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Sarah Palin suffering typical Christian persecution

By —— Bio and Archives--September 26, 2008

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Sarah Palin, evangelical, is going through the typical persecution theological and political liberals level against biblical believers.

She’s being slammed by cartoons and editorials for her biblical ethics. She is maligned for attending evangelical churches in Alaska, the Assembly of God in particular.

She’s being put down because of her defense of biblical morality regarding defending womb babies and endorsing the Bible’s definition of family and marriage.

Comedians are slicing and dicing her, even grossly vulgar on occasion.

Liberal talk show regulars delight in poking fun at her as mother and wife as well as devout Christian.

And so it goes. Add to this the usual liberal media bias for B. Hussein Obama with the liberal media sidelining misstatements by Joe Biden and Obama’s leftist connections over decades.

However, what Sarah Palin and husband Todd are going through now is typical of what every evangelical worldwide lives with daily in the grassroots. It is part and parcel of being a biblical believer.

“Those of like faith” is a phrase used by biblical believers when they gather together for worship and fellowship. That phrase points to the fact that biblical believers realize that when in the same room, for instance, there is the presence of the Holy Spirit among them. They are as one.

When these same believers are in a secular forum, they sense the spiritual opposition in the unholy spirit being present. That spirit wars against their ethic, their simply being there as a bodily entity.

All of this is customary to biblical believers.

What do they do about it? They do as their Leader
Christ instructed. He told them to pray for their enemies, commit to Him these attacks and live for the final divine will to be the outcome.

So it is that Sarah Palin has already committed to her Leader Christ her political journey, including its outcome. She is managing it. Christ is managing it.

In that is her power, poise and peace.

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Grant Swank is a columnist from Maine

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