above. Gnosticism has a long history of sidelining God by renaming, redistributing and removing masculine referrals to Him in favor of applying asexual, multisexual and feminine characteristics, none of which are scriptural.

Excising “man” from language

Excising “man” from language goes deeper than the topcoat of trying to cover up abuses by some men wielding power over physically weaker women and children that is at the core of the “me too” phenomenon. The cult to remove imagined “toxic” maleness or masculinity from the social order via college curricula is another arm of the same movement to marginalize half of humanity.

Promoting this trend of male toxicity is CBS announcing a series pilot where a white man is widowed when his black husband is accidentally killed by a white cop in, where else, Chicago. Another stab at eliminating the age-old socially accepted role of men as fathers, this blurs the line of why and how the sexes function. It’s also probably why the story has the couple with an adopted daughter since the natural means of procreation wasn’t available – despite a Planned Parenthood office repeatedly claiming that some “men have uteruses” on Twitter.

By labeling natural maleness as toxic, they are painting God as toxic. Combined, these multi-pronged efforts are an attempt to excise God from consciences, erroneously thinking they can remove His power in the world by simply denying His existence, because throughout time God has always been “He,” not “she” or “it.”

Deleting the word “man” from language rejects God’s role of the Creator who made Man. It leaves creation up to whatever people fantasize, whether some random evolution of cells from a primordial mire or Panspermia’s dropping organisms out of the sky.

There’s no getting around it. Rewriting English to excise the word “man” is not about inclusion or de-sexing what science has dubbed homo sapiens. It’s about excluding and erasing God from the vernacular and, in effect, society.


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