Donald Trump knows he has to get through the next few months without triggering a psychotic episode, of Obama maybe acting out. As in a war with Russia or something

Skullduggery Most Foul

By —— Bio and Archives--November 12, 2016

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I thought Rush and Savage were too hard on Donald today. They seemed worried over his motives or abilities to resist or avoid the power of The Obama.

Rush had Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus on, live, and really held his feet to the fire about the RNC following through on Trump’s programs and promises. 

To his credit, Priebus did not waver one micron out of True Trump. However, there are reports he is in line to become Trump’s Chief of Staff. If he does gain that position, then who will guarantee the Trump brand inside the RNC? With mad-crap loons like McConnell and others loose in the halls, who will watch out for you and me? I don’t know.

Indeed, some of us are, or seem, worried about Trump’s meeting with The Obama. This is justifiable in many ways.

BREITBART.com: ‘Despite the pleasantries exchanged between the two political foes, [mad-dog spokes-mouth] Earnest specified afterwards that Obama still believed that Trump was unsuitable to be president. “Look, the president’s views haven’t changed, he stands by what he said on the campaign trail,” Earnest said in response to a question during the White House press briefing.’

Yeah, but see, this is easy to explain.

It’s that the apparent psychopath in the WH thinks he’s still in charge. The supreme power on Earth. And he’s letting Trump and everybody know he still holds ALL the cards.


Because he wants something. It’s a threat. And not very “veiled.”

What does he want that he thinks he might be able to get by using his threatening psychopathy as a form of blackmail? What does he hope to gain by threatening America and the American people one more time? Why is it so important that he must demonstrate his apparent, uncompromising insanity, to the President Elect?

Trump is on dangerous ground


Obama wants protection. He wants guarantees from Trump that he will be shielded from something he or somebody right next to him is totally guilty of. What could that be? Whom could that be?

Him? Valerie? Michelle? Hillary or Bill have something on him and he wants them protected?

I don’t know. Something really, really, really bad. Something Trump already knows, or knows he will find out about once he takes control of the Government.

And even then it will be like living in some Byzantine or ancient Saxon royal court of intrigue—maniacally dangerous—until he can clean out the living vermin and Obamanized sycophants. He will need his protective detail, AND the personally gunned private armies his predecessors built for themselves.

Trump is on dangerous ground, and he must move carefully, like a crouching tiger,  even though all of us who voted for him and love him would try to protect him ourselves if we could. And WE are not some ignorable minority in numbers. Yet, Donald Trump must act the hidden dragon.

Trump’s stunning success and canny abilities are what has screwed up all of THEIR plans and contingency plans. The Obamanites and the Clintonians, in their matchless arrogance, NONE of them expected this win by Trump, not like this. And none of them has the courage to cross us up this time, not on this. It could get intolerably—to them—sloppy.

Nobody wants to face the awful vintage that could pour from the grapes of wrath, if the Loyal, Loving Right is screwed this time, one more time again.

Except maybe for Obama.


Continued below...

So what you are witnessing is a rabid animal scrabbling to protect itself from Truth


Because he’s apparently truly nuts living in some alternate universe, a documented liar, and could start a war to cover his activities. And I don’t give a crap WHAT color he says he is, he needs to criticized and reined in like any other President.

But any chance for “martial law” is gone. Any chance to disarm honest, lawful citizens is gone. Any chance for an ongoing, one world, Globalist coup is gone.

It’s all gone.

So what you are witnessing is a rabid animal scrabbling to protect itself from Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Bright light from the lamps of Freedom.

I don’t think there’s anything to worry about; this meeting of Trump and The Obama. I visualize them having coffee and some chocolate, cream-filled, spiky, gourmand treat, Trump listening to The Obama pontificate and bluster, Trump having known guys like this in the Mob, just keeping his eyes on his reflection in the cup, nodding his head wisely, and going, “Uh-huh. Hmmm. MM-hmm.”

Donald Trump knows he has to get through the next few months without triggering a psychotic episode, of Obama maybe acting out. As in a war with Russia or something.

So, what was he supposed to do? Maybe yell at The Obama, knock some staff down, and take a ball-bat to the décor?

He was supposed to do—what? Maybe bite the dog?

No. He must move cautiously. Like crouching tiger; hidden dragon.

Anyways…does Obama still have that dog?

Or has the whole dog thing Just gone to the dogs with the rest of Obama’s thousand year Rule?

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