The only way to send the pretenders a message is to stop watching their movies and avoid watching any self aggrandizing awards shows - like the Tony Awards. Who needs actors anyway?

Sick of actors and Hollyweird

By —— Bio and Archives--June 15, 2018

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Sick of actors and Hollyweird
While leftists applaud De Niro, the Raging Bulls__t, for his foul mouthed remarks and idiotic gestures at the egomaniacal Tony Awards, those of us with a sense of decency wonder what happened to the entertainment industries’ integrity. I just don’t think a respectable person would have gotten up in front of a world audience and muttered such idiotic filth. By the same token, I don’t think a respectable audience, with the least amount of integrity, would have applauded De Niro, let alone given him a standing ovation.


Moreover, who cares what De Niro has to say? For that matter, who cares what any actor has to say? Those with inquiring minds really want to know what happened to Trudeau’s eyebrow. We all know that leftists are basically idiots, but who knew Trudeau had fake eyebrows? Wonder what else is fake? Obviously, Hollyweird is full of fakes. They all make a living pretending to be somebody else. That’s their only claim to fame, and that is not an accomplishment. Pretending to be somebody else certainly doesn’t deserve an award.

Acting is pretending, and De Niro is still pretending to be a raging bull. Somebody should tell him how stupid he looks and inform him that the role has gotten long in the tooth already. Isn’t there another character he pretended to be, in his entire career, that he can take up again? If there is, I don’t remember it. That may be the reason he’s sticking with the only role that anybody remembers him in.

In addition, actors are not artists in any sense of the definition. An artist produces something of lasting aesthetic value, but a person who pretends to be someone else does not. Actors are nothing more than pretenders, akin to mimickers. The definition of a mimicker is a person who imitates the speech, actions, or manners of others in an unthinking way. Hollyweird is full of mimickers, whose only claim to fame is pretending to be something they are not.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has numerous accomplishments to his credit, but try to find even one accomplishment accredited to De Niro. I can’t find even one. The only way De Niro and his Hollyweird buddies could ever claim the accomplishments of Donald Trump is by pretending to be Donald Trump. De Niro may have the ability to mimic characters, but De Niro and many of his fellow pretenders have proven that character is something they lack.

Finally, if the entertainment industry had any integrity at all, people like De Niro would not be their spokesman. They certainly would not be pampering and encouraging De Niro, like they have, to continue playing the role of a pompous jackass in public. The only way to send the pretenders a message is to stop watching their movies and avoid watching any self aggrandizing awards shows - like the Tony Awards. Who needs actors anyway?


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