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Ignore them and watch their ratings evaporate. Defund them by not buying what they sell. And don’t believe a word they say. If this is bigotry, racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, or red-necked ignorance—then I say, make the most of it!


By —— Bio and Archives--November 26, 2016

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“a very large number of insects moving together.”

Just like Wolf, Shep, Rachel, Jake, Chuck, and others in the Hate Stream Media, insects are not known for their brains or sentimentality. There is nothing less voracious, unfeeling, or machine-like than an insect or “mainstream” news liar.

With the advent of “social media,” instant mass communication, flash-mobs, and group-think—for the first time in human history—vast, violent, and aggressive hate legions can aggregate, swarm, and have the same exact lust,  thoughts,  or no thoughts.

The Hate Stream Media

The Hate Stream Media, the Democrat Party and its busy busy busy workers and politicians, its Trump- “protestors,” and rabid mad-dog leftists, have reduced themselves to a single, mindless SWARM of vicious, driven, predatory, killer insects.

Like swarms of the collective, like relentless driver ants—the Maribunta—they have metamorphosed into a storm of vacant carnivorous groups. They have become vast numbers of killer ants foraging mindlessly,  simultaneously,  to blanket an area and insensately just devour everything living within it.

Because of the sheer alien concepts they employ—destroy and consume whatever is Not Them-—it has been hard for me to filthify my brain by reading about them and their insane, carnivorous raids. Their latest, smug, sneering, arrogance.

Their new mortal Purpose is to attack the Truth as “fake news,” while they are the ones spewing the Lies, hatred, divisiveness, and racism. They are the ones vomiting up all the fake news they can imagine, make up, print, broadcast, and digitize in the shortest time. They are the ones with the deranged, unhinged minds. They are the ones lying to you.

They are lying to All of you.

Their aim is to lie, divide, conquer, and enslave us under the sheer weight and volume of their swarm. To destroy America and our future… Their aggressive, insatiable raids on our lives, families,  liberty, and freedom, are without any human boundary or limit—at all.

They would devour and utterly destroy, and kill America, Trump, his children, you, your children, and your desperate lives of hope, quest, liberty and a better future for all.

From Breitbart.com:

“Fake news is the new phenomenon emerging in the wake of Donald Trump’s landslide victory whereby establishment outlets are targeting new media outlets that are booming in growth while establishment media crumbles.”

From Anne Coulter, on Breitbart.com:

“ ‘America’s leading hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has put out a report claiming that Steve Bannon said that African-Americans are more violent than other people. It turns out, when you trace back the quote, he said nothing about African-Americans. He said maybe the people being shot are more violent or were committing crimes…So the Southern Poverty Law Center took a quote that some people are more violent than others and inserts ‘African-American.’ They just inserted that,’ she said with an incredulous laugh….

“ ‘…It’s amazing, this Hitler Hitler Hitler David Duke white nationalist white supremacist – it’s all they can say,’ Coulter agreed. ‘I really did not think they were this…stupid, naive, tone-deaf. They are in the bubble. I think that’s part of the reason Donald Trump’s approval ratings – and approval ratings for Trump supporters, I might add – are just going to keep going up. It’s the most airheaded, arrogant celebrities and coastal elites – they’re leading the team now…Everything they do is offensive to a normal person. This is how they’re going to attack Donald Trump and his supporters. Fantastic….’

“Her advice to Breitbart News and its readers to withstand the coming years of media onslaught was: ‘Never appease, never compromise, never apologize even if you might have phrased something differently. Absolutely never apologize….’

“ ‘And you would think…Well, at least we won’t have to hear from those guys again.’ Nope! …You turn on your TV and all the people who have been not only wrong…but they were smug and arrogant and sneering….’

“ ‘...’I’ve always said you can always tell what liberals are guilty of by what they accuse you of,’ Coulter observed. ‘And what are they doing here? They’re accusing…the news sites that got basically everything right over the past 16 months, while the entire, I guess it’s still called ‘mainstream media’ news…massively, hilariously [got it] wrong, now they turn and attack the websites that now have been proved accurate. [We’re] the ones that are being called ‘fake news.’ That’s what we know [the ‘mainstream media are] guilty of….’

“…[Breitbart’s] Marlow asked her, ‘What do you think happens to…the Washington conservative establishment?’

“ ‘I think it’s just got to be burned to the ground,’ Coulter replied. ‘It’s the only hope for the country.’”


Continued below...

These mindless, lustful, voracious, envious, demonically alien scum who call themselves “progressives,” and “mainstream media:”

These mindless, lustful, voracious, envious, demonically alien scum who call themselves “progressives,” and “mainstream media:” don’t believe their lies. Don’t watch them on TV. Don’t listen to them on the radio. Don’t read ANYthing they print or screen. Don’t buy anything they are selling—what finances them.

Make zero mistakes here, because your lives depend upon that as surely as if you were in mortal street combat with them right now—which you actually,  already are, or soon will be.

They will raid and devour your hearts, souls, and bodies. They will tag you, isolate you, fix you in place like a bug, and destroy and consume you.

You think Obama is your enemy? He is NOTHING compared to the power and glory of your media, entertainers, comedians, films, TV shows, and the entire false Matrix of lies they construct around and through the falsified reality of their insanity—your perceived life.

They are America’s and your greatest enemy. It’s the media who broke their honor and protective pledge to you. It’s the media who allowed America to reach this brink of self-annihilation. It’s the media who has lied to you for decades. It’s the media who has the agenda. It’s the media who picked and elected your oppressors and tormentors. Politicians alone are mere animals—appetite, lust, craving; they are as they were born to be. But your media broke their oath and obligation to protect and inform you.


Ignore them and watch their ratings evaporate. Defund them by not buying what they sell. And don’t believe a word they say.

If this is bigotry, racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, or red-necked ignorance—then I say, make the most of it!

The truth is with us, and you, here in the New Media, for as long as we can hold the barricades. For as long as the American flag may wave. For as long as we can see by the red glare to block, repulse, and eradicate them all.


Jeffrey A. Friedberg -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Jeffrey A. Friedberg is an American, a former, Big City, licensed private detective, who operated his own detective agency out of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and has worked in other east coast states of America. He has also been an undercover anti-crime operative, a DOD-cleared security provider, a nuclear plant security clearance investigator, and an Internet website optimizer and promoter. He earned a BA degree by majoring in English Literature, with a minor in Sociology. Also, at Temple University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he studied: infrastructure of the Kuomintang, the Yakusa, counter-insurgency, Soviet and Nazi propaganda techniques, Shoto-Kan Karate (under Teryuki Okazaki), Judo, and other matters. His favorite beer is Canadian, Moose Head. Drawing on his investigative experience, Friedberg has made himself the author of seven paranormal and satirical political thriller books on Amazon.

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