Muslim migrants in France, UK and Germany have never integrated into their respective societies. Many Muslims will never integrate into America's. Take Dearborn.

Reporting from Budapest Jihad Central: Woher commst du denn?

By —— Bio and Archives--September 3, 2015

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Budapest, Hungary—It may come as a fatal shock to liberals and progressives. Pre-Utopia that is:

There are more poor people than rich people. There were always more poor people. There was also, over a century, a growing middle class rising out of the same people who were once poor. Today that trend has reversed, as great swaths of the once middle class join the chronically poor. That trend is being “managed.” You see, it is unjust that some have risen by their bootstraps.


I am reporting from Budapest Hungary as in front of my eyes it is being invaded by future Jihadists the media calls refugees and “migrants.”

The U.S. media, at least it’s insignificant right wing sector, calls it a “Stealth Jihad,” which is a curious way of looking at it. Where do you see the stealth in this picture? The invasion to these eyes is out in the open. It was predicted and expected by people who are not asleep.

The world media of which much is owned by the Saudis and Qataris (CNN, BBC, al Jazeera), orchestrated a litany of sob stories about drowned children on beaches. These stories are flooding the airwaves in a unison of washed -up-on-beaches-babies waves.

They happen to be the same Saudis and Qataris who will not permit a single Syrian or Palestinian to settle on their soil.

A nation of eighty million, Germany, the same nation that murdered six million Jews, is about to absorb 800,000 Muslims willingly just this year because of an overriding guilt over the Jews it never really liked…to put it mildly. It already has four million Turks and millions of other Arabs making Turkey and other Arabs happy.

Europe had it right all along. It replaced six million peaceful, creative, industrious and productive Jews with over thirty million, violent, hostile, resentful, and dependent Muslims.

Victor Orban, Hungary’s smart PM tells the world: “This is not an European problem. It is a German problem.” He tells the migrants: “Don’t come here. Stay in Turkey, it’s a safe country.”

He might have also said: “Hungary didn’t invite you!”

The prevailing thinking, meaning justification, is that these migrants want a better future for themselves and their children and they deserve an equality of results. There is however, a distinction between running from war, to running for money and social freebies, including Obamaphones, freely available in Germany.

According to this particularly Islamic desire for a better life, as opposed to seeking sanctuary from war freely available in Turkey and elsewhere in the Muslim world, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, the EU nations and the United States should absorb the hundreds of millions of destitute, ignorant and uneducated third world peoples to improve their futures…and sacrifice Europe’s future, European autonomy and sovereignty, European heritage, and the future of Europe’s children.

Ditto for America.

Woher commst du denn? Scroll down the linked story for the photo.

As Europe goes under. Welcommen to Third World Europe. As in the historical past, the third world has done so much for civilization. They might as well own it.

You now see the results of liberalism, “progress,” and the guilt of past sins. Not against the Third World. The past sins, at least most of them with respect to colonialism, are fiction. Europe’s sins are singular, definitive, historic.

They were against the Jews. It was ongoing for two thousand years, not a few decades. It is still ongoing, vide the P5’s Iran Deal. Such a good deal.

And so, here we shatter the Syrian and Muslim migrant myth and the myths created by the jihadist enablers:

The enabling media is encouraging and amplifying the bald-faced lie that the migrants are running for their lives, rather than from it. Hungary’s PM Victor Orban told them to stop running BEFORE they entered Europe. They have other places more like their former homes.

He may be suggesting that they stay and settle in countries with similar cultures, similar religions, similar cuisine and the same language: Turkey, Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco for example. Territories far larger than tiny Europe!

But not in Europe which is a polar opposite of the migrant’s culture and shares nothing with the latter!

But the Muslims chose Europe as they had before chosen Europe.

The ONLY reason for the Muslim invasion, for the dead, drowned Muslim children on beaches, are those responsible: their parents who had made the choice they had made, and the Jihadi mentality of conquest for turning churches and synagogues into mosques, and western law and personal freedoms into sharia.

The only stealth in this picture is of historically ignorant Europeans who can’t remember Constantinople, 1389, and The Gates of Vienna.

But The Gates of Budapest remember them all.

The Jihad, stealth or otherwise continues…

No matter the price. Even dead children on beaches.

And to turn western lands into the Ummah. No matter how many millions, Muslim, Christian and Jew die.

As I write this, it is estimated that a hundred million “migrants” or five times as many, take your pick, are ready and/or on their way, given their resources, to invade Europe. And from Europe, the North American continent.

Not because of wars - there were always wars in the mid east, there always will be wars - but because Europe has wealth, and the migrants do not. Europe has achievements galore and a proud and worthy culture, and the Muslim’s achievements are entirely fabricated - fiction.

Silk Road Exhibit Report |Tabitha Korol - Academia.edu

Europe has churches, art and creativity the brothers of the migrants raped, razed, sledgehammered, pulverized and painted over in their own lands. Europe’s lands are next, so they hope to realize it right before your eyes.

Europe has access to social services, free food, free housing, free education, free medical care, and the migrants’ nations have nothing but sand. And oil no one wants any longer, even at $40/bbl.

Europe has everything the migrants have not. Soon the migrants will have everything Europe has, and the Europeans will have everything the migrants had brought with them:

The Third World, poverty, violence, disease, the envy and the resentment of the better man and the better culture, and the hope to destroy it to make themselves feel better.


We now have the documented evidence for the two realities: the Muslim migrants in France, UK and Germany have never integrated into their respective societies. Many Muslims will never integrate into America’s. Take Dearborn.

Please take it.

African-Americans for the most part after 300 years have never integrated into American society. Not even after white Americans had trillions of their wealth forcibly confiscated to integrate them, house them, educate them, feed them, breed them, incarcerate them, bury them, kowtow to them, and provide medical care for them.

In the United States there are good neighborhoods and there are bad neighborhoods. Barry Soetoro & Co. finds this reality - that some work for a living while his bunch vote for a living - socially unjust. Therefore the social justice solution to the problem of those who have and built it, is to make sure they don’t and won’t ever build it again.

You have just been annexed- National Review Online

The solution is to move those who don’t have because they made the choice not to earn, or because voting is easier than working, to neighborhoods the have nots didn’t work for; and to diminish the assets of those who had worked for it and built it, by transferring the latter’s wealth through taxation or other means to those who wanted it all this time because they felt they deserved it.

And so goes the middle class.



Barry did.

Refugees at Keleti train Station, Budapest

Budapest-Keleti Railway Station / Keleti pályaudvar



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