Once you are aware of the truth behind the “Big Lie” you will notice it popping up over, and over, and over again

Right Wing Nazis: The Big Lie

By —— Bio and Archives--November 4, 2015

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“And there are moments when I curse myself for not having understood it earlier; for having let myself be fooled by the two ‘soccer-teams’ for so long.  Dammit.”—Oriana Fallacci (1929-2006) “The Force of Reason”

Traditionally the political spectrum in the United States runs from Big Government on the left side of the spectrum to no government at all (anarchy) on the extreme right of the spectrum.  This is not rocket-science folks:  Big Government on the left; limited or no government on the right> – capiche?


Now you tell me, how do the Nazis, an offshoot of Big Government fascism, end up on the right side of the political spectrum (let alone the far right)?  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

I’ll save us any further delay—there is no legitimate reason for the Nazis to be labeled right wing, let alone “extreme” right wing.  The fact that most people blithely accept the “common wisdom” that Nazis were/are a right wing ideology is due to the Left’s hugely successful ploy to foist one of their own worst failures onto the shoulders of the political right.  This “Big Lie” is perhaps more responsible for muddying the waters of political discourse than any other single factor.  Big Government ideologies belong on the LEFT side of the political spectrum—period. 

That is not to say that similar ideologies get along like peas in a pod – they, of course, quite often do not.  It is not uncommon for them to detest each other with a visceral passion.  One need only look at the ongoing bloodshed between Shiite and Sunni Muslims to see the sort of internecine conflict I’m referring to.

When the fascists fell out of favor with the much more numerous and influential communists in the 1920s, what better way for the communists to defame their fellow leftists than to hang the noxious appellation of (gasp) “right wing” on them?

After Hitler attacked Stalin the communist defamation of fascists went into overdrive, and following WW II the Left had even more reason to distance themselves from the fascists, due to the atrocities committed by the Nazi version of Big Government.  The right wing has been stuck with the Nazis and fascism ever since – despite the fact that it makes no sense whatsoever.

This wrongheaded labeling has led to some perplexing head-scratchers that would have stumped Solomon on a good day.  Ezra Pound was a right wing extremist?  Really?  Mussolini and Hitler, who blatantly, obviously, and undeniably practiced a form of Big Government tyranny—the very anti-thesis of limited government conservatism—were right wing extremists?  Really? 

No, not really.  It’s all smoke ‘n’ mirrors, razzle-dazzle verbal gymnastics.  The way the Left successfully slipped their disreputable Nazi cousin into the right wing’s “family tree” is one for the books.  Credit or blame goes mainly to academia and the media, especially the media.  (It is worth mentioning in passing that a proper understanding of where fascists belong on the political spectrum throws such things as the CIA’s “Operation Paperclip” into a more revealing and edifying light).   

Speaking of the media, it was yet another article in the print media mentioning “extreme right wing Nazis” that got my dander up and resulted in this article.  It appears that German neo-Nazis are opposed to “Mutti” Merkel’s smugly pompous and insanely irresponsible immigration policies – as well they should be.  But their stance on immigration is beside the point.  Today’s neo-Nazis are no more to be conflated with the right wing than Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

Conservatives, i.e. the right wing, are generally aficionados of small but effective government, as opposed to a (left wing) bloated and unresponsive government.  To call Nazis – whose policies personified tyrannical big government—“right wing” is beyond ludicrous.

I am so sick and tired of the slanderous leftist shibboleth of “right wing Nazi” I could scream.  Wake up, people – please!  The Nazis were, are, and forever will be LEFT wing.  The left are recognized masters of a chameleon-like ability to switch from one innocuous sounding political label to another.  “We the people” need to nail them down on this one at least.

Whether you hate and despise the Nazis or consider them the best thing since sliced bread is irrelevant to my point here – which is, in case you missed it, that the Nazis were and are a Left wing phenomenon, as are all variants of fascism.  It is vitally important that “we the people” get straight about this.  Leave the Left to their delusions and verbal gymnastics; their tyrannies and bloodshed – “we the people” must deal in truth and, hopefully, a brighter future.

In order to make that brighter future a reality it is essential that we stop believing the lies so slyly and incessantly fed to us for so many years by a thoroughly corrupt media – a media that is demonstrably in the pocket of Big Government, Big Business, and Big Banking.  Our “news” outlets have become mainly partisan propaganda/entertainment venues pushing a liberal agenda of “sex and soma,” “bread and circuses” – or “cage fights and fantasy football” as Sen. Ted Cruz recently put it.

Getting back to Nazis:  I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are a politically informed reader who is aware that the label Nazi is a greatly abbreviated version of Hitler’s political party, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, and furthermore that you know that the English translation of Hitler’s political party is “National-socialist German Workers’ Party.” 

If we take out the redundant “National” and “German” from the name we are left with “Socialist Workers’ Party.”  Hmmm.  (By the by, it is pretty close to the mark to say that fascism is/was a national variant of Marxism, while (Stalinist) communism is/was a global version – closely related cousins elbowing for room at the same table.  You can see the potential for conflict…and ad hominem attacks). 

Okay, so let’s say you know all that—question:  does “Socialist Workers’ Party” sound “extreme right wing” to you? 

Not to me either.  So…Hitler’s “Socialist Workers’ Party” practiced a left wing variant of Big Government tyranny called “Fascism,” which somehow or another wound up being labeled a limited-government right wing ideology.  How the heck does that work?

That works because leftist scribes made sure it worked – no mean feat, to give credit where it’s due.  The Left managed to not only distance themselves from the Nazis, but more importantly perhaps, they also managed to saddle the Right with the Left’s mess.  As I say, no mean feat.

Please do not take my word for any of this – do your own research and connect the dots yourself.  If you have an open mind and are astute enough to steer clear of the more obvious propaganda outlets (left and right), then it is likely that the truth shall set you free.

Once you are aware of the truth behind the “Big Lie” you will notice it popping up over, and over, and over again.  Its appearance should become a universal sign of untrustworthiness among “we the people.” 

When I hear or read a news venue of any sort using the slanderous, illogical lie “right wing Nazi” then the veracity of their entire output becomes immediately suspect.  As long as “we the people” keep unquestioningly swallowing the poisonous pap prepared for us by the elites, they will be more than happy to keep dishing it out.


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