Obama's entire life has been devoted to fomenting racial animus

Sorry, Your Race Card Has Been Declined

By —— Bio and Archives--September 16, 2009

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Obama, Race CardDear Liberals,

Please be advised that your Race Card account has been closed.  This decision was based on your account history of excessive over-limit spending.  Please destroy your card immediately as it will no longer be honored.

The American People


No president in history came to office with more political capital than Barack Obama.  He squandered it like a lottery winner within a few months.  If liberals had any sense of irony, they would appreciate the inanity of braying about racism right after America elected a black president.

Obama’s entire life has been devoted to fomenting racial animus.  All of his mentors, from the rancid racist and surrogate father, Frank Marshall Davis to Fan of Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, have been rabid, whitey despising racists.

In his fictional “autobiography”, Obama is consumed by bigotry.  He can find ersatz discrimination in nearly any situation.  Even his white mother was preoccupied with race.

In Dreams, Obama describes his mother’s overly romanticized view of black Americans:  “Every black man was Thurgood Marshall or Sidney Poitier; every black woman Fannie Lou Hammer or Lena Horne.  To be black was to be the beneficiary of a great inheritance, a special destiny, glorious burdens that only we were strong enough to bear.”  (Dreams From My Father, Pg.  51).

No sensible American denies that blacks were treated abominably in the past.  Slavery was a national ignominy as was segregation.  It’s worth noting that Democrats have always been on the wrong side of civil rights.  The Ku Klux Klan was the creation of southern Democrats.  Some of us are growing weary of being charged with racism by the party that has a former Klansman serving in the senate.

Blacks have long been abused in America, but not by conservatives.  The Communist Party, ever on the lookout for a group to exploit, has always cultivated interracial tension. The useful idiots on the Left rely on divide and conquer. Inciting racial antagonism contaminates the culture and destabilizes the country.  Racial harmony provides no advantage to liberals and Misery Merchants.  When liberals start howling about racism, the question that must always be asked is:  who benefits?

If liberals really gave a damn about minorities, they would defy the teachers’ unions and support charter schools

The Left has never cared about minorities.  Like Hitler, it’s the Left that persists in segregating Americans into groups.  If liberals really gave a damn about minorities, they would defy the teachers’ unions and support charter schools as well as home schooling.  (Canadafreepress.com)

The glorious turn out in DC on 9/12 has precipitated a whole new cycle of race bullying.  The more fatuous pundits are calling it an “anti-Obama rally”.  The truly malevolent are actively cultivating racial antipathy.  Had anyone from the dinosaur media bothered to ask the protestors,  it would have been obvious that they are disgusted with all politicians, of every stripe.  It could be called an anti-Pelosi rally or anti-Reid rally, an anti-Washington rally or most accurately, a pro-Constitution rally.

Any financial planner will tell you that if you find yourself paying for basic necessities with credit cards, you are in a predicament.  When a politician runs out of political capital and has to whip out the race card, he’s in a bona fide quagmire.

With his title as America’s Worst President in jeopardy, former president and Friend of Hamas, Jimmy Carter, had to lend his lack of integrity to the rumpus, insisting that speaking the truth about Obama is a hate crime.

Like a compulsive gambler or shopaholic, liberals will have a tough time giving up the Race Card.  It’s been remarkably effective in the past; but only because we enable them to get away with it.  No reasonable American wants to be thought of as a racist.  It’s an allegation that packs a colossal wallop.  Fortunately, it’s an accusation that is rarely credible.

Most conservatives recall Dr. Martin Luther King’s appeal to judge a man by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin.  We said okay.  It is liberals who think racial color blindness is a form of racism. In point of fact, there are so few conservative racists that liberals have had to invent pretend code words and then try to catch conservatives using them in their tireless effort to keep grievances alive.  Like all tyrants, liberals govern through fear.  It is almost farcical to note that Hitler accused other parties of being “divisive” along sectarian lines and insisted he only wanted to focus on the economy.  (Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism).

Toddlers and liberals lack the capacity to modulate their behavior.  Liberals have over spent and depleted the Race Card.  Like the consumer who has fallen on hard times and run out of cash, liberals have maxed out the Race Card and it must now be revoked.


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