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Republicans NOT Worried About ‘08

By —— Bio and Archives--October 18, 2007

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Even though every national poll shows Hillary Clinton running away with the 2008 Presidential election, Al Gore is busy racking up award after award, becoming more of an international leftist icon than ever before, and RNC front-runner Rudy Giuliani has peaked at only 32 percent support from Republican voters, Republicans still seem disinterested in the 2008 election.

Is it because they figure all is already lost, or because they have no fear of losing in ‘08?

Divided they stand?

So far, Republicans only agree that they dislike all of their choices in ‘08. They have not yet begun to consider what if anything, to do about it.

As of the October 12-14 USA Today/Gallup poll, Republicans have not yet picked a candidate to unite behind. Sure, it’s early in the primary process and unlike the DNC race which only has one legitimate candidate, the Republican cup runneth over with lack-luster options. But despite the record number of choices, the field still appears void of any real good choices.

In terms of support from Republican voters, Giuliani is maxed out at 32% - Fred Thompson is running a distant second at only 18% - McCain is hanging in at 14% and Romney is still stuck at 10%, right where he’s been for a year and $50 million dollars now. The “unsure” number is at 9% and Huckabee and Paul are well below that. Brownback, Tancredo and Hunter poll so low, that they are tied only with an un-named “someone else,” at or below 2%.

I love Fred, but…

If Fred had Giuliani’s energy, McCain’s resilience and Romney’s good hair, he’d look like the man who can’t be beat. But so far, Fred is looking every day his age and if someone doesn’t give him a Geritol drip soon, he could walk himself out of the race, since he isn’t prone to running anywhere. He has only one thing going for him—he’s right on the issues. But can he sell that?

I like Rudy, but…

Taking nothing away from his stellar performance under pressure on 9/11, or the very real fact that he turned the nation’s toilet, New York City, into a tolerable town again, he’s still just another liberal.

Apparently, 32% of Republicans are willing to support a liberal Republican running against a socialist Democrat. But apparently, 68% aren’t. This is the conservative party front-runner?

I’m intrigued by Romney, but…

The fact is he’s clearly trying desperately to pander to conservatives. That’s because he wasn’t at all conservative as governor, not so long ago. The fact is, no matter what he says today, he was pro-government, pro-abortion and pro-gay rights when he ran Taxachusetts. He’s clearly a bright guy. So why is he doing such a poor job of explaining his sudden change of heart on two very important conservative issues, Life and Family Values? And is there really any change?

I respect John McCain’s service, but…

I’ve never liked the little unreliable nut… McCain is enjoying a momentary surge in the polls (again), but it’s momentary, as in, until conservative voters remember that he is friends with Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Russ Feingold and many other hardcore liberals, and has worked with them many times in the past to advance an agenda wholly at odds with his voters.

The rest aren’t really in the race and never were, but…

Honestly, until all these so-called “second or third tier” guys get off the debate stage, we are not going to get a good look at the real contenders. There just isn’t enough time for any single candidate to shine. These “no chancers” who think they are helping their party by sucking up valuable air and limelight, are just fooling themselves and their supporters.

I’m all for the democratic process. Anyone should be able to throw their hat in the ring. But these guys have had their hats in the ring for a year now and have never broken above 5% within their own party. So they are running where? For what?

I like Duncan Hunter. Everybody I talk to likes Duncan Hunter. So why is he still at 1-2% support? Even nut-job Libertarian Ron Paul has more supporters. At this point, Hunter is a long-shot for even a VP appointment and the longer he runs without gaining any ground, the more of a long-shot he’ll become.

Like Hunter, Tancredo and Huckabee are great guys, but they can’t win. They can only take up space, blur the lines and help galvanize a divided party.

Ron Paul belongs on a Libertarian ticket, not a Republican ticket. But because there aren’t enough libertarians in America to get a good game of horse shoes started, we’re stuck with him in the Republican Party?

Ron Paul couldn’t win anything on the Libertarian ticket either, but at least he wouldn’t be stinking up the Republican debate stage with all his half-baked notions that America can function and defend itself in 2008, using 1776 rules of engagement.

Hillary is more likely to defeat herself than to win in ‘08, but…

At the moment, Republicans are making her look like the winner she isn’t. Both Republican candidates and the Republican voters divided among them, are doing all they can to give Hillary a leg up in the 2008 race. It’s like we’re an entire party of little single issue Ross Perot’s…

You can bet that the press will do its part to put Bubba back in the oral office. Hollywood and international socialists who own and operate the major 527 organizations will do their part.

Republicans stand in the way of that inevitability, so long as they stand and stand together. But right now, they seem more interested in squabbling amongst themselves…

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