Currently there are 12 Kurdish activists awaiting execution in Iran

Shirkoh Moarefi another Kurdish Activist has been Transferred to Solitary Confinement to Await Execu

By —— Bio and Archives--November 13, 2009

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Mr. Shirkoh (Bahman) Moarefi is a 30 years old Kurdish activist who was arrested on October 31st 2008 in the city of Saqz. After months of interrogation and torture he was sentenced to death in a “show trial”.

He was convicted of acting against national security and being a Mohareb (enemy of God). Mr. Moarefi has been transferred to the solitary confinement cells where prisoners are taken before execution. It must be noted that last month in a confidential letter the head Prosecutor in Iran asked the Judiciary in Sanandaj to execute ALL political prisoners.

Shortly after this letter a young Kurdish activist named Ehsan Fatahiyan was executed by the Regime on November 11th 2009.

Currently there are 12 Kurdish activists awaiting execution in Iran and there is great concern that the first three to be executed are Mr. Shirkoh Moarefi, Mr. Habibollah Latifi and Ms. Zeynab Jalaliyan.

List of Kurdish Political Prisoners Awaiting Exectuion

1. Ehsan Fatahiyan (Executed)
2. Shirkoh Moarefi
3. Habibollah Latifi
4. Ms. Zeynab Jalaliyan
5. Farhad Chalesh
6. Ramezan Ahmad
7. Rostam Arkiya
8. Fasih Yasamini
9. Rashid Akhkandi
10. Hossein Khaziri
11. Farzad Kamangar
12. Ali Heydariyan
13. Farhad Vakili

News report provided by Azarmehr Association of Women of Kurdistan
Translated by: Sayeh Hassan


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